Roulette Guide

Roulette or roulette is one of the most popular table games. A mythical game that has been popular in gambling for centuries. Known from casinos and movies, and a game that many are curious about, but have never tried because it seems too complicated. Or simply because they have not had the opportunity to try their luck on the roulette.

Get started with roulette with our guide

Roulette is a game that more people should try once. Not necessarily to get rich at a speed, because you hardly get, but to feel the tension by watching the ball and wheel spin. The game is not that difficult to learn, and although there are many ways to bet, you can make it easy. With our roulette guide you get a quick introduction to roulette rules and how and where you can play roulette. has also made it easy for you to find safe and good places to play roulette online. These recommendations can be found on our site, which saves you time by looking for them. This is how you start playing casino roulette faster.

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The history of the scroll

This classic game goes far back and no one knows exactly where and when it started. Roulette has long before the time of the gaming machines been the casino symbol itself. It has been popular for about 200 years, and this popularity hardly disappears in the next 200 years either. Although the exact origin of roulette is unknown, this is a French game. The rotating wheel and system of black and red fields can be traced back to the well -known French mathematician Blaise Pascal. It was he who developed the moving wheel and gave it the name roulette.. This happened in the 18th century.

Roulette as we know it today was developed by the two French brothers Louis and Francois Blanc in 1842. It was those who added numbers and the green field with the number 0. It was done to attract more players and it is No doubt it struck. It was so well liked that the prince of Monaco, Charles III invited Francois to the principality. Whoever has been in Monte Carlo knows what that invitation led to.

Those who like to play with numbers claim that Francois sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the roulette secrets. For those concerned with numerology and number symbolics, it is interesting that the sum of the numbers on the rolling table, which runs from 1 to 36, is 666!

Another funfact is also that American roulette is not an American invention. This variant of roulette comes from Europe. The European variant, on the other hand, ... just! It dates from the other side of the Atlantic.

Roulette is popular in film and literature

Over the years, Roulette has been used as a backdrop or setting in both literature and films. The most well -known book is perhaps Fjodor Dostoevskis, The Gambler from 1866, but also George Eliot's book Daniel Danaronda from 1876 goes deep into the theme. So does Ian Fleming's book Casino Royale. This first book about James Bond from 1953 opens with the agent playing roulette. Later, the roulette table is used as a setting in several of the author's Bond books.

As mentioned, Roulette has been used in films, and in one of history's greatest film classics Casablanca from 1942, much of the action takes place at Ricks Café Américain. There, the proprietor Rick has played by Humphrey Bogart, rigged a roulette wheel that gives him an advantage. Another roulette film is The Sting from 1973, where the lead actors Paul Newman and Robert Redford are dishonest players trying to win money from even more dishonest players.

This is roulette

The table game roulette is a chance game. It means that if you win in this Popular table game, then it is completely random and not based on any kind of skill you may have acquired. In other words, the chance of gain is just as much if you play with a blindfold as you see the table. However, it is possible to increase the winning opportunities in the way you are focusing, but you have the same chance of betting on the right numbers ten rounds in a row as how you miss ten subsequent rounds. The word roulette itself is French and means little wheels.

The design of the roulette table

You've probably seen a roulette table at some time, but it may be okay to look at the design before we go into more closely on how to play roulette. On a roulette table there are felt that covers the area where you bet. This is called layout. A table is either single 0 or double 0. European tables are single 0, while American tables have two zeros and are thus 00. On the American variant is the roulette wheel located on the end of the table, while on the European variant it is in the middle with Focus areas on both sides.

In physical casinos, the variant of wheels at the end of the table dominates. You can rarely find the wheel in the middle in the middle. On the wheel and layout you will find numbers that go from 1 to 36. The number 1 is in red, while 2 is in black. This is how it continues for every other numbers. In addition, you have a green field with the number 0. This can also be found in a pocket on the roulette wheel. In American roulette you will also find a green field with 00.

How to get started with the roulette game

If there is some spin on the roulette, it is quickly done to get started with this at the online casinos. You can play roulette online in two ways:

  • On vending machines
  • At live games in live casino

You play online roulette by logging into your gaming account at an online casino where you are registered from earlier. If you are not a customer of an online casino before, register quickly and easily within seconds.

