Responsible play

The vast majority of us who play at sports or vending machines at online casinos do it because it is fun, exciting and entertaining. Unfortunately, it is not the case for everyone who tries the happiness of gambling. For some, what starts as something exciting can develop into an addiction. It is important to be aware that games can be addictive.

In 2017, it was estimated that about 34,000 Americans depended more or less. Often also affects the problems that the gambling addiction creates, the people around the player. Online games should be fun and entertaining and not something you do to get rich …… fast. Or to recover what you have lost by betting even more.

The online casinos have policy for responsible games

Many may not think that the online casinos are concerned about this with gambling addiction, or Ludomani, which is the right name for what is popularly called gaming madness. All serious players have clear guidelines for this. It is also a prerequisite for being assigned and retaining gaming licenses from the serious and most recognized regulatory authorities.

The casino industry has been working to prevent this for many years, and casinos that offer games online to Americans actually have a number of measures that will promote responsible gaming. These measures have two purposes. First, try and prevent players from having gambling problems, and secondly to help those who have had a gambling problem.

Great tools for responsible gaming

With We recommend no online casinos that do not have good routines in relation to this problem and that do not take this challenge seriously. Those who work seriously with this have their own pages of tools and follow -up if gambling goes over. These are measures you can take yourself, or ask people on customer service at the gaming companies to put into function.

The employees of the online casinos are trained in this work and can help players who are at risk. At the casinos there are many measures you can take if you notice that gambling takes too much time. You can set a deposit limit that applies per day, week or month. You can choose a turnover limit for a given period. You can set a time limit for a game session. Then you are automatically logged out when the time is spent. You can pause your account. Then you cannot log in until the specified period is over.

You can also permanently close your game account. This can only be done by gambling addiction. If the account is permanently closed, you can never play more at this casino. It will also never you via email or otherwise. The casinos can also go in and take these measures if they are made aware of or realize that the player has a gambling problem or is at risk of developing this.

If gambling is starting to become or has already become a problem, you should quickly seek out from outside.

In Norway you can get help from players like the guide, Gamblers Anonymous Norway, