Visa as a payment method at online casino

Visa is perhaps the world's most widely used payment method, also among Americans. Many people therefore want to pay with VISA at American casinos online.

However, the American authorities are quite strict when it comes to transactions to gaming sites, and the banks are therefore required to block payments to foreign online casinos.

This is something many players think is annoying, since the foreign casinos largely have better game selection, RTP (repayment percentage) and casino bonuses than Norsk Tipping. However, the casinos have found a way to bypass the blockage of transactions.

In this guide we will take a closer look at Visa as a payment method at online casinos. Find out more about Visa as a payment method and how to pay with Visa at casinos. This is a safe and proven payment method many Americans swear by.

About Visa | Facts and history

Visa is an international financial payment service that is used frequently around the world. The company Visa was founded as early as 1958, and is among the world's most famous payment methods.

Visa is perhaps best known for its debit cards, but is also behind prepaid cards and credit cards. The company Visa does not issue briefly - it is the many different banks that do.

Many different banks have visa technology on their cards, including American banks such as DNB, Sbanken and Sparebank1. Today, most Americans have some form of VISA card, making this a practical payment method online.

Visa as a payment method | Safety

Visa is a secure payment method. If you are exposed to identity theft or fraud online, VISA can often help you with buying protection. This means that you get the money back.

At the same time, most casinos operate with SSL encryption on their website, so that payment information you leave the page is encrypted. The same applies to any third parties from which you buy prepaid Visa cards.

How does payments work with VISA at online casino?

Since American banks are required to block transactions to foreign online casinos, your Visa payment cannot go directly to the online casino. You are dependent on buying a prepaid card (a bit like a coupon) at a third party.

Most casinos that offer Visa allow you to buy a prepaid VISA card from a third party. You can then use this card to transfer money to the online casino - without your American bank will block the transaction.

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How to open account with Visa?

Most people already have Visa cards in their wallet. Most debit cards wear the Visa logo. If you are missing such a card, you can always obtain it from your bank. In any case, it is not this card you want to use at the online casino, but a prepaid Visa card you buy.

You don't have to think about opening any account when buying a prepaid Visa card of a third party. This is like a prepaid card - a bit like Paysafecard - and it's a simple and quick process to get the card.

How to fill money on Visa cards?

You must pay the desired amount of money to the third party you buy the prepaid Visa card off. Remember that the money is not deducted directly from your private Visa card to the casino, but devotes an intermediary.

In a way, prepaid cards like this ingenious, as you get better control over your spending.

Treatment time on Visa transactions

Transactions with Visa at online casino are not the fastest form of payment. For example, if we compare the visa with e-wallets, the latter is usually faster than Visa or other cards.

Many casinos give you immediate deposits with VISA, while withdrawals can often take a few days to treat. Mostly, the treatment time is around 48 hours, but this can vary widely.

If you are concerned about quick outlets, you should check how long the processing time the casino has on Visa withdrawal before you start playing. If the payment method is too slow to your liking, you can always use faster payment methods - like Ecopayz.

Amount limits with Visa

With Visa, you can basically transfer both small and large amounts to the online casinos. Remember that the individual casinos operate with their own amount limits for both deposits and withdrawals. Different payment methods usually have different amount limits.

Many casinos require you to deposit at least $ 100-200 when you use VISA cards. The highest deposit limit varies, but is usually a few thousand kroner. When it comes to the lowest withdrawal amount, this is usually also a few hundred kroner.

One of the benefits of using the visa is that the withdrawal method allows fairly high amounts. You can often withdraw NOK 10,000 or more for the Visa card. Check with your casino.

Visa as a payment method at online casino

Many people use Visa on online casinos precisely because the payment method is known to them. Visa is something most people have heard about or used before, and perhaps perhaps safer than others Payment methods.

And Visa is just that - safe. When you pay with Visa, the transactions are protected on several levels. Even the online casino has SSL, which ensures that payment information does not end up. Visa is simply both simple and safe.

Find a Visa Casino

You will find many American casinos online that allow the use of Visa. Not everyone has Visa Soom payment method, but most. If you are unsure if your favorite casino allows VISA from American players, you can inquire with customer service.

We can recommend a number of Visa casino.. Among our favorites we can mention, among other things, ComeOn!, The population kingdom, Rizk, Younder, Moicasine, NorgesAutomaten and Friday Casino.. Keep in mind that it is not just payment methods that should be considered when choosing the casino, but also security, gaming selection, bonuses and the like.

All casinos we recommend are licensed and safe. They offer a variety of payment methods to American players, so you can choose what is best for you. These casinos also have user -friendly websites with good customer service, as well as a good selection of games.

All in all, Visa is both easy and safe to use. Find a casino that suits you and your criteria and have an unforgettable gaming experience!

FAQ about VISA as a payment method

Some casinos require fees if you make a deposit or withdrawal with Visa. This may vary from casino to casino, and some do not require fees at all. Also remember that your bank in Norway may require fees for currency conversions and transactions from abroad.

When playing online, you may want to check if the casino has an overview of any fees. Then you do not have negative surprises to withdraw your money.

Yes! Visa is among the safest and most widely used payment methods among Americans. Although the payment solution itself is safe, it is important to have a web when you make purchases online. Therefore, make sure that you only deposit money on reputable and licensed casinos.

Among other things, it is important that the casino you play at has SSL technology on its website. This ensures that your payment information is encrypted.

Can American players use Visa on online casinos?

Yes, it is possible to use VISA at many American online casinos. All transactions have an MCC code, and this one tells your bank where the transaction comes from or is going. Online casinos have the MCC code 7995, and will be blocked by American banks.

The casinos quickly found a way to bypass this obstacle. Either they change their MCC code, or they send you to third parties for the purchase of prepaid Visa cards. The third party then acts as an intermediary between your American bank and the casino.

You can therefore use VISA cards on online casinos, although you may not be able to pay directly from your American Visa card. The same applies to Mastercard and corresponding payment cards. Remember that there are also alternatives to Visa, such as Ecopayz and MuchBetter.