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On this page will Be referred to as we, us or ours. In our with you, we will collect some information in connection with your visits. With this announcement, we want to give you what you need from the necessary information about your rights and our obligations in this regard. It means how, why and when we process your information.

As an affiliate, we will only process your personal information as we meet the legal, contractual and statutory obligations we have. This means that we do not collect unnecessary information and will not process any form of information that is not stated in the privacy policy.

Information we receive from you that you provide on a voluntary basis can be the name, address, email, phone number, date of birth and gender. We collect the information via a web form in connection with registration, registration for newsletters and web server (s). You can block s - see guidance here:

How to use your information

Your privacy is taken seriously and we will never disclose, share or sell your information beyond what is provided in the privacy policy. Your information is retained only as long as it is necessary and for reasons stated in the declaration of the People's Declaration. If you have consented to that, you will receive marketing and promotional offers, and you can withdraw this consent at any time.

Google Analytics

We collect this information to provide you with game services, perform analyzes to improve our services, target marketing, transfer info for identification, verification and transaction purposes, as well as statistical analysis and surveys.

We use s from Google Analytics to analyze traffic at You have the opportunity to block such analyzes here:

Always by consent

The main processing of your information will take place in connection with the fact that we want to offer you as good a service as possible. Sometimes we can also ask for consent to process the information clearly. Such consent can be withdrawn in writing at any time.

Consent is also necessary for us to process the personal information where necessary to carry out a contract. The same applies to compliance with legal and regulatory responsibilities. We can also process your personal information when it is in our spring or a legitimate third -party interest to do so, and as long as this processing does not neglect your interests, rights or freedoms. You can read more about your rights as a European citizen here:

Your rights

That could at If you have the right to access personal information that we have, the purposes of the processing, categories of personal information, recipients that we can convey them to, how long we will keep the information, and where we obtained this information, about They didn't come directly from you. If you believe that information is wrong, you can ask us to correct these. You can also request deletion or restriction on the processing of the information in accordance with the privacy laws.

The same goes for not being able to receive marketing from us. We will not share any of your information beyond what is provided in the privacy guidelines. We take your privacy seriously and have many measures and precautions to protect and secure it. This includes the best firewall, valid SSL certificates and updated TSL protocols. And of course we follow all the requirements required according to GDPR.. Read more about the Privacy Regulation here

Terms of use

By visiting and using the services to recommended, you accept our terms of use. If you do not accept these, please not use our site. What you find of content at recommended is protected by copy rights and cannot be published, sent and used without written consent from us.

Disclaim is not a casino supplier. Thus, the games offered with us are not games you can play with real money. On our pages you will only find games that you can test out and play for with play money. However, we inform about games that can be played with real money. At the same time, we give you no explicit guarantee that the information we share is correct.

We and our partners do not assume any responsibility when it comes to the functionality and ease of use of the games. The same applies to the availability of what we present as well as violations of third parties' rights. We and our partners also assume no responsibility for correctness, reliability and completeness of the material that is delivered. The same applies to services, software, texts, graphics and links that are delivered.

Gambling and gambling always involve a risk of losing what you play with. We assume no responsibility for losses as a result of your gambling. Playing on the pages we present happens at our own expense and risk.

This page is available so you can compare online casinos and Get the latest news.. Finally, it is still your own responsibility to evaluate the information you find with us when you visit our site.

Continued use of our services involves acceptance of the terms

Also note that recommended and all the gaming pages found on our site are only available to players who are in jurisdictions where money games are allowed. If you are a resident of countries where gambling is not allowed, you should not use our site. If you are in such jurisdictions, it is prohibited to use our services, since it means that state, federal or local laws are broken.

online gambling Like physical commissioners or casinos, are prohibited for minors. It means that gambling at recommended and the pages we mention, is not allowed for persons under the age of 18.. Gambling is only allowed if you are at least 18 years old, and if you are below this age you should not visit our website or website of our partners.

Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions at any time. The same goes for making changes to them. By continuing and using the services at the recommended casino, you agree to all changes in our terms and conditions.

We who work at recommended are here to help you as a player as much as possible. It means that if you have any questions or if there is something you are wondering about in connection with our terms for you as a user of our site, it is Just us!