Revolut as a payment method at American online casino

Revolut Is a relatively new and modern banking service that has become popular at online casinos over the last couple of years. The payment method can be regarded as a mixture between bank card and e-wallet, and allows you to both store, receive and send money.

You can get a MasterCard or Visa card associated with your Revolut account, which allows you to use the payment solution at online casinos. The service is used via a separate free app. All casinos that accept Visa and/or MasterCard in other words accept Revolut.

About Revolut | Facts and history

Revolut Owned by the British financial company Revolut Ltd. founded in 2015. The company allows you to easily shop online and does not operate with hidden fees. You can use revolutions for everything from casino games to shopping cryptocurrency online.

Today, Revolut has more than 12 million users, which says a little about the company's popularity. It is completely free to open a user account and you can have a variety of cards connected to your Revolut account.

One of the benefits of using Revolut is that you can enter the amount limits so that you get better control of your spending. You can also freeze the card if you want a break from the game. Another advantage is that Revolut allows you to carry out transactions with more than 150 currencies!

Revolut | Safety

Security is central to Revolut.. The company has actually won awards for its system designed to fight money laundering and fraud. You can even book a disposable card that can be used only once, so you don't have to worry about someone stealing your information.

Revolut's security systems also control that all transactions go in a safe and secure manner. Also keep in mind that you should choose safe casinos with license and SSL protocol on the website. This makes payments online safer!

How does payments work with Review at online casino?

Payments with revolutions are easy. Since Revolut is not American, but British, the service is not governed by the strict American laws and rules that apply to online gambling. This gives you a greater degree of freedom, and you can transfer your salary to the Revolut account if you want.

Through the app you can, among other things, transfer money to your American bank account, transfer money internationally or nationally without fees, and transfer money with lightning -fast effect.

How to open account with Revolut?

Creating a user account at Revolut is easy and quick. As long as you have a smartphone and opportunity to install the Revolut app, you can use the service. When you create a user account, you must, among other things, enter your phone number.

Then just fill out the form on the page, which takes a few minutes. Through your app you can see what you have spent money on, balance and much more!

Remember that you can also order the associated Visa or MasterCard to your Revolut account. This costs no more than around 60 kroner.

How to fill money on Revolut?

If you open your Revolut app, you can click "Insert Money" if you want to make a deposit. Then enter the card information, expiry date on your debit card, card number (16 digits) and CVC code. In addition, you must enter the postal code for invoice.

You can then enter the amount you want to deposit. As soon as the transfer is approved, it will appear on your Revolut account. Remember to play responsible When playing at online casino. You should not play for higher amounts than you can afford to lose.

Treatment time on revolut transactions

Transfers to and from Revolut are generally very fast. For example, if you want to transfer money from Revolut to your private bank account, this can be done in just two minutes.

Although Revolut itself is lightning fast, it is okay to think that casinos have varying time on transactions. Some casinos process all transactions within a couple of hours, while others have a longer processing time of maybe 72 hours.

Amount limits with revolut

With Revolut's MasterCard or Visa card, you can transfer both small and large amounts of money to online casinos. Accurate amount limits for the transactions are set by the casinos themselves.

Many online casinos have a lowest deposit limit of maybe NOK 100 or 200. The upper deposit limit is often at several thousand American kroner. There is also a lower and upper withdrawal amount when withdrawal. Check what applies to your particular casino.

Why use the payment method?

There are many good reasons to use Revolut when playing at a casino online. First and foremost, the payment method is safe, and Revolut has even won prices for its good security systems.

Another good reason to use Revolut is that the payment service is open to Americans who want to play online. Many other payment methods have become inaccessible, including Neteller, Paysafecard and Skrill. With Revolut you have a reliable payment system.

Many also choose to use Revolut precisely because it is so simple and effective. Within minutes, you can transfer money across national borders via an app.

With quick deposit methods, you can play on your favorites at the online casino right away, whether it's Slot machines, modern video slots, live casino and table games, or other forms of gambling.

Find a Revolut casino

We in Recommended Casino can recommend many Good online casinos for American players who will pay with a revol. When choosing a casino, you should not only think about what payment methods the casino offers, but also the security and degree of satisfied customers.

The casinos we recommend scoring high in all areas. The casinos are safe and licensed, and are regulated by the authorities in countries such as the UK and Malta. In addition, the casinos have many satisfied players, which is always a good sign.

We can recommend, among other things, casinos such as Mr Green, Rizk,, ComeOn!, Unibet, Casinolab, DuxCasino, Casumo and CasinoJoy. These casinos also have a wide selection of games, whether it is odds, live table games or exciting slot machines.

Find a Revolut casino that lives up to your expectations and play in an efficient and safe way. Revolutions transfers are as simple and fast as it is brilliant. Test the payment method yourself, and find out if it is for you!


Are there fees to use Revolut?

One of the benefits of using revoluties is that the service only requires small fees for your transactions. You can actually trade for amounts up to NOK 50,000 per month, and the transactions have only 0.5 % fee. On the weekends, the fee is somewhat higher (1.5 %).

Remember that online casinos may also require fees to process transactions via Visa or MasterCard. This can vary from casino to casino. Therefore, read through the Terms of Use before deciding on payment method (and casino).

Yes, Revolut is a very safe payment method. The payment service has advanced security systems that ensure that payments go safely.

When playing online you should also have basic web. Never share your payment information or passwords others, and play only at secure and licensed casinos. As long as you do, you can feel safe while playing online!

Yes, Revolut can be used well by American players-for example via a Mastercard or Visa card. Revolut is a British online bank, and transfers you make from this account will therefore not be affected by American laws.

You can transfer money from your American account to the Revolut account, and then transfer money from the Revolut account to casinos. In that sense, you can regard revolutions as an intermediary between your American bank and the online casino.

Remember that it is not possible to transfer money directly from a American Visa card to a foreign online casino. This is because transactions to online casinos are blocked by American banks, which they are required to do by the authorities.

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