Bitcoin as a payment method at online casino

In recent years, more and more Americans have caught their eyes to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency can be described as a virtual currency, and this currency variety can be used independently of both authorities and banks.

Unlike American kroner or US dollars, cryptocurrency is not affiliated with central financial authorities in a country. With the help of encryptions, transactions can be carried out in a very safe and efficient way - also for payment at online casino.

Bitcoin is perhaps the most famous form of cryptocurrency. In recent years, more and more have American online casinos opened for Deposit and withdrawal with Bitcoin, such as the cryptocurrency casino Bitstarz.

About Bitcoin | Facts and history

Bitcoin first came to the market in 2009, and has thus existed for more than 11 years already. Transactions can be sent between different users through their own network, and approved using nodes and cryptography via a blockchain.

Today, Bitcoin is considered a very safe payment solution. No third parties will gain access to your financial or personal information. In countries like Norway - where it is difficult to transfer money to online casinos in a traditional way - Bitcoin is often the best solution.

Bitcoin | Safety

It is believed that Bitcoin is the safest digital network in the world, and the system has resisted many hacker attacks over the years. If the system should have any safety holes, these will be sealed immediately.

With Bitcoin you also have 100 % control over your own money - similar to cash. It is therefore important to store bitcoin in a safe place. This can be, for example, central online in a so-called Bitcoin wallet.

When it comes to security around payments, it is also important to choose an online casino that is secure and reliable.. For example, a casino should have a license and SSL protocol on the website-something among other things Bitstarz hair.

How to pay with Bitcoin at online casino?

Bitcoin payments at online casinos are very easy. First and foremost, you need bitcoin, something you can buy on websites that sell the cryptocurrency. Create a user account on the current page and buy Bitcoin for the desired amount.

Your bitcoins must then be stored somewhere. There are many smart bitcoin wallets online that allow you to keep your money safely. This can almost be reminiscent of an e-wallet-such as Muchbetter, Neteller, Ecopayz or Skrill. In other words, the process is quite simple.

As soon as you have a Bitcoin wallet with Bitcoin, such as Revolut, you can start acting. For example, you can spend the money on an online casino that accepts Bitcoin.

How to open account at Bitcoin?

You do not open a Bitcoin account, but find a website that sells Bitcoin and creates a user account there. You can then trade bitcoin as needed.

When you sign up on a Bitcoin page, you and your bank account must be verified, then you can trade bitcoin just whenever you want.

How to fill money on Bitcoin?

If you need a Bitcoin replenishment, you can buy Bitcoin from the page you signed up for. You can buy as much bitcoin as you want. Today, 1 NOK is worth about 0.0000050 Bitcoin. In other words, 1 bitcoin is a large amount, and not comparable to 1 kroner.

The exact process for purchasing bitcoin may vary somewhat from dealer to dealer. The most important thing is that you choose a safe and recognized bitcoin store.

Treatment time on Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin gives you lightning -fast transactions, which is one of the main reasons for American players choosing to play at the casino with this payment method. Remember at the same time that different casinos May have different routines and internal treatment times when approving the transaction.

At most casinos you can start playing immediately after a Bitcoin deposit. The money shows up directly on your balance after deposit. Withdrawals often take a little longer, and casinos process transactions over anywhere from two hours to several days.

Amount limits with bitcoin

With Bitcoin you usually have a wide range of possible deposit and withdrawal amounts at casinos. You can usually deposit Bitcoin amounts corresponding to around NOK 100, but also much higher amounts.

Bitcoin is also suitable for large withdrawals, and this is perhaps one of the reasons why American big players use cryptocurrency diligently. It is wise to check the individual casino's deposit and withdrawal limits, as this can vary widely from casino to casino.

Why use the payment method?

There are a number of good arguments for using cryptocurrency at an online casino. First and foremost, the payment method is very safe and reliable, and is often considered safer than traditional payment methods.

You can also look forward to lightning fast transfers with bitcoin, which is another good reason for using cryptocurrency on online casinos. In addition, there are more and more casinos that accept Bitcoin as a payment method, to many players' great pleasure.

With Bitcoin you also get a great deal of anonymity online, and your transactions cannot be tracked. At the same time, all Bitcoin transactions are visible in the network, and completely transparent.

Finn et Bitcoin-casino

Do you want to play with Bitcoin on a American online casino?? Then you will find more good players to choose from. We at Recommended Casino give you an overview of the market's best Bitcoin casinos.

We can, among other things, recommend you to test out Bitstarz and Casino Friday, both of which accept Bitcoin. Also check out casinos like Cloudbet!! All these casinos let you do Deposit and withdrawal with Bitcoin In a quick and safe way.

When choosing Bitcoin casino, you should also look at factors other than payments. For example, check the game selection, customer service opening hours, where user -friendly websites are, as well as other important things.

As long as you choose a bitcoin-casino We can recommend, you can feel confident that you are making a smart choice. We recommend only casinos that are secure and with license.. In addition, we emphasize game selection, payment methods, support, ease of use and the like.


Few casinos require fees to process Bitcoin transactions. The Bitcoin service itself is also free of fees. This is precisely that many players prefer bitcoin rather than traditional payment methods.

When you use Bitcoin you get full control of your money, and this is of course an advantage most people appreciate.

Yes, Bitcoin is among the safest payment methods you can use at an online casino. Among other things, there is extremely small chance of hacker attacks on bitcoin, and any security holes are always closely sealed.

When using Bitcoin, you should also think about the choice of casino, even though the payment method itself is very safe. For example, the casino should have a license and use SSL encryption on its website.

Can American players use Bitcoin?

Yes! Bitcoin can easily be used by American players. Remember that Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not affiliated with any central bank or authorities. Since the currency only exists online, you can spend the money on, for example, casino games.

You can make both deposits and outlets with cryptocurrency, or just keep your money in your digital wallet.

Many people probably think that bitcoin seems like something a bit mysterious and scary, as this is a relatively unknown form of payment and currency for many Americans. However, there are more and more people embracing the digital currency, and it may be worth giving it a try.

Besides Bitcoin, there are a number of other known forms of cryptocurrency. Among other things, we can mention Dogecoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Read a little about the different variants and find out what is best for you.

If cryptocurrency is not for you, you can always use other good payment methods. Both Muchbetter, Ecopayz, MasterCard, Revolut and Visa are popular payment services among American players online.