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In the casino industry, two main types of casinos are distinguished. We have land -based casinos and online casinos. The online casinos are also called online casinos. Casino operations are not allowed in Norway, so the land -based casinos you have to go abroad to experience. Fortunately, these online casinos are just a few keystrokes away on the internet.

In general, there are online casinos that are much more than 20 years old, but despite it, it was almost 20 years ago that the popularity of the online casinos accelerated in Norway. It happened when a ban on the land -based slot machines, which was very popular in this country. It happened in 2003 and it was the start of the concept Online casino.

In this article we will take a closer look at both American casinos and new casinos. As you can probably see, the situation with the casino is not quite simple in Norway. Therefore, we have to immerse ourselves in this situation first, in order for the rest to make any sense whatsoever.

Americans and online casinos

Casino operation is thus illegal in Norway, and there is minimal land -based slot machines (after a prohibited that was reduced in 2003 and later removed when Norsk Tipping got a monopoly). But it is allowed to play cash games on Online casino, and there is a very separate category called '' 'norwegian casino''. How is it possible when the situation is as it is?

Since casino operation is illegal on American soil, it is obviously not a category that tells you about casinos driven from Norway. Nor is it a category that includes casinos established by Americans. Of course, it could have been, since it is not illegal for Americans to drive online casinos from abroad, but it is not.

Before the land -based slot machines were removed, they were very popular here in the country, so there was obviously something very many Americans were very fond of. This enthusiasm did not disappear when they were removed, and this enthusiasm was probably also the reason for the online casinos sudden The ban came.

So what is a American online casino?

When we talk about American casinos, we refer to a collection of general casinos that are popular with Americans. This category also contains foreign online casinos developed specifically with American players in mind. Yes, there are actually such casinos too!

In the casino category '' American casino '' you will find online casinos such as Betsson, Unibet, NordicBet, Mr Green, LeoVegas, Rizk as well as online casinos such as NorgesPill, NorgesAutomaten and American vending machines. But there is only a small selection of what is hiding inside this slightly special category.

Another feature of American casinos is how the casino in question is marketed. Very often, American celebrities are used in the marketing of these casinos. Here are several examples, including Petter '' Disaster '' Kristiansen and Cecilia Brækhus for Betsson and Jan Ivar '' mini '' Jakobsen for Nordicbet.

A good selection of vending machines in the mobile casino for any online casino is something that is also very important for American casino players.

In this article we will take a closer look at several different online casinos, including some of the online casinos that have an obvious place in the American casinos casino categories.

Games and game selection

The company Betsson Group is a company based on Malta, which means that Nordicbet is regulated by the Maltese authorities. It also means that this online casino has a gaming tender issued by Malta Gaming Authority, which is the gaming authority in Malta. This is one of the most acclaimed gaming licenses an online casino can have.

If you love odds, live casino or traditional casino games, then Nordicbet may be for you. Whether you are a sports happy human, table game enthusiast or like to follow the trend when it comes to the latest casino games, this casino may be for you.

Nordicbet's odds games specialize in local sports in the Nordic countries, so if you like to follow international sports, you know where you can go. In the live casino you can care for table games that Video poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat. You can also indulge in the most popular slot machines, video slots or jackpot games.

This is an online casino where some of the most famous game developers on the market are represented. It includes, among other things, Big Time Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'n Go and Yggdrasil. In addition, Nordicbet players offers their many attractive bonuses, and they offer welcome bonuses for both casino games or odds.

Several good best online casino items

This online casino has several good elements, including the online casino equipped with a help center where you can find answers to many different questions. The list of the online casino available payment methods is not the most impressive, but the website is generally simple and clear. Maybe even a little too simple.

It is obvious that Nordicbet belongs in the American casinos category. As we already know, this online casino is very popular with Americans, but we also see that this can be considered a American online casino based on marketing choices. At NordicBet, Jan Ivar '' mini '' Jacobsen is the online casino's face outward.

What does it take to get the title '' best online casino ''?

We will take a look at three American and three new online casinos. You have been introduced briefly to each and every one of them, but what is really needed to get the title ''best online casino’’?

We will take a closer look at this below. There are quite a few criteria that must be fulfilled, in order for them to be able to fight for that title.

The game and safety

The first thing to find out is where the casino is the current casino's gaming license. This is something that all certified casinos must have, in order for them to be allowed to operate casino operation at all. The fact that the casino has a gaming license means that the gaming authorities keep an eye on them, and that the casino in question has laws and regulations that they must follow. If not, they lose the license.

There are game authorities in many of the world's countries, but some of these are a little more recognized than others. In this article, for example, has looked at the Malta Gaming Authority, for example, and it is one of the most common gaming licenses. It is also considered to be one of the best in the casino industry. It is also important that the best online casino prioritizes security.

