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When you learn more about bonuses and/or keep track of the jungle of bonus offers, it's okay to not have to do this on your own. This is how we also think and therefore we have the market for all bonus variants that exist, and gathered all the good deals for you. Thus, you can only visit recommended every time you want to learn more about bonuses or you are on bonus hunt.

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Casino bonuses have different packaging

You can get a casino bonus without necessarily called a bonus. At online casinos, there are many casino offers that are in fact a bonus without the offer being called a bonus. This means that the concept of bonus can be widely defined and that many offers are in reality a casino bonus. Thus, everything from pure casino bonuses via free money can, free games to Free Spins Defined as a bonus. Perhaps simple because the dynamics of many of these goods are quite similar, while at the same time getting some of an online casino to the highest degree must be seen as a bonus.

Two types of bonuses at the online casinos

When using bonuses, there are two ways to get these:

  • Bonus without deposit
  • Bonus with deposit

The best for you as a player is of course when you get some form of casino bonus without having to make a money deposit To get it. Then you play entirely at the casino's expense without any financial risk.

However, it is most common that Casino bonuses are connected to a money deposit.. Often this is a matching bonus of 100 % of the money deposit, but this percentage can vary widely. Therefore, you will find casino bonuses that can be anywhere from 25 to 600 percent of the amount of money you deposit into your account to get the casino bonus.

Get a casino bonus

A good casino bonus Can you get both as new and as an established player at an online casino. Internet casinos take care that everyone gets offers whether you are completely beginner Or experienced player. The most common ways to get casino bonuses are these:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • Cashback
  • Loyalty bonus / VIP program
  • Birthday
  • Campaigns
  • Casino Christmas calendar

We can recommend the popular 500% casino bonus From several American online casinos.

Casino bonus as a welcome bonus

Where most casino players get acquainted with bonus concepts for the first time are when they register as a new player at an online casino. Then you can get more types of welcome offers. At someone you get free games, free money and Free spins without deposit. Not the big thing, but an appreciation without money deposit because you chose that online casino.

Not everyone has such free offers, but you are almost guaranteed to get a casino welcome bonus in connection with the first deposit you make. Very often this is a match bonus of 100 % for amounts up to NOK 1000 to 3000. Many casinos operate with large welcome packages that can give you bonuses on several of the first deposits. Often such bonuses are also given in combination with free spins.

Casino bonuses to established players

The bonus party is not over at most online casinos after the welcome offer. Also those who are regular guests are offered casino bonuses. Either as personal offers or in connection with general campaigns. These bonuses are connected to money you deposit, and are in some percentage of your deposit, up to a certain amount of money.

Cashback for losses at stake

Naturally, you don't win every time you play. This would be a bad store for the casinos and to give you something back if you have gone down minus with the play over a period of time, they can give you Cashback Up to a certain amount. This is a bonus that gives you money back on your net loss during the past week or month. Typically, this is 10 % of the net loss.

Bonuses through customer programs

The casinos like those who are faithful players. That's why casino bonuses often go for those playing with a certain frequency in the casino. That means you can collect points every time you play and redeem these in a bonus when you've collected enough points. Or after playing for a certain amount you get a bonusum from the online casino. You can also get such loyalty bonuses when you go from one level to another in one customer program.

Birthday and promotions

Many casinos give you a gift in the form of a casino bonus when you turn years. You can also get bonuses related to promotions. Prizes in a promotional tournament are such a bonus.

Therefore, the online casinos distribute casino bonuses

The online casinos do not hand out casino bonuses to be kind. They do so because of the competition between all the players in the industry. It is an effective way to assert yourself in competition, while at the same time an effective tool for keeping the casino players active.

Casino bonus i 2022

At the online casinos there are two things that get the most attention. One is the game selection that the players are naturally concerned about. The other is casino bonuses, and among the casino players this gets almost as much attention. Maybe more in some players. Bonuses in different contexts are popular and there is a large and varied selection offered among online casino.

Keeping track of all the offers and what applies to them is not easy, but you can get help with this.

Frequently asked questions about various casino bonuses

A casino bonus is an offer that online casinos distribute to their players. Most often as a percentage of a money deposit, but you can also get it without depositing money. Without money deposits, such bonuses also go under names such as free money, free games and free spins.

Yes you can. These are volunteers, so you decide whether you receive them or not.

It is an offer or appreciation that online casinos distribute to new players. Sometimes for the registration itself and then in connection with the first deposits. The latter is most common in the industry.

It is how many times the bonus amount needs to be traded before you can withdraw winnings won with the bonus in real money.

Why should I use a casino bonus?

Simply because a casino bonus gives you a winning chance without having to spend your own money for it. Bonuses that you get without being connected to a money deposit you have nothing to lose on receiving.

Remember the little script

Before receiving and using casino offers and casino bonuses, you should familiarize yourself with terms and conditions for them. The most important thing is wagering requirements, but the minimum effort, maximum gain and the time window are also important to get along. If you read these you will avoid surprises and disappointments. Click on to ours Online casino guides For more tips!

You may have seen that the Lottery Authority provides misinformation about gaming companies abroad. Perhaps the most bright example is This article About that you maybe risks not to get your winnings paid. This is completely wrong and something the audit should adhere to good we mean.

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