American slot machines

Slot machines are one of the type of casino games found at most online casinos. We can almost guarantee that this is a game type you will always find, regardless of which online casino you are using.

It is quite natural that the selection of games varies from casino to casino, but there is always some form of casino games that is represented.

As with a lot of other things in this world, there is not just a type of slot machines either. However, it is possible to determine which of these are the most common and that you can be 100 % sure that you will meet on your journey through our big casino world.

Here you can play American slot machines

However, it is not true that just because the land -based slot machines disappeared, it was no longer possible to play these American slot machines. It is possible it was so in the beginning after they disappeared, but after a while it changed. The land -based slot machines came back, but then the online casinos had already started to get a foothold.

It is not possible to determine exactly how many online casinos there are out there in the huge casino world. If you fancy a really big challenge, you are of course welcome to try, but then you have to be prepared for it to take eternity. Then of course we do not mean an eternity as a rhetorical figure, it will probably take eternity.

Prohibited slot machines

In other words, there are a lot of online casinos out there. They spread almost like fire in dry grass here in the country when the land -based slot machines were banned, and since then there have only been more and more of them. However, casino operation is not legal in Norway, so the online casinos that are popular with Americans are actually run from abroad.

Although it is not possible to determine how many online casinos are out there, they have the elementary in common. Therefore, there is no reason to be surprised if you suddenly come across several online casinos with almost exactly that game selection, because it is quite common. It is actually the rule and not the exception, and most online casinos also offer American vending machines online.

American slot machines at American online casinos

It is not to hide under a chair that there are online casinos that have gained better foothold among American players than others. Although casino operation is not law in Norway, it is advertised and marketed at a soaring level for just online casinos. If you take TV advertising as an example, we can almost guarantee you that you want to see advertising for different online casinos there.

Based on this, we can also say that it has formed a separate category called '' American casino '', but in line with the gaming category Norway's slot machines, these online casinos are not really American. Yes, they work with American celebrities who work and advertise them, but that's it. Popular among Americans they are anyway!

American casinos examples

Here are a number of online casinos that can be highlighted as examples, and it is by no means as difficult as the task of making a complete list of all the world's online casinos had been. Whether you have heard about these online casinos can obviously vary. After all, it is not the case that everyone gets absolutely all the advertisements flying around.

But maybe it calls a bell when we mention names like Mr Green, Invite, Maria Casino, Betsson, MobileBet, Big player, BetSafe, LeoVegas and Nordicbet? These are 10 different online casinos that are all quite popular with American players. It also means that it is these online casinos that are usually advertised too.

That said, it does not mean that it is the only online casinos that offer American slot machines. There are others American casinos (both known and lesser known) that are not as visible in society, and some of these are Rizk, Betsafe, ComeOn!, The population, CasinoFriday and The vending machine.

American slot machines online

Slot machines can be divided into 5 different types that are all equally common. These types are classic slot machines, video slots, multi-line slot machines, single-line slot machines and progressive slot machines. Details of what is hiding behind each of these categories, however, we almost have to save for another article.

The reason for this is that this article will help you immerse yourself in the first of the aforementioned types. It is the classic slot machines, and it is not the case that it is completely black and white. The different types of slot machines also contain their own categories, and one of the categories in classic slot machines is American slot machines.

Americans' relationship with American slot machines

As a American, you may immediately begin to wonder exactly what games are within the category American slot machines.. We have full understanding when it comes to it, because if we are to be perfectly honest - we have also been there. The content of this specific category is of course American, right? That's what it says!

But this gaming category is not proof that things are not always accurate as it looks. It is actually a little more complicated than that, but after all it comes to it, it is not really very complicated anyway. At least that is the goal of this article - to help you see how easily the complicated can actually be.

Popular slot machines at American players

Yes, the name of the gaming category is popularly called American slot machines, but there is much more behind this than what is shown on the surface. It is no wonder at all if you think this is a bit confusing, but the case is simply that the casino games that make up the gaming category American slot machines are not really American.

But why is there a gaming category called popular American slot machines if the games are neither American nor made by American game developers? This, too, makes quite a lot of sense once you have become aware of it, and it is simply because Americans are very happy with exactly these games. Americans in general have a very special relationship with Casino games!

The story behind the slot machines

Before we go into more detail on the content of this somewhat special gaming category, it may be appropriate to tell a little about the story of our beloved slot machines. The journey to where they are today has not been a planking. In fact, that journey has been anything but simple.

It is true that the very first slot machine can be traced all the way back to the end of the 19th century. At least it was the first time we heard about this machine that would later take the world by storm that was not possible for anyone to predict. This discovery was made somewhere in the United States, which is not surprising at all.

