Free spins online

There are a number of good casinos online, which target American players. The competition allows the casinos to keep up with tempting bonuses. By luring with generous and favorable promotions, they hope to attract as many new players as possible. Free Spins Is an important weapon in this match!

Free spins are thus free rounds, which apply to online slot machines. They are also called free spins or free spins, but it is exactly the same thing. Online casino offers this type of treat both to new customers and established players.

The reason is simple - anyone who likes slot machines likes to play for free. Clearly we are impressed with being able to enjoy ourselves with a good bunch of free spins.

In this article, we have collected all the information you need to enjoy all the free spins offers that are best for you. We take care of welcome packages that give you the chance to collect hundreds of Free Spins at a time, and tell you how to secure free spins without deposit.

We will also look at some important rules and terms as well as include a few words about the slot machines that you can most often play with free spins. Here's just clicking on to find out everything worth knowing about free spins in 2022!

How to Choose Free Spins

Of course, it is very tempting to be able to spin some free rounds on a popular slot machine. When an online casino is up with a favorable offer, many people do not hesitate to hit right away. The only problem is that it is currently creeping on very good and credible online casinos. It is simply impossible to benefit from all such offers. Therefore, it is wise to be a bit selective, and choose exactly the campaigns that are best adapted to your taste.

We have put ourselves in the harness, and in familiar style picked out the very best deals from the best casinos.. By sticking to our list, you only choose from rock solid players with great deals. Here you just have to indulge in alluring free spins campaigns.

Free spins as a welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is a dose of free play credit, which new customers receive at a online casino.. There are many different types. As a rule, the casino will give you a percentage of your first deposit as free gaming money. Often the companies double your deposit amount, so here it can be good money to collect.

It is also common to distribute free spins as part of a welcome bonus. Here there can be many hundreds of free spins to pick up. Note that more and more casinos are now offering welcome packages that extend over several deposits. When you can collect free spins of 3 or 4 deposits, it can quickly be talked about so staggering the number of free rounds together.

It is important to find a casino that offers a Welcome bonus that is right for you.. Here it is important to take into account factors such as the minimum allowable deposits as well as other terms and rules.


When choosing a new online casino, besides access to generous bonuses, it is also important to look carefully at the selection of games. After all, there is a good joke to open an account with a gaming site that does not have the games you are the happiest in - no matter how many Free spin You receive as a welcome bonus.

At most good casinos you can stop by and study the game selection without registering. That way you can quickly get an impression of what the menu has to offer and whether it is right for you. Always check which gamblers have contributed games.

It may take time to visit all current online casinos. Therefore, it is wise to stick to the list above. In addition, we have written many in -depth reviews about the best casinos in Norway. Of course, they include thorough information about game selection.

Customer Service

As much as tempting bonuses and selection of games, you should prioritize casino with good customer service. These are two important reasons. First, of course, it is beneficial to be able to get help in a quick and effective way if something goes wrong. Second, good customer service is a clear sign that you are dealing with a serious and reliable company.

To be said, there is little chance that something will occur that makes it necessary to customer service. Today's Online casino Powered very professionally, and the technology is very rarely chopping. Still, it is reassuring to know that help is available if needed. Be sure to find companies that have the longest possible opening hours are available through methods you have access to (eg phone, email, live chat), and speak a language you master well.

Benefits of free spins without deposit

Free spins without deposit is the most favorable form of casino bonus.. As a rule, you can secure a bunch free spins without making deposits As you register as a new member. That is, you can spin for free on a slot machine without depositing a penny of your own money. Don't commit to doing it either. Sure these are tempting things!

Game free

The most obvious benefit of free spins without deposit is that you get to play for free. Everyone is happy in a good trade, and this is undoubtedly a real warp. Here you can secure completely free and risk -free play by filling out a quick form online. If you have a quarter available in everyday life, this can be a great way to fill it!

Try out casino without risk

Another great advantage of free spins without deposit is that you get the chance to get to know a casino without paying for it. You create an account, and then you can play casino without deposit or risk for a little while. That way you get a better impression of what kind of casino this is and whether it is suitable for you. If you do not like, you have not lost anything. If you are impressed, however, you can deposit money and play on.

Win real money with free spins no deposit

It is perhaps appropriate to emphasize that you play with a chance to win ETTs money when using free spins no deposit, or without deposits as we say in American. It is exactly the same free spin that you get when you deposit money as part of a welcome bonus. This, of course, makes the playing really exciting - you spin with the opportunity to win without transferring money at all. What could be better than that?

Just be aware that it usually applies to wagering requirements for gains you collect with Free spins without deposit.. So you can't just take the money straight out of your account and drag your way. Should just be missing. On the other hand, you can play with money you win, thus getting even better acquainted with the casino.

Play on the best slot machines

Free spins apply almost to the most popular slot machines in the industry. The goal is to attract as many new players as possible. Then it goes without saying that it does not make sense to distribute spins you can only use on unpopular vending machines. So another advantage of free spins without deposit is that they give you the opportunity to play for free on the best, most attractive The slot machines online.

Automater med free spins

All free spins apply to a particular slot machine. There is almost always a popular title, which allows as many players to be tempted by the offer. Some companies allow players to choose which vending machine they want free spins to be used on. Then you usually have to choose between a bunch of vending machines. The most popular free spins vending machines include classics, which Starburst and Book of Dead.

On the web you can find free spins that can be used on all the most popular genres in the slot machine universe. Below we will give you a quick introduction to the most important slot machine types you can play for free with free spins.

