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At the online casinos there is a large and varied selection of games. For new players, it can be quite powerful to keep track of and choose which games you want to try. There are many categories and it is not always easy to know how to proceed. Then you may want to check our online casino guides.

Learn online casino with our online casino guides

Use our Online casino guides If you are curious about casino playing.

We have all been brand new at online casino once. Then you know what it is like not to understand how to approach the gaming portfolio at the online casinos. Or simply how to sign up and get started. Not least relates to welcome offers such as bonuses and Free Spins.

To make the process a little easier for you who are brand new, but also for those who have a little more experience, we have created and gathered some online casino guides here on the site. Use their aids and online casino guides to slot machines and popular casino games. You can get updated tips on bingo, odds games, roulette, baccarat, poker and blackjack. Then you save both time and frustration. Get a much better experience when playing online casino, whether on mobile PC or tablet.

Get started on 1-2-3

Spring Beginner Guide for online casino Is an ABC of issues that new casino players have. It may be how you sign up. What welcome offers and other benefits to accept and which you can skip. You will learn about terms and conditions such as wagering requirements, which saves you frustration and disappointment when passing them.

We explain to you the differences between regular slot machines and those with progressive jackpots, and explain to you the importance of payment methods, customer support and licenses with renowned gaming authorities. With this in the luggage it is easier to choose the right casino And get started with the tension and entertainment in a quick way. If you feel uncertain, we recommend reading some online casino guides.

Online casino guides for games with clear rules

Many people choose to spin slot machines because it is the easiest. Each slot machine has its rules, but you don't have to learn anyone for the game itself to win. Just deposit money and spin away. It is simple and therefore most people choose to relate to slots.

However, this may not be what you should play, or would choose to play if you could choose any game from the casino's portfolio. In the casinos' gaming selection you will find a category called card and table games. Some places are called it Casino games. In this category you will find classic games such as poker, baccarat, black jack and roulette. Play with clear rules for the game, and where your degree of success increases significantly if you know the rules.

We think these games are so important that we have created online casino guides for them with the game's rules, principles and how you win. We also give you tips on what strategies are smart to use in the games where the chances of winning increase using strategy. For the one who likes keno Also find this game among our online casino guides.

Online Casino guides FAQ

Once you have found that you want to test out games at an online casino, you start by finding out where you want to try your luck. After choosing an online casino, the rest is a simple matter. On the website you will find a registration form where you fill in personal information. These are, for example, names, age and nationality. Once you have done this you have opened an account and are ready to play. Either with your own money or with a welcome bonus/free spins if you accept a welcome offer.

When you get a casino bonus, free money or free spins, these are allocated with terms and conditions. Walking requirements are one of these, and one of the most important to understand the importance of. A wagering requirement describes how many times the value of a bonus or winnings from free spins must be traded. Then you can take out winnings you win with these in real money.

If you receive a bonus of NOK 1000 with a wagering requirement of 25 times, you must pass the winnings from the bonus for NOK 25,000 before you can withdraw the money. For a free spin, it is the winnings that must be played corresponding to the wagering requirement. Let's say you win 100 kroner with a free spin that has a wagering requirement of 15 times. Then this gain must be traded for NOK 1500 before you can withdraw it.

It depends on what winnings you win and how the vending machine is designed. Some vending machines have larger top benefits than other slot machines. The potential is greatest on those with the biggest gain, but at the same time there may also be less chance of winning it. In general, you can win most often on low volatility machines, but it is not on these you win the big winnings.

The vending machines that you can win most about if you have luck with you are the ones who have progressive jackpots. If you win one you can get a gigantic prize. The potential is greatest on jackpot machines, but at the same time the chance of taking a jackpot is much less than it is for winning regular slot machines.

At the online casinos there are two places where you can hunt for a 21. It is firstly on slots in the casino section. The other place you can try on blackjack is the live casino. In a live casino you play against real dealers and not against a machine. Thus, it becomes more real -life and guarantees you the real casino feeling. Read all our online casino guides for popular table games.

As long as they do not do this based in Norway, it is legal. In Norway, there is a game monopoly, and the player who is allowed to offer Americans games from Norway does not have poker in the portfolio. For this reason, all online casinos that offer poker to American players will do so from bases abroad. They have licenses for this and their offer is legal. It is also not illegal for Americans to play with foreign players.