Slots with high RTP

Whether you usually play or should start playing slot machines online, it is a concept that may be okay to know, namely: RTP – Return To Player.

In American, we can say "theoretical refund" and it is simply a concept that explains how much you can get back, Per played krone, when you play the specific game.

All slot machines have different RTPs and it can be beneficial to play vending machines with as high a percentage possible.

We will now take and tell you more about all this and above all we will answer the question: Which slot machines have the highest RTP?

RTP - theoretical refund

In most cases you can find information about which RTP The game has, inside the game itself. Sometimes it is a symbol of a "I", and there you can find this information.

Some game manufacturers also have RTP in the help section itself, where you can also read about the game's various symbols and features.

If a game has a very low RTP, consider playing another slot machine.

The fact that there is a lack of information about RTP can of course be due to various factors. Then we recommend you to find another Online casino.. This is something that may be worth thinking about before you start playing.

What is RTP?

To explain how this with theoretical refund Works, we can take an example. Let's say the game you intend to play has an RTP of 100 %.

Then it means that you get back one krone per invested krone. Of course, it should be emphasized that there is not a single online slot machine that has 100 % in theoretical refund. That would be fantastic!

Some slot machines have an RTP of 97 % or even higher, although this is not as common.

What is very important to keep in mind is that The theoretical refund of the game Nothing says about how it can go on a single spin.

The game's RTP really only means something if you beat the game over time. It makes sense if you think in such a way that a single spin can have a theoretical repayment of anywhere from 0 % (loss) to several thousand percent (jackpot).

Slot Machine with high RTP

Although there are benefits and it may sound tempting to choose a Slot Machine with high RTP, does not need a game with low RTP necessarily be "worse" than a higher percentage slot machine.

The latter can pay more often, but the game with lower RTP can pay significantly more when it first wins.

Therefore, check what the game's maximum benefit is before you start playing. Then you see both what the maximum gain and the RTP in the game are.

What you should always keep in mind about RTP:

  • It is the coincidences that play the biggest role when it comes to online slot machines.

If the RTP is high, it is partly that the game provides payment relatively often. That doesn't always have to be the case, as coincidences can also mean bad luck and loss.

Remember to never play for more than you can afford, and always end on top! In other words: Stop when you're on the side and never try to "win back" money because it can result in huge losses.

Some casinos increase RTP

Sometimes you can see that some online casinos market themselves by increasing the repayment, which means they have increased RTP on selected games.

When casinos increase the refund in the games, this is of course an advantage for you as a player as you simply get more left.

Increasing your RTP in selected games is about attracting you as a customer. Usually, the same games are on most pages and if you increase RTP on selected games, these will be more worth playing on exactly these gaming pages.

does not All casinos Offers higher RTP on their games and usually only for a certain period. Both Maria Casino and Unibet Usually increases the repayment in selected games from time to time.

Take a look at the page and keep up when the repayment is higher than usual.

High RTP slots - the games you don't have to miss!

There are many slot machines that offer higher RTP than others online.

Now we thought we would list a bunch of fantastic slots who are all known for their high RTP:

  • Jackpot 6000 – 98.86%
  • Jackpot 3×3 – 98.10%
  • Blood Suckers – 98%
  • Fishy Fortune – 97.90%
  • Kings of Chicago – 97.80%
  • Downtown – 97.70%
  • Devils Delight – 97.60%
  • Explosive skeleton - 97.60%
  • Jack Hammer – 97%
  • Guns N’ Roses – 96.98%
  • Immortal Romance – 96.86%
  • Robin Hood: Shifting Riches – 96.80%
  • Scarface – 96.80%
  • Crime Scene – 96.70%
  • Fruit Shop – 96.70%
  • Frankenstein – 96.60%
  • Egg Omatic – 96.50%
  • Hall of Gods – 96.50%
  • Hellboy – 96.49%
  • Boom Brothers – 96.40%
  • Flowers – 96.40%
  • Mega Fortune – 96.40%

However, what you should keep in mind before playing slot machines online is that there are no guarantees to win. Just because you play a slot machine with higher RTP, there is nothing to say that you wins at the slot machine.

The casino always has the benefit of you and has a greater chance of winning, so remember that there is a risk of loss and not just profits. Good luck!