Game selection and best online casino bonuses

An online casino that will be the best must also offer a large and varied game selection. After all, the game selection is the main reason why people in all world countries play online casinos. This is therefore one of the most important points, and not something that is possible to fool. Providing games for all audiences will increase popularity and chance of being the best.

In addition, it is important that that best casino Can tempt you with attractive bonuses, promotions and offers. Offers of welcome bonus are the most common concept in this context, but it is equally important in other circumstances as well. The wagering requirement is also something that is taken into account. These are varying factors based on what casino it is.

Payment methods and designs

It is also important that the best casino offers payment methods that players can feel comfortable with. A combination between traditional and modern payment methods is the most optimal. Having a help center and available customer service is something else that is a must for the best online casino.

In this context, it is not just the content that plays a role. The packaging is at least as important. The best online casino should thus have a website that has been completed, in the form of both information and design elements. In addition, it should be easy to navigate around the website. But the most important thing is that the casino stands out in a memorable way.

'' Old '' versus '' new '' online casino

Since we have now looked at a good handful of online casinos and have been determined what factors need to be in place for an online casino to be able to join the title of ''best online casino'', Then we will now reflect a little around it with old and New casinos.. What sets them apart and does this have anything to say about what is the best online casino?

Constantly new online casinos

There are dozens of different online casinos on the internet. It's something we all know, whether we have many years of playing experience or not. But there is still something that is still being developed, even when this article is written and you read it. Right now, at this moment, there is someone sitting somewhere in the world and developing what is going to be a online casino in the future.

So it is not the case that this development stopped 15-20 years ago when Betsson, Nordicbet and NorgesSpill were established in the period 2002 and 2007. No, still to this day (in 2021), online casinos are still being developed, including casino universe , Casino Lab and Casino Friday. But is there anything that sets them apart?

'' Old '' online casinos

While the 'old' 'online casinos have to work hard every single day to stay up to date on the latest new, it is the normal for the newer online casinos. The new online casinos are simply it - new, while the '' old '' online casinos are the opposite.

But of course it doesn't have to be that way either. Like a lot of other things in this industry, this will also be something that varies. Some of the old online casinos work at least as hard as the new ones to keep up and not lose the interest of the players. Other old online casinos may think that their original business idea is more than good enough.

'' New '' online casinos

However, it is possible to gather some factors that characterize the newer online casinos:

  • Updated software
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Attractive bonuses
  • Good game selection

Above you can see some characteristics of newer online casinos. Updated software, that they are run by someone who may have played at the older online casinos and that online casinos work on most devices and operating system. In addition to all that we have mentioned above, it is also important and common with tempting bonuses To be the best online casino.

But still, there is one thing the slightly older online casinos have that the new online casinos do not have, and it is many years of experience.

1. NordicBet

NordicBet is a Nordic online casino that was established in 2002, and it is run by the company Betsson Group. This is a company that also runs a number of other online casinos, and Nordicbet has been one of the online casinos for this company since 2013.

Best online casino Nordicbet


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2. Betsson

The same year that Nordicbet was established, another star appeared in the casino sky. It was Betsson, which was also established in 2002. Today it is considered one of the most popular and best online casinos found in the casino industry. This online casino is run by the company Blm Group Ltd, which is part of the Betsson Group - together with Nordicbet.

Best online casino betsson


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+18 | Play Responsible | | - Rules and Terms

Games and game selection

Blm Group Ltd, the company behind Betsson has its headquarters in Malta. It means, as I said, that this online casino is regulated by Maltese laws and regulations. Thus, they are issued a game license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

However, it is not the only gaming authority that has given Betsson's recognition. This online casino is also licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Two different game licenses mean that this is an online casino that has double up with laws and regulations that they must follow.

Betsson offers you for hours with a lot of fun, because their game selection consists of one of the largest odds menus in the industry, as well as over 2200 slot machines and over 70 different playing tables at the live casino. Among the slot machines, the industry's most popular game developers are represented and the games at the live casino are Evolution Gaming that is behind. Popular games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and bingo Do you find here.

This is an online casino that can connect with many exciting games, including Jackpot 6000, Gonzo's Quest, Starburst, Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. In addition to Evolution Gaming, you can play games from game developers like NetEnt, Play'n Go and Playtech. On the odds menu of this online casino you will find sports such as football, handball and tennis.

More good items for best online casinos

At Betsson, all new players will feel welcome. Here, welcome bonuses are offered to each of the gaming categories. Whether you prefer casino, live casino or odds games, you can get a very nice welcome bonus.. Of course, it comes with terms for each of the welcome offers, but these are also quite nice.

Betsson allows a number of traditional and modern payment methods, and it is very good. In addition, it is very easy to get help if there is something you are wondering. This online casino is presented by a very nice and clear website.

