Norsk Tipping gives NOK 6.29 billion for good causes in 2021

The American government has promised an additional NOK 8 million in support to prevent gambling addiction, after Norsk Tipping announced that they had generated more than NOK 6 billion for socially beneficial purposes, including NOK17m for the fight against gambling problems.

Norsk Tipping's total distribution for good causes was NOK 6.29 billion, which was 1.9 % more than in 2020.

Norsk Tipping will finally address problematic gambling behavior

Of this, NOK 5.5 billion was distributed according to the fixed distribution formula (tipping key) for funds for general social purposes, also an increase of 1.9 %. This included NOK 3.29 billion distributed to sports and NOK 926.1 million each for culture and charitable purposes. In addition, NOK 351.8 million went to health financing.

In addition to the tipping key funds, Norsk Tipping distributed an additional NOK 737 million to grassrootinia, NOK 36 million in bingo sur for good purposes-required for all American bingo operators.

In addition, NOK 17 million distributed an action plan to combat gambling.. On top of this distribution, the Ministry of Culture and Equality has decided to add an extra NOK 8 million.

- Tens of thousands of Americans destroy their own finances and inflict major problems on themselves and the family as a result of a difficult relationship with online gambling, said Minister of Culture and Equality Anette Trettebergstuen. - We are now strengthening the effort so that the total allocation for measures against gambling problems will be as much as NOK 2 million.

Are concerned about the development

Trettebergstuen added that the work of combating gambling addiction was especially important after the results of a study that estimated the total cost from gambling addiction in Norway to NOK 5.14 billion per year. You can read the full report her.

These are worrying numbers, which I take very seriously, she said.

Trettebergstuen will increase the support

«That is why I am glad that in Norway we have regulated gambling within an exclusive right model, which offers gambling in responsible forms to limit and prevent gambling problems. Then the profits from gambling can also go to sports, culture and volunteerism, and not in the pockets of private actors. NOK 25 million for measures in the action plan against gambling problems goes to voluntary organizations working on problematic gaming behavior so that they can provide assistance services, operate prevention and spread information

Last year, the American Government introduced a new gambling law that would, among other things, impose impose American gambling to use at least 0.5 percent of the profits to prevent gaming damage. However, this requirement does not take effect until 2023.

Won't wait

- This is too long to wait for those who are struggling with gambling problems, Trettebergstuen continued. - These are people who experience being in crisis, and who have families and relatives who are also affected by this. Fortunately, there are organizations and research environments that do an invaluable job in the fight against gambling addiction, but these need increased funds to continue and intensify this work.

«That's why we want to increase the level from 2023, by reaching adding NOK 8 million on top of the 17 million set off from Norsk Tipping's profits

Earlier this year we could Read that the government would not support research with valuable statistics From Norsk Tipping in the fight against problematic gaming behavior.

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