Trustly as a payment method at online casino

If you have ever played at an online casino, you may have noticed that Trustly is one of the payment methods offered. Both Swedish and Finnish players have long had this as a favorite in payment methods in online casinos, as the method is both fast and secure.

After depositing money on a online casino with Trustly, players can bet real money on slot machines, table games and live casino games, as well as odds. Trustly transfers also allow players to qualify for welcome bonuses and other casino bonuses.

In this guide we will take a closer look at the popular payment solution. Can Trustly be used by American players at online casinos? Are there a fees? And how to make an account? Check out our guide and find answers to all your questions.

About Trustly | Facts and history

Trustly is a Swedish company founded in 2008, and their payment method is offered at a diversity of online casinos and other websites.

The advantage of Trustly is that you do not need to use cards or any app to transfer money - you transfer using BankID. If you have an online bank, you have probably been in BankID before, which is a safe way to transfer money.

Since American banks and authorities have fairly strict rules when it comes to transferring money to foreign casinos, Trustly is not available to American players at the moment. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the payment method.

Trustly | Safety

Trustly is a very secure payment service. The company is regulated, among other things, by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, which is at least as strict as the American. The service is licensed, and an advanced encryption standard is used, among other things, on the transfers.

When using Trustly you will also use BankID. BankID can be regarded as an electronic identification that allows safe signing and identification on the Internet. You can almost compare the service with a passport online.

BankID can be used in different ways. You can use the good old code chip, or you can verify the process via mobile phone and a unique PIN you have created yourself.

How does Trustly work?

Trustly is a simple and smart payment method, since the user does not need to use either a bank card or any app to make payments. You simply choose "Trustly" from the payment methods provided on the website you will pay to.

Then you are forwarded to Trustly's website, where you choose your bank (eg DNB or Sparebank1. Then you can log in to the bank by using BankID. The payment is then done directly through the online bank.

Payments from one account to another are therefore seamless - completely without downloads, registration, apps or debit cards.

How to open account at Trustly?

Since Trustly only acts as a supplier of various payment services, there is no need to create any user account with them. When you make payments, a payment window will be opened at Trustly, but you do not need to log in to their page.

The only thing the user needs to do to transfer money with the payment method Trustly is to select the service when you get payment options on a website.

How to fill money on a Trustly account?

Trustly does not keep the money for users, so you do not need to transfer money to the payment service. The money is forwarded directly to the website or account you want to pay to.

For example, if you want to get the money repaid, you must arrange this directly with the recipient.

Treatment time on Trustly transactions

Trustly transfers can take up to 1 or 2 business days. Remember that the transaction time can be affected by holidays and the like at your bank. There may also be differences on the processing time of transfers to or from the account yours.

In general, Trustly is a lightning fast and effective payment method, which is why so many players swear to this form of payment. For American players, payment methods such as ecopayz or cryptocurrency will be the most effective.

Amount limits with Trustly

According to Trustly himself, it is the dealers who offer payment with Trustly who set the amount limits. Among online casinos that offer Trustly to, for example, Swedish players, it is the casinos themselves who set the limits for deposits and withdrawals.

Neither Trustly nor your bank sets limits on how high amounts can be transferred using the payment method. In theory, Trustly is therefore an excellent payment solution for the transfer of big winnings you win at online casinos.

on casinos that offer Trustly, this is often the payment method that allows the largest transfers in terms of amount. Many other payment methods have quite low amount limits, which can be limiting big players.

Why use the payment method?

There are many players who swear to Trustly at online casino, especially in neighboring Sweden. Swedish players appreciate the lightning -fast transfers and security levels available by using BankID.

Many players also appreciate that Trustly is incredibly easy. You don't need to download any app or create a user account. The only thing you need is BankID. The process itself only takes a few seconds or minutes.

Several of the casinos that offer Trustly and BankID are referred to as "casinos without registration" or "No Account Casinos", as it usually does not need to create any user account at the casino either. Identification through BankID is more than enough for the casinos.

Since you cannot use BankID from American banks to pay via Trustly at online casinos, we recommend checking out other secure options. You can use Ecopayz, among other things, at most American online casinos.

Find an alternative to Trustly casinos

There are many good Trustly casinos.. Fortunately, the same casinos that offer Trustly players also offer other Payment methods.

Among our recommended casinos - such as Bitstarz, Betsson, Fortune Jack, LeoVegas, Unibet, Nordicbet, and Casinojoy - there are many good payment methods. For example, American players can use Ecopayz.

As long as you register at one of our recommend casinos, you can feel confident that you make a good choice. This is because in the recommended casino we only recommend secure casinos with license and safe payment solutions.

In addition to security, you should of course also think about other factors that are important to you. We recommend casinos for all tastes, whether you value betting, slot machines, 24 -hour customer service, fast outlets or other things. Find a American online casino Today!


No. Trustly does not require fees as other payment methods can often do. If you use intermediaries as e-wallets, for example, there will often be fees for transferring money to or from the casino.

However, for users who use Trustly, the casino may take fees for the transfers. Always check this with the individual casino.

Yes! Trustly is among the safest payment methods at online casinos. This is because the user uses BankID, which is also used in its personal online banking. BankID is a safe and easy identification method.

Trustly is also a licensed and regulated payment institution, and it is the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority that controls the operation. The company also stores no information about its users, which is a reassuring factor for many.

The Trustly payment service also uses the most advanced form of encryption on all transfers, which makes the transactions extra safe.

Is Trustly available to American players?

Unfortunately, Trustly is not available to American casino players at the moment. This is due to the strict rules surrounding casino games at foreign online casinos. However, Swedish players and players from many other countries can use the service.

If you live in a different country or have a citizenship other than American, it is possible that Trustly is available to you.

American players can use alternative payment methods, since Trustly cannot be used on casino games in Norway. For example, we can tip about Ecopayz or Visa, as well as various forms of cryptocurrency.

Feel free to check out our other payment method guides and read more about each payment method!