Whether you choose to play on two -dimensional vending machines or roulette live against real croupiere in the live casino, you will find enough of roulette games at they good and reputable online casinos.

Test to roulette for free

Before playing real money roulette, it may be okay to learn how roulette is played. You can do that risk -free at online casinos in two ways:

  • Deo Play
  • Bonuses and other offers

The slot games you find at the online casinos have a demo version where you can play with play money. It gives you a great chance to learn roulette without sacrificing any of your own money on it. Of course, you don't keep any of the winnings.

You can also win winnings without having to spend your own money for it. At some casinos you get free money or Bonuses with no deposit When you register as a new player. It gives you a great opportunity to win winnings at the casino's expense, even though some of these offers come with terms and conditions. As an established player, it is also possible to secure deposit -free bonuses sometimes, so you can play roulette for free whether you are completely fresh or have visited an online casino in the past.

How to Play Roulette

At a roulette table there may be more players, but no one plays against each other. All games happen to the house. At physical tables, there is a croupier that receives bets and efforts. When all bets are placed, the dealer spins the roulette wheel while submitting the ball on the wheel in the opposite direction. When the wheel stops spinning, the ball will be in a pocket on this. The figure the bullet is on is the number of winning. If you have bet on this, you get a gain depending on how you bet and how much you played for.

Many ways to bet in roulette

When you play roulette, you can bet in many ways. You can play on single numbers, multiple numbers, lots of combinations, pair or odd numbers as well as the colors red and black. On European tables you can bet in 19 different ways, while double 0 means that there are 21 bets on the American roulette tables.

No matter how you choose to bet, whether it is on single numbers or combinations of numbers, the bullet can only end up on a winning number. That means you just get a win anyway. However, you increase your winning chances by playing on more numbers, but that doesn't mean your profits will be any bigger if you win.

Your winning probability in roulette

Your winning chances are different on the different types of roulette tables. On the French or European variants with only a field of zero on, you have a winning probability of 1 to 37. On the US editions it is 1 to 38. That means you have a greater chance of success if you stay away from the American The variant.

To look at the winning probabilities of different types of intervention, we choose to focus on European tables. If you play on one of single numbers 1 to 36 as well as 0, the chance of loss 36 to 1. The more numbers you play at the greater your chance is the chance of success. If you play on a combination with 12 numbers is the chance of loss down to 2,083 to 1. If you choose to bet on half the numbers, the loss probability of 1,555 to 1. If you play on the US tables, your chances will be less.

The advantage of the house in roulette

Due to extra fields with 00, it is more difficult to win on American tables than on the European tables. This is also reflected when you look at "Edge" or the advantage of the house. On European tables it is 2.70 %, while on the US it is up to 5.26 %.

Chips on a roulette table

This you can win in roulette

As you can understand, your chances of winning increase the more numbers you play on per round. At the same time, you are left with less if you win. Very many people choose to play on single numbers since it is the cheapest. If you win such a game you get back 35 to 1 what you played for. In other words, 36 times your efforts.

If you choose to bet on 12 numbers, it gives a payment of 2 to 1 the bet, if the winning number is among the twelve numbers you played on. If you choose to play on half the numbers, the payout is 1 to 1 the bet. In other words, you get the double of what you bet. As mentioned, there are many betting options, and the other combinations give you payouts in the range 5 to 1 and 17 to 1. Plus your bet.

This is the proportionate payout, but it is of course what you bet in NOK that determines what you get paid in your account. If you bet 100 kroner you get ten times more than if you played for a 10s.

Examples of popular roulette strategies

Since roulette is a pure chance game, there are really no strategies that guarantee success. The best advice is to play only on European editions. Since the house's advantage is less on them compared to the American, your chances of gaining are greater on them.

At the same time, there are many strategies used by people playing roulette, but these are more a way to play in a strategies that provide success. None of them guarantee you success until you either played away your money or the house/table Limit has turned in. The latter is how much you can bet in NOK per round.

