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Mega Joker is the slot machine that takes you back to childhood and nineties. At a time when Tamagotchier died as flies and colorful slot machines was a natural part of the cityscape. Mega Joker is the slot machine we remember from the kiosks, gas stations and shopping malls in the nineties, but under the name Super Joker.

It is not easier and more classic than this, and sometimes the easiest is the best.

When the ban on slot machines came into force in the early 2000s, Swedish NetEnt took on the task of digitizing several of the classic American slot machines. The very first vending machines to undergo this digital metamorphosis were the audience sample Super Joker. When the slot machine resurfaced in digital suit, with the sounding name Mega Joker, the success was immediate. If you dream back to the kingdom of childhood you can play Mega Joker is free, her.

  • Classic slot machine
  • Produced by NetEnt
  • Originally Super Joker
  • Launched in 2011

Megajoker Was launched in 2011 to stormy cheer. American players were immediately excited, and today this fascinating and entertaining gaming classic exists almost all American online casinos. The physical design is almost identical to the original. The only change NetEnt Have done is that they have increased the deposits, gains and repayment percentage. So not only have they made it easier to win, you can also win more.

About Mega Joker Slot Machine

Mega Joker is a Classic slot machine with a traditional setup of 3 rows, 3 wheels and 5 paylines. The slot machine has two of these wheeled sets. The bottom is used in regular games and the top is the super meter - where you have the opportunity to play about the really big money. If you are one of the few who have never tried the game, play Mega Joker for free, we guarantee you a good experience.

If you play Super Joker you get all the entertainment the slot machine has to offer, but of course you can't win money. You need real money to win real money.

One of the best things about Mega Joker is the progressive jackpot.

The mega jackpot can be triggered completely randomly, as long as you play with an effort of at least 10 coins. The reward is here soaring.

  • 3 rows, 3 reels and 5 paylines
  • Supermeter
  • Progressive jackpot


Mega Joker is the digital edition of the classic Super Joker. In the same way as the original, this is a classic fruit machine. NetEnt, which has produced the vending machine, has settled close to the original and they have retained all the original fruit symbols. Here you will find cherries, lemon, watermelon, grapes and orange. In addition to the 7th and bell, and of course the long-awaited and lucrative joker who has named the game.

But it's not just the fruit symbols that make us think back to the 90s. Mega Joker is a colorful fireworks in pastels and yellow tones, and it oozes maximalism. The classic bubble writer is nineties nostalgia at its very best, and the funny, hand-drawn joker makes this a slot machine with a playful and fun appearance. The oversized knobs at the bottom of the game are also typical for the decade.

Have fun with norwegian slot machines free games

Almost all the classic American slot machines have now been digitized, and you can of course play all the same for free. This is an excellent way to get to know the vending machines if you have never tried them. Or refresh old arts if it's been a long time since you played. Free games May be entertaining and exciting, but remember that you have to play with proper money to win proper money.

Easy to play

Mega Joker is as simple as it is fun to play. Here there are no secret tricks, or advanced techniques, it is just clean -piked gaming fun that applies. The vending machine has 3 rows, 3 reels and 5 paylines. You can thus win in the three horizontal rows, as well as in the two diagonals. If three similar symbols appear in one of the paylines, it wakes the prize - and easier than it will not be.


The supermeter is where the magic of the game lies. The game starts on the bottom board. Here is the maximum bet 20 coins. If you play the basic game with an effort of 10 coins, or more, and win you get three choices. You can either withdraw the money, continue the game in basic mode, or you can move the winnings up in supermeter mode. Here, the bet level increases significantly and so does the gains of course.

In super meter mode you can play with an effort of up to 200 coins, and it can be money. In addition, super meter mode allows you to win the mystery win. In order for the mystery gain to be yours, you must bet at least 100 coins per spin. If the joker appears in the middle of the board, you get off with the mysterious winnings that can be up to 2,000 coins.

  • Mystery Gains of between 100 and 2000 Coins
  • Higher bets and higher gains in supermeter mode

Repayment rate

The game's repayment percentage, or RTP (Return to Player), says something about risk. A game with a repayment rate of 85 % will theoretically, if you play long enough, give back NOK 85 for each hundred you bet. If you have control over the repayment rate, it is easier to assess risk and winning chances. Normally, the repayment rate is on this type of game between 87 % and 96 %. Mega Joker has a repayment rate of 99 %.