To this day, the land -based slot machines are still allowed in the United States and several other of all the world's countries, but that is not the case in Norway. However, from the mid-1900s until the early 2000s, land-based slot machines were everywhere. It is a term used about the physical variant of our slot machines.

During this time it was not uncommon to see a bunch of people (often young adults and the elderly of the male gender) who had gathered around one or more of these land -based slot machines. It was really a common sight in all cities' kiosks and shopping malls. At that time, no one questioned it either.

The slot machines that suddenly disappeared

Everything was simply joy and the old until suddenly it was no longer. Probably this was a process that was going on in the scenes and which the audience could not be part of. In the early 2000s, the adventure was suddenly over. The land -based slot machines were banned in Norway, and they disappeared from their usual place in American kiosks and shopping malls. According to one Consultation statement from the American lottery and automatic industry the banknote ban had great effect. According to the guide, the proportion of players who stated vending machines as their main problem had reduced from 82 % to 74 %.

The reason this happened, however, was that it led to many people becoming gambling addicts.

This is an issue that is just as relevant today, although it has been almost 20 years since the American state set foot for the land -based slot machines.

Harmful slot machines

However, it did not take many years before the land -based slot machines were back in the American market. But there was something different, and it was that Norsk Tipping had got a monopoly on them. The new versions of land -based slot machines were considered to be kinder than the old ones, but then the damage had already happened.

There is obviously no real damage, but the reception of the new and players land -based slot machines was probably not as warm and warm as Norsk Tipping had hoped. The reason for this is that in the time period they were away from the market, there was something else that had accelerated. Of course, we talk about the famous and beloved online casinos.

The crown machine or crush box

It is said that a dear child has many names, and that is probably the case for the krone machine. Although the krone vending machine is the official name, it is not the only name this slot machine goes down. This slot machine is also called for Knipseka. In this article, however, we will use the name krone slot machine.

The krone slot is a knife box that saw the light of day for the very first time back in the 1930s, but it would take quite a few years before it became a fixture on Americans' lists of favorite games. However, it happened in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Only then could this slot machine be regarded as a central part of the gaming category American slot machines.

This was a very simple slot machine, and the overall goal was to snap a crown piece (possibly another coin) into the slot machine. If you were lucky enough to hit a specific hatch, then you won - and the prize, it was paid in crown pieces. At that time it was probably considered fun, but today the little detail had been something a little different.

Jackpot 6000

Among the land -based slot machines there was a slot machine called Jackpot 2000. But when they were removed, this slot machine was made digital. There were some who simply thought it was too good to just let it go. It resulted in the Jackpot 6000, which is the name this slot machine goes down these days.

Jackpot 2000 was a folk favorite of the land -based slot machines. This was some time in the 90s, but as we know, the land-based slot machines were banned in the early 2000s. It is therefore natural to think that there were many Americans who thought it was a bit tricky, but fortunately also meant The game developer NetEnt this.

Play jackpot6000 free

As a result, it is still possible to play this slot machine almost 20 years later, but today's version is digital. Even today it is a very popular slot machine, and it has led to many who wanted a small part. That's probably why this slot machine can be found in many of the most popular online casinos.

However, we cannot guarantee that the Jackpot 2000 and the Jackpot 6000 are sticky, so that's not what you should expect. The layout of the two slot machines is the same, but as the slightly different names indicate, there are some differences. Jackpot 6000 is generally a more advanced version than what Jackpot 2000 was in its time. An example is the size of the jackpot.

Mega Joker

However, Jackpot 2000 was not the only slot machine that the game developer NetEnt thought it was worth saving from the safe death. They did the same thing with Mega Joker, who then went by the name Super Joker. However, this is a story that may seem a bit complicated, as it is possible to find both of these game titles in the American market today.

Mega joker further introduction

Like most other classic slot machines, Mega Joker was a very simple slot machine. It was equipped with the traditional gaming wheels. This slot machine consists of three gaming wheels and five paylines. The classic casino symbols are also used. That's also how Super Joker is built.

But then it seems that both game titles are found in the American gaming market. What is the reason for that? It has not always been that way. Initially, Mega Joker was the only option, and the goal was, as I said, to recreate the traditional slot machine, which is a natural part of the American slot machines.

Play mega joker free

Now that both game titles are in the huge casino world and offered by many of the most popular online casinos in Norway, are probably the Super Joker that is most similar to the traditional land-based 90s slot machine. That is, if it is exactly the slot machine you miss, then it is the Super Joker you have to check out.