Since Betsson and Nordicbet are operated by the same company, it is natural that the websites of these two online casinos are similar to each other. In Betsson's case, however, they have used warm colors, and we have to admit that it gives a slightly better impression than Nordicbet that tries a little too hard to be cool. The typical cold/hot contrast here.

Betsson is also very fond of using famous faces in its marketing. On the website you will be greeted by a cool posing Cecilia Brækhus, while Petter '' Disaster '' Kristiansen is a well -known ambassador for this online casino.

3. NorgesSpill

NorgesSpill is an online casino that has American players as its specified target group. This is an online casino that was established in 2007, and they have, since then, worked hard every single day to reach their goal of becoming one of the most popular online casinos among American players. We can at least determine that they are on the very good way to achieve this goal.

This is an online casino owned by the company Playcherry Ltd, which is a Swedish company that was established as early as 1963. That is, the company itself has many years of experience from the casino industry behind it. Despite Swedish establishment, the team behind NorgesSpill consists of Americans.

Games and game selection

Playcherry Ltd, like many others, has its headquarters in Malta. This means that this online casino is also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. You can therefore feel completely safe when you get rid of (in a controlled and responsible way!) Among the many games in the Casino, Live Casino or Odations Games.

This online casino offers a comprehensive selection of games in all these three sections. Let's take the casino games as an example - they are developed by some of the most recognized and popular gaming suppliers in the industry. Red Tiger Gaming And Net Entertainment is among the game developers represented here.

More good items to become the best online casino

The game selection is also organized very nicely, and you will no doubt find something that is right for you here. NorgesSpill even gives you the opportunity to play with play money (free, in other words) as long as you just want. That way you can test out and learn the game properly at your own pace before you actually bet any of your own (real) money.

They also offer varied game selection, as well as nice welcome bonuses. In addition, they sometimes have campaigns. However, these offers are associated with a wagering requirement, which is very important to be aware of. This online casino also allows a number of traditional and new payment methods, so you can definitely feel comfortable here.

The possibility of comfort continues as the help is so easily accessible. You just need to press the '' Help '' button in the upper right corner, and then you can enter your question in the window that will appear on the screen. If, against presumption, it should not be found in the Help Center, then you can ask the customer service team for help, and it is at least as easy!

The name NorgesSpill has a clear American character, but that's not the only thing. The primary colors of the website of the online casino, which are informative and clear, are what is considered to be the typical American colors - red, white and blue. In addition to some other classic small casino details, which act as a little nice contrast to all the American.

Much more than that - new online casino

The casino world is huge, so the American ones are of course not the only ones worth mentioning. The common denominator of the online casinos mentioned above is that they have been around for a while. But there are newer casinos as well. What this is quite obvious, but it is casinos that are, yes, new. There are casinos that appeared relatively recently.

1. Casino Universe

Casino Universe is a new online casino Which appeared in the casino sky in late summer in 2020. This online casino is run by a company called N1 Interactive Ltd. This company has its headquarters in Malta, which means that Casino Universe is regulated by the Maltese authorities. So it is the Malta Gaming Authority that has issued their gamingis.

Best online casino from last year

Welcome bonus

100 % bonus up to 5000 kr

This online casino consists of a team that loves to play casino games. That is, they themselves have been (and perhaps still are) players. If you ask us, we think it gives them a very unique basis for success in the big casino world, even though they don't have so many years on the back yet.

Game selection and Casino Bonus

At Casino Universe you can play both traditional casino games and live casinos, including the most popular games from the most recognized game developers. It involves, among other things, Starburst, Book of Dead, Crazy Time and Barbarian Fury, as well as other games from game developers like Big Time Gaming, Elk Studios, Isoftbet and NetEnt.

The online casino also offers a very Impressive welcome bonus Consisting of 500 free spins when making your first deposit, as well as a number of other attractive promotions. However, it is important to remember that there are bonus rules and terms with the various campaigns. These are very important to have clear before you accept some of the relevant offers.

Payment methods, customer service and gaming experience

You can make deposits with an impressive number of payment methods. Here are both traditional methods such as Visa and MasterCard and modern methods such as e-wallets. It is important to have a wide selection in this case, as it is essential for both old and new players to feel comfortable here.

On the casino Universe website you can get help both through the live chat and their help center. It is very nice with several opportunities when it comes to this, based on the same basis as we mentioned above - namely that the players should feel comfortable.

Casino Universe is an online casino that will be good for those who want you a gaming experience of another universe, and when it comes to any deficiencies (eg a small number of questions in the Help Center), the team can be excused as it is just a few months since they started. In any case, there is no doubt that this is thoughtful!