With a 99 % RTP you can expect a lot of fun for the money when you play Mega Joker. The game has high volatility, which means the winnings do not come close, but when they come, the winnings are high. Therefore, you may want to play for a while when playing Mega Joker. Do you compare Mega Joker with super joker is the repayment rate as night and day, when the original repayment rate was about 70 %.

NetEnt has digitized Mega Joker

The Swedes in NetEnt have not only transformed super joker to Mega JokerThey have also digitized almost all the other American slot machines. When the vending machines disappeared from shopping malls and gas stations in the 2000s, an enterprising American took action. He bought a super joker machine, put it in his car and drove to Sweden, where he managed to convince the game giants NetEnt to create a digital version of the favorite game.

The first The vending machine Was a huge success, and it didn't take long for NetEnt Gjøv to loose on several other American favorites. Today, just about all these classic games have been immortalized, and they are more popular than ever. The secret to the success is as brilliant as it is simple. The appearance of the vending machines is the same, while the deposits and gains have been bigger and better.

  • Made by the Swedish gaming giant NetEnt
  • Classics in digital suit
  • Same gaming experience, higher gain

Deposit level

One of the biggest difference between super joker and Mega Joker is the level of deposit. Mega Joker is a slot machine that fits both big players and those of us with a slightly thinner wallet. The variation in coin value and deposit makes it easy for everyone to find a level they are comfortable with. In standard mode, the minimum effort is 1 kroner, while those who feel really lucky can bet 100 kroner per spin.

If you choose to move the winnings up in supermeter mode, your inner big player really has the opportunity to unfold. Here it is possible to invest up to NOK 2000 per spin. Remember that in supermeter mode you play with money you have already won.

If you play with an effort of at least 10 coins per spin, you can trigger the progressive jackpot at any time that has repeatedly paid out winnings over the million.

Mega joker benefits

Mega Joker is a slot machine fun at its best. It won't be easier than this. This is the slot machine for everyone who loves the classics. What you see is what you get and this is real, honest game nostalgia. NetEnt has preserved the classic appearance of the slot machine, while at the same time gaining new content. The high gains and big jackpots Has given Mega Joker a whole new tension level.

Mega joker disadvantages

The taste is like the butt, it is said, and it is not given that everyone likes the classics. Are you the type who likes modern 3D vending machines With lots of great and spectacular animations, the mega joker is not the vending machine for you. It does not have either Free Spins, Wilds and Scatters so if you like that type of bonus features, Mega Joker may disappoint you a bit.

Progressive jackpot

One of the absolute coolest features in Mega Joker is the progressive jackpot that can be triggered at any time in the game. It is triggered completely randomly and is 100 % flax -based. Just be aware that you have to play with a bet of at least 10 coins per spin to trigger the jackpot. The value of the jackpot naturally varies, but it is usually in excess of NOK 500,000.

The progressive jackpot In Mega Joker is local. That is, the size of the jackpot will vary slightly from casino to casino. Because it is progressive, the jackpot will continue to increase all the way to some winner. Every time someone playing Mega Joker goes 3 % of the effort into the jackpot. In addition to the jackpot, there is also a mystery gain that can be triggered by a joker on the middle wheel in supermeter mode.

Mega joker conclusion

Mega Joker Has been a classic since the nineties. This was the first of the American vending machines digitized by NetEnt and who has now been given eternal life. It is almost ten years since the game for the first time appeared in American online casinos And popularity is still the same. This is a classic that will go into history as one of Norway's most played vending machines.

to American online casinos With respect for it, Mega Joker has in her game selection.

If you are one of the few who still have not tried the game, you have a lot to look forward to. For this is a vending machine that offers hours of entertainment and fun. The nostalgia factor is soaring, as is the entertainment value - and the high winnings and the secret jackpot make an already phenomenal game even better.

Mega Joker FAQ

Here you read often asked questions about Mega Joker - Norway's most popular slot machine. If you miss some questions then send them to us and we promise to answer you.

RTP for Mega Joker ™ is 99%.

Maximum gain on Mega Joker ™ is the jackpot. This is a random jackpot and can be won by anyone who plays for real money at any time.

No, Mega Joker ™ doesn't offer bonus games or free spins. It has a basic game and top game, as well as a random jackpot known to get quite high at times.

Yes! You can play Mega Joker ™ for free at recommended Scroll to the top of the page and play for play money now.

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