However, it is not very much that separates Mega Joker and Super Joker from each other. But it is so that Slot Machine Mega Joker Suitable for any wallet. So it doesn't matter if your wallet is thin or thick, because this slot machine is not equipped with an unattainable deposit level. It is very positive!


Although we have so far highlighted a number of slot machines that have stories that extend over decades, it is not the case for all the slot machines in the gaming category American slot machines. This gaming category also contains some very young slot machines that have taken the world by storm, and a perfect example is Starburst.

Starburst Further Introduction

Starburst is a slot machine developed by the game developers in NetEnt in 2012. In this case, NetEnt has been inspired by the classic arcade games that were very popular in the 80s. The overall theme of this slot machine is space and similar phenomenon, and it is reflected in effects that clearly show this.

This slot machine is equipped with 5 gaming wheels consisting of three rows each. The slot machine consists of a total of 10 paylines, and unlike many other slot machines you cannot adjust how many of the paylines you want to use. The number of paylines is not adjustable in this game, but in return you can choose the bet level.

Starburst the most popular slot machine?

Starburst from NetEnt is a slot machine that is both traditional and modern, which is probably why it has struck so well. This slot machine fits just as well with new and inexperienced players as it does for those who have played for a while and know exactly what they are doing.

That makes Starburst Flying right in among the gaming category American slot machines, and not only that - it can even be considered to be one of the best American slot machines online. This slot machine's popularity does not only apply to the American market and the American players, because this specific slot machine is popular worldwide.

The vending machine

Norgesautomaten, did you say? Let's take a little closer to them! It is an online casino that saw the light of day for the first time in 2006, so it gained a foothold in the period where the land -based slot machines were out of service. This online casino is run by a company called BML Group Ltd. It is a subsidiary of Betsson AB. Does it sound familiar?

The reason why it sounds familiar is simply because several different online casinos can be owned and operated by the same company. In fact, it is quite common in the casino world, and then NorgesAutomaten, BML Group Ltd and Betsson AB are a suitable example. Betsson AB owns and operates several of the online casinos we mentioned above.

Online casinos with American slot machines

In addition to NorgesAutomaten, Betsson AB has a finger in the game when it comes to online casinos such as Betsafe, Maria Casino and Nordicbet - And there are also some we mentioned above. It is not the only cases where this company has to do with operations. Although it may seem a bit strange, it can in a way also be a little reassuring.

We think it can be reassuring because then you as a player can really trust that the company behind the online casino you are playing knows what they are doing. There is usually talk of companies with a lot of ethos in the market in question, and there is no reason why it should not have a soothing effect on their players.

NorgesAutomaten further introduction

But let's go back to Norgesautomaten. It is mainly run by BML Group Ltd, and it is a company that has its headquarters in Malta. It means that NorgesAutomaten has its gaming license from Malta Gaming Authority, and that they must follow laws and regulations set by the Maltese authorities. They have had this gaming license since its inception in 2006.

American slot machines at NorgesAutomaten

At NorgesAutomaten you will find almost all the slot machines we mentioned in this article. That includes Jackpot 6000, Mega Joker, Super Joker and Starburst. In addition to these slot machines, we have also talked about the krone vending machine. The well -known slot machine with the many names, and the reason we didn't mention it is very simple.

So it is not possible to play the krone vending machine at NorgesAutomaten, for this is a slot machine offered exclusively at The online casino Unibet.. However, we are not entirely sure why this is so, but there is no doubt that Unibet is also a good alternative when it comes to Selection of online casino.. You can play the best American slots online with them too!

Frequently asked questions about American slot machines

A slot machine is a machine that lets you play different types of gambling. At least it was like that before. Today, on the other hand, is not as common with land-based slot machines, as the online casinos really accelerated when a ban on the land-based variants was reduced in the early 2000s. The ban was later lifted, but then it was too late.

The short answer to that question is no. There are no slot machines that are completely American, neither in terms of operation nor development, as the former is not allowed in Norway. The gaming category American slot machines are therefore a result of it is some casino games that strike better among Americans than others do.

You can play American slot machines at various online casinos, and some examples of these are Betsson, ComeOn!, LeoVegas, Mr Green, Maria Casino, Nordicbet, and NorgesAutomaten.

Yes, it is perfectly safe to play casino games and other types of games at NorgesAutomaten. This online casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, and it is one of the best gaming licenses an online casino can have.

This is a complicated question, as the answer to this can be both yes and no. It is generally safe to play at online casinos, if the current casino is certified and seriously, but you as a player also have a responsibility. It is your responsibility that you do not lose your head while playing, but play in a way that is as safe and responsible as possible!