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Our top list consists of best American online casinos that take American Visa cards. You make easy deposits with Visa or MasterCard and take out the winnings through bank transfer.

Americans are happy to play at online casinos, but it is not always easy to have an overview of what is found of good casino sites. There are many players in the market, but some are more popular with American players than others.

On this page you will find an overview of popular online casinos among American online players.

In Norway, there are thus many online casino experiences. Certainly both good and a little less good. In order not to play and test all online casinos in Norway, we have already done the work for you. We have looked at what characterizes a good American online casino and why these are the favorites of American players online.

Best American online casinos can be found at recommended

Here at Do what we quickly and easy for you to get an overview of what are the best American online casinos. You can start playing at the best casinos for Americans that we have recommended and see if you do not find your own favorite casino. If you are not already so driven in iGaming that you have long since found your own American favorite.

Are there your own American casino online?

In Norway, as is well known, we have play monopoly, or duopoly if you count on total horses. Therefore, there is no typical American online casino here in the country. However, this game monopoly is more theoretical than really since many offer Americans casino games from bases abroad. Among these, there are many players who focus extra on Norway, and design their sites so that they should appeal extra to Americans playing online.

Casinos with a American appearance are popular

Americans play at All casinos That offers online games, but those who, through appearance and offers, focus extra on the American market are the ones that are most popular. It is also not so strange in that they focus on this particular customer segment. This is precisely why many American casino sites attract Americans by designing the sites so that they look American or Nordic, and remind us of something well known.

Much used in this context is Nordic nature. Viking theme can also be a review theme on the website. Well -used is also the use of the American flag and colors red, white and blue. This naturally makes Americans feel that the online casino is American.

NorgesAutomaten - a American online casino

Other examples are online casinos that make use of well -known animals, such as a polar bear, in the casino. Such grips make the casino work American and differ from the others.

A well -known grip is also to use American or Norway in the casino name itself. Today, there are many players who use these two terms. With a view to attracting American players, it is extremely smart. By using casino names that have Norway or American in the name, the casinos easily pop up when searched for American casinos Online. The vending machine and NorgesSpill is popular online casino Which does just this.

Best American online casinos often have American owners

Casinos that focus on the American market with design and/or American/Norway in their name often also have American owners. Therefore, since there is no more than one player in Norway, casino -interested investors have established floydefriedli.companies based in various countries in Europe. Either as sole owners or by having ownership interests in gaming companies. This is obvious when the offer is to be tailored to attract Americans.

Casinos that appeal to Americans do not even have to look "American". With American ownership interests or strong financial muscles behind the companies, the offers and solutions become so that they tempt American players to a greater extent than all the other online casinos. A common factor for many American casino sites is that they are active in marketing to Americans. Very often online casinos have well known Americans as ambassadors.

This characterizes the best American online casino

As written above, there are some common factors in casino sites that are popular with Americans. Either they have American owners/founders or they are well -established with solid owners in the back. This gives the companies a trust in the form of being seen as serious and trusting.

Not least, it is how the online casino is made and the offer it has, which makes it popular with Americans. The entire online casino infrastructure is important. This means that there must be quality in all stages from A to Z. Americans play too much money at the online casinos and requires quality, and therefore must Best norwegian online casino Have this in place:

  • Design
  • American slot machines online
  • Good relevant offers and promotions
  • licenses
  • Payment methods
  • Customer Service

Simple and clear design on the website

American players like well -known design and theme, but it is also important that the websites are well functioning. Ease of use is important and the best American casino sites are clear and easy to maneuver. Thus, you find quickly and easily what you are looking for.

Large gaming portfolio at norwegian casino online

An important common factor at casinos preferred by Americans is a lot of games. It means all the vending machines with themes that Americans love to play on, but beyond the favorites there must also be a large and varied selection of games. It means a gaming portfolio of games in many categories such as slots, jackpots, card and table games, Video poker, Live casino and other types of games. And the more games it is to choose from, the better the Americans like the casino.

Relevant promotions and offers

Americans love deposit bonuses And free spins, and are happy to make use of these if the offer shows up. They also like other running campaigns and competitions. At the same time, the lower wagering requirements and other conditions are, the better it is. Although Americans often spin away with the casino offers, then they would also like to keep some of what they win with these goodies. Best norwegian online casino therefore have such low terms and conditions of casino bonuses and Free Spins That it will be interesting to receive and take advantage of the offers.

Licenses from reputable authorities

The best American online casinos are serious players and operate with licenses from the most renowned gaming authorities. These make clear demands on how the casinos are operated, and ensure that the operation is transparent and fair. The same goes for security for your money as well as sensitive personal information.

Payment methods and customer service

Since the most popular American online casinos very often have American ownership interests, they also have things in place when it comes to financial transactions. It means a good selection of fast and secure Payment methods that also work well for Americans. This in spite of the special American financial regulations when it comes to Gaming with foreign players.

Good American online casinos of course have the best quality customer service. This means 24 -hour accessibility, and preferably American -language 24/7.

Frequently asked questions about best American online casinos

A American online casino is a casino online that has extra focus on American players. That is, offers and, often designs are adapted to what Americans like. The casino often has American ownership interests or owned by well -established players. There are companies that have things in care and that there is no nonsense with.

What characterizes American online casinos?

A American casino online often has designs that give associations to the American. It can be Vikings, nature or the American flag. The selection of games is large and you always find Slot machines Which is extra popular in Norway. Very often, Americans also own all or part of the casino.

American online casinos are also characterized by the fact that everything is in place and that the entire online casino's infrastructure is the way Americans want it. That is, everything from the design of the website, the portfolio of games, promotions and offers, game licenses, customer service and relevant payment methods.

Yes. In Norway there is a gaming monopoly so there are no privately owned online casinos. It is a state company that offers a smaller selection of casino games from its base in Norway. At the same time, everyone knows that in an open society with the Internet, a monopoly solution works poorly.

Therefore, in practice there are many online casinos in Norway. These operate from bases abroad, largely in Europe, and the American online casinos very often have American owners or ownership interests. Casino Friday is an example of a American online casino.

Due to the American gaming model that is politically adopted, there is a state playing monopoly in Norway, and only one player that offers casino games based in this country. However, anyone can offer Americans games from bases in other countries.

The American market is very attractive and therefore many American casinos offer games from jurisdictions outside Norway's borders.

Yes, it is. The best American online casinos are serious players who have everything in care. They have financial muscles and are not questionable companies that are gone tomorrow.

American online casinos largely collect their gaming licenses from the most recognized gaming and regulatory authorities in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Since the majority of them have European main licenses, they are also subject to the EU's strong protection when it comes to consumer rights.

This allows you to rest assured that both inserted money and your personal information are taken care of in the very best way.

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