For fun we can look at some of these systems quickly. They are designed to beat the house's advantage. No one guarantees winnings every time you play, but they increase your chances of winning. Common to them is that they are progressive and that the amount you play for depends on the result in the previous round.

Oscars Grind

This is a popular system where you increase the effort with a unit of gain, and keep it unchanged at loss. By using this system, you start again when you are a unit in . Since you restart the progression when you are a unit in the , this becomes a slowest system The advantage of it is that you do not have to bet tremendously to win back the lost.

D'Alembert system

A statistical system based on the fact that if games on x win, chances are that x will win again compared to gaming on y giving winnings. In other words, the effort of X is reduced with a unit after gain, while at the same time increasing the bet on loss (Y) by a unit after a loss.

This system is thus based on the likelihood that X wins twice in a row is less than the y losing twice in a row. This will increase the statistical gain probability. The weakness of this system, of course, is that the roulette wheel does not remember this and thus does not know that it will offset the outcomes over time. As you know, the bullet randomly lands every single round.

Paroli system

This system is based on the success of the roulette table, since the purpose of winning three bets every time you win. You start by betting a unit. If you win, this will be increased to three units in the next round. In the Paroli of Three, you go back to betting a unit again after winning three games in a row. If you win you triple the number of devices again.

The Parlay system

This is an easy system to understand since it does not use devices. You just focus on how much you want to win as well as what bet amount you are comfortable with. If you lose, you bet the bet amount again. If you win you bet both the bet amount and the winnings from the previous round. How to Play until you have reached your goal. Then it is important to stope and not get too greedy.

The Fibonacci system

A mathematical series system where you add the previous two numbers. For example, ranks 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55. Lose you play on the next number in the series until you win. Then go two numbers back on the row until you are back to the start of it. If you do this, your profit will correspond to the first thing you played for.

This is just like using the Martingale system, but the risk is much less. If you get a win on the number 21 after eight rounds you will have bet eight units, while using Martingale would be up to 256 units!

James Bond

A special system that is quite specific. For example, on a spin, you can use 70 % of the bet on high numbers (19-36), 25 % on numbers 13 to 18, and 5 % on the number zero. Then use the progression system for Martingale. This worked very well for Sean Connery in an Italian casino in 1963. In the movie, the number 17 hits three spins in succession!

Martingale Roulette system

The system is the most famous and is often used by the newcomers.. You play by double the bet if you lose a round. The intention of the system is that at one point you will win back the lost, while also having a profit that is similar to the first device you bet.

In theory, this system provides gain at one time or another. Although you can stand for a long time, the house's limit will turn in. Therefore, you must win before the limit strike for this system to be a winning system. Grand Martingale Roulette System is another variant. Here you double the bet a device every time you lose. The disadvantage of this variant is that the house's limit turns in even faster.

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Most asked questions

What is the best effort in roulette?

It depends on what is your goal. If you win a lot when you win, it is important to play on a single number. If you want a greater chance of winning, you should play on half the numbers. Then the chances of winning are much bigger, but you get much less left in relation to the effort if you win.

All and no one! Roulette is a pure chance game and it is just as random every time what number the bullet is on the now the roulette wheel stops spinning. On physical casino tables, mechanical errors can make a number the number of winning more often than others, but on computer games with random number generator RNG, such things will be eliminated, so the chance of getting any number is equally great.

You can do that in two ways. One is to play the free versions of the scroll games that you find in the casino section of the online casinos. You play these demolitions with play money. It's a great way to learn roulette. The other way you can play roulette for free is to take advantage of offers you get at the online casinos.

There may be free money and welcome bonuses without deposits when you register as a new player at an online casino, or general and personal free offers at online casinos where you are already registered.

It's a pure chance game. You can increase the opportunities for gain from the way you focus, but experience and routine do not make you win more often than a beginner will do. Admittedly, you can in theory get success by using, for example, the Martingale system, but before this turns in you can either have recorded your money or the limite at the table has turned in.

You can do so. Some casinos even have their own roulette bonus reserved for the roulette games in the casino section as well as roulette in Live casino.