2. Casino Lab

Casino Lab is another online casino that saw the light of day for the first time in 2020. This online casino is run by the company Genesis Global Ltd. It is a company based on Malta, which means that this too is an online casino regulated by the Maltese authorities. It has also been issued its gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Best online casino for nerds

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15 000 KR + 300 Free Spins

At Casino Lab will meet and get to know Professor Astrid and her assistant Sebastian. They experiment with the science they believe the casino games consist of all day long, which allows you to explore various classic casino games and other games in Casino Lab's live casino.

Game selection and Casino Bonuses

Each of the gaming categories at this online casino is divided into their own gaming categories, so you will definitely not encounter problems when looking for a game you would like to test. Here you will find almost everything you can think of from gamblers such as NetEnt, Play'n Go, Pragmatic Play, QuickSpin, Yggdrasil And Big Time Gaming.

The casino games, on the other hand, are not the only researchers behind the Casino Lab researcher. They have also managed to develop an eleven welcome pack with Great deposit bonuses.. New players at Casino Lab can get up to NOK 15,000 and 300 free spins on their first 4 deposits. It is almost to be blown off the track. They also offer several other attractive campaigns.

Payment methods, customer service and design

Casino Lab also offers many different payment methods, so players can feel comfortable making deposits and withdrawals. You will find both traditional and modern payment methods also at this online casino. In addition, they also offer a help center that can answer a lot of questions. If not, you can also them.

The Casino Lab website is very easy to navigate around, as well as being both informative and clear. The website also shows that the development of the website itself has been a thoughtful process. It is reflected in the website's design elements, and that is something we really have the sense for. Here you can have a very fun for a very long time!

3. Casino Friday

It seems that quite a few forward -thinking stars appeared in 2020, and the last one to deal with in this article is Casino Friday. This online casino was, as I said, established in 2020. The establishment was the company 1up Entertainment BV that was behind. If you want to read our honest review of this online casino you can Click here.

Best online casino from Curacao

Welcome bonus

400% up to 1000 kr + 200 free spins

Games and game selection

The company 1up Entertainment BV is a company that has its headquarters in Cyprus. That is, this online casino gets its game license from the game authorities at Curacao, which causes this new online casino to stand out from the others mentioned in this test. The reason is that all the other mentioned online casinos have gaming licenses from Malta, but it does not.

At Casino Friday you can play casino games from game developers like Big Time Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Thunderkick, Isoftbet, Microgaming, NetEnt, Push Gaming, Quickspin, Red Tiger and Yggdrasil. In total, this online casino has more than 2500 game titles to offer you, including Mystery Joker, Dead or Alive and Piggy Riches. A large and varied game selection is just good!

Casino bonuses, loyalty programs and payment methods

Casino Friday is no exception when it comes to welcome bonuses, as they also offer this to their new players. Here you can get up to 5000 kroner and 200 Free Spins, in addition to being offered other resilient campaigns by joining the online casino's own loyalty program. It sounds very exciting!

In addition to exciting welcome offers and promotions, Casino also allows you to use different payment methods. It is entirely your decision to what you want to use a traditional or modern payment method. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with the option you choose, whether it is Visa or Bitcoin.

Customer Service and Design

If there is still something that should be unclear, then it is very easy to find someone who can help you. At Casino Friday you have the opportunity to choose between live chat and email, based on which communication method you prefer. However, the former is the quick method, if it is a factor that is important to you.

Casino Friday is represented by a very neat and nice website, which is easy to navigate around. It is informative and a very comfortable sight. By that we mean that the website is developed in an advantageous way based on a color choice that is completely impeccable. To use Casino Friday's own words, the website simply gives us #thatfeeling.

Best online casino FAQ

An online casino is an online platform where you can play different types of casino games.

To be the best online casino, it is important to be licensed and offer a large and varied game selection to several different target groups. In addition, they should be able to lure with attractive welcome bonuses and campaigns for other loyal players. They should allow a variety of payment methods and be available if players need help. The packaging should also be good (ie an informative and clear website.

Basically, the only difference between the old and the new online casinos is that they are old and new online casinos. An elderly online casino can be as good as a new online casino, as long as both of them work just as hard to keep their players' favor.

Yes, it is absolutely safe to play at online casinos such as Betsson, Nordicbet and NorgesSpill, but it is really independent of their age. It is safe to play with them because they have proven that it is, for example, that they can refer to one of the most recognized gaming licenses in the casino industry - the one from the Malta Gaming Authority. This applies to all the aforementioned online casinos.

Yes, it is absolutely safe to play at online casinos such as Casino Universe, Casino Lab and Casino Friday. Based on the same basis as above here, these online casinos (despite their young age) have also proven that they are in order in their sysakes. This is reflected in gaming licenses from both the gaming authorities in Malta and in Cyprus.