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Online gambling | A guide

Gaming Can be both exciting and lucrative, and lures thousands of Americans every year. Here in the country one can enjoy online gambling Both via Norsk Tipping and foreign online casinos.

Many are unsure whether it is legal to play at foreign casinos. There are also many who have questions about deposits and withdrawals from casinos. And which online casinos Is really the best? All this you will find answers in our guide about gambling!

Is gambling online legal in Norway?

Gambling in Norway has long traditions. It is only only American gambling Who has permission to market gambling here in the country. The strict regulation Of gambling, foreign casinos cannot market their services in American channels.

The American authorities also try to make it difficult with deposits to foreign casinos. For example, American banks are not allowed to approve transactions to Casinos Online.. Many people misinterpret this as the online gambling is banned.

As a American player, you have the full right and allowed to play on online casinos with a license abroad. The casinos are not allowed to market themselves in Norway, but it is still legal to play there. You can therefore enjoy online gambling with good conscience.

Norsk Tipping works well for many, but involves poorer repayment percentage and gaming selection. Many Americans prefer casino games and online tipping with high repayment percentage (RTP)!

How to transfer money to an online casino?

Online gambling can seem challenging considering that American banks cannot approve payments to foreign online casinos.. However, deposits and withdrawals to foreign casinos are simple, thanks to smart payment solutions.

How can Americans who want to play casino online make deposits at casinos? The simple answer is to go for a Payment method which acts as an intermediary between the bank and the casino. A popular example of this is e-wallets.

Most casinos offer a wide selection of e-wallets, or e-wallets. You can also make deposits and outlets with cryptocurrency. Payment with Visa and MasterCard Via an intermediary is also quite possible.

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Which casinos are best for online gambling?

If you want to test out gambling at a foreign casino, it is important to choose a safe and licensed player.

There are many good opportunities for Americans who want to enjoy casino games and Tipping online.. We will now take a closer look at some of the best casinos online!

Mr Green | Odds and casino games

With Mr Green Can you enjoy gambling whether you want to try casino games or odds. At this popular casino you will find slot machines, live casino, table games and live odds.

This is also a safe platform for online gambling, since Mr Green has License from Malta Gaming Authority.. The online casino can also show great bonuses. You can choose from three great welcome bonuses:

  • Casino Welcome Bonus: 100 % Match Bonus Up to 1 000 + 100 Free Spins
  • Live Casino Welcome Bonus: 100 % Match Bonus up to 1,000 kr
  • Odds Welcome Bonus: Insert 100 kr, get 5 free games

Unibet | Betting and casino

If you wish to be able to enjoy tipping online, Is Unibet a great place to start.. This is one of the market's most famous gaming sites, and can tempt with both poker tournaments, bingo, live casino, casino games and odds.

You can also look forward to many exciting bonus opportunities at Unibet. New players can choose between these welcome bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus 1: 100 % Bonus up to 3,000 kroner
  • Welcome Bonus 2: Poker Bonus of Up to 5,000 kroner
  • Welcome bonus 3: 100 free spins at deposit of 200 kroner
  • Welcome Bonus 4: 600 kroner in free games on the odds - without wagering requirements

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Gambling online - how to play responsible

Gambling online should always be conducted in a responsible way. It is quickly done to try to win back lost money after gambling. This can potentially become dangerous and at worst lead to gambling addiction.

Remember that online gambling should be fun and a source of entertainment. You should not look at the game as a source of income.

To keep playing at a healthy and sustainable level, you may want to set deposit limits in advance. Most casinos have a section about Responsible game Where you can set personal limits on spending money and time spent.

You can also request a temporary cooling period of a few weeks, if you notice that the gambling has taken over. As long as you play in a sensible way, gambling is both fun and rewarding.

Increase the chance of gain at online casino

Driving with gambling and online tipping always involves a certain risk of loss. Fortunately, there are opportunities to limit the amount of losses and increase the chance of gain.

Whether you win or lose in a game is usually about chance. Yet it is that many Slot machines, table games and jackpot games have a given repayment rate (Return to Player) or RTP.

The game's RTP gives you an idea of what proportion of your bets on gambling can be expected to be returned. RTP is only a theoretical number, and how much you actually win can vary from game round to game round. Over time, however, RTP can become visible.

An RTP of 98 %indicates that you will win back NOK 980 over time, if you bet NOK 1,000. Whether you play on gambling in Norway via Norsk Tipping or via online casinos, RTP is smart to take into account. Generally speaking it is Higher RTP on games at foreign online casinos!

How to start gambling?

If you want to test out some gambling online, it's pretty easy to get started. First and foremost you should read our casino reviews And find the casino you like best. Here you should see both game selection, support, deposit methods and the like.

Once you have found a casino that satisfies your criteria, you just need to create a user account. This takes no more than a minute or two.

Log in to your user account at that Casino and make a deposit. If you wish for a Welcome bonus, you can accept this when you deposit money. Then just explore hundreds of casino games!

Want to play online?

What is really Gaming?? Online gambling is when you play for money and that it involves a loss to risk. Gambling is initially prohibited in Norway, but there are exceptions if it is humanitarian or socially beneficial purposes that receive the profits.

If you want to play on gambling, with your full right you can choose a foreign casino online. Here there are safe payment methods adapted to American players, and a sea of games and bonuses.

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