Modern video slots

This is by far the most widespread type of slot machines. Many good Online casino Has up to 1000 different titles only within the video machine genre on the menu. Video slots are a collective term that includes many different types of games. What they usually have in common is that they offer elaborate graphics, inventive themes, sound effects and bonus features. Video machines also have a large number of winning opportunities per round. Many of the most popular casino games in Norway are video slots. It includes in particular NetEnt and Play N Go its vending machines.

The vast majority of free spins services online apply just to video machines.

Progressive vending machines

Slot machines online give you the chance to win premiums of tens of millions of dollars. Then we talk about the progressive jackpot machines. The vending machines work in the way that a proportion of all efforts is added to the jackpot. It grows and grows until some lucky pig is collecting the entire sulamite.

Incredible, but true, online casinos do not rarely distribute free spins that apply to progressive vending machines. Of course, it is exciting to take advantage of. Imagine being able to win millions in winnings - At the expense of the house!

Classic slot machines

Classic slot machines are simple machines based on the original slot machines remembered from Las Vegas in the last century. They are characterized by simple design and little elaborate theme. As a rule, they only have 3 gaming wheels and a maximum of 9 paylines (preferably fewer). Bonus features, such as scatter symbol, wild symbol, bonus games, etc. Not available.

This type of game is also called American slot machines Or American classics. This is because they are phenomenally popular in this country. Norway's favorite machine, Jackpot 6000, is a crown example. Mega Joker is another popular classic.

It is relatively rare to be able to receive free spins that apply to classic slot machines, but there are exceptions.

Rules and Terms of Free Spins

It always applies to rules and terms that it is important to include for all types of online casino bonuses. Free spins are no exception. Exactly the conditions that apply varies greatly from offers to offers, and from casino to casino. Therefore, you must always read what is written in small print before striking. In this way, disappointments and unwelcome surprises are avoided.

As a rule, you need to turn winnings you collect with free spins a certain number of times before making withdrawals. This limit can be on anything from 20x value of your winnings to the 50x value. Some offers have wagering requirements that apply to the value of the free spins, not the gains. This is usually more favorable.

Win with free spins

It also happens that there is a limit to how much you can win with free spins. It can be anywhere from 1000 to 5000 kr.

Free spins have a fixed border. You can't change it. You will also have to deal with a time limit for how long free spins are valid. They can be down for 24 hours.

Free spins without wagering requirements

Free spins without wagering requirements are very favorable. You get the chance to do just as you want with money you win while playing for free. It includes playing further, or taking the money out of the account.

Here it is important to point out that wagering requirements for free spins are often approx. 35x the value of your winnings. This means that you should have luck on your side to fulfill it. Thus, turns free spins without Wagering The more beautiful.

Here on Have we arranged you an exclusive offer with 80 free spins without wagering requirements. There are 30 spins without sales extra in relation to the standard welcome bonus. Get your sales -free spins on Play Ojo her.

Maria Casino has no wagering requirements on free spins

Welcome bonus

10% cashback + 200 Free Spins

Wagering requirements jackpot winnings

You can receive free spins that apply to progressive jackpot machines. In theory, it gives you a chance to collect gains in the million class completely, totally free.

As always, it is important to look carefully at the conditions and rules that apply. It is almost always the case that you have to count on a wagering requirement to be met. For free spins, it usually applies to the value of your winnings - not the value of the free spins itself.

Free spins with jackpots

The difference between the two becomes gigantic when it comes to a jackpot win. So you always have to check this, as it makes the difference between an unfavorable and a highly favorable condition.

Withdrawal limits also often apply to free spins. It may be a fixed amount of maximum amount on a possible gain. It can be down to NOK 1000, or even lower. This is something you should be aware of before winning NOK 10,000,000, and goes on your life's disappointment when trying to withdraw.

On these vending machines you usually get American free spins on

casinos online Always tempt you with free spins for the most popular slot machines. That way, they can attract as many players as possible with their promotions. In Norway, we see that there is especially one bunch of vending machines that are left in the companies' free spinning offers. It applies, as it should and should, the most popular video slots here in the country:

starburst free spins

Starburst from NetEnt is the King itself among the free spins machines. The casinos have distributed free spins on this popular video machine for a number of years. It is due to high popularity, and easy playing. What characterizes Starburst is that the vending machine has paylines that go both from right to left and left to right - not just the latter, which is Standard for slot machines.

Reactoonz Free Spins

This is a newcomer compared to the other games on the list. Reactoonz is a crown example of a new -fashioned video slot. The format is more reminiscent of mobile games than classic slot machines, and the entertainment value is magnificent.

Book of Dead Free Spins

Hardly any slot machine can compare with the success Book of Dead has experienced since its launch in 2016. This Play N GO video machine has featured high on the list of the most popular games at American casinos so to speak without a stop. Join archaeologist Rich Wilde on treasure hunt among the pyramids, with a chance to win big prizes in free spins rounds with profit.

Gonzo’s Quest Free Spins

Only Starbrust and Twin Spin can challenge the NetEnt automaton Gonzo's Quest in terms of the title «The most popular video slot of the time in Norway". Here you join Gonzo, who is on treasure hunt in Central America's ruins. The format with falling blocks and re-spin has become a classic.

Free Spins FAQ

Can I receive free spins without deposit?

Yes, this type of offering regularly shows up at online casinos.

A wagering requirement is that you have to play for the value of either free spins you receive, or winnings you win with them before you can withdraw money from your account.

Yes, there is usually nothing in the way of it. For example, has selected slots for welcome-free spins in your mobile phone.

It depends on offers to offers. As a rule, free spins will only apply to a specific automatic.

There may be limits to how much you can win with free spins. This is important that you examine before you start playing to avoid surprising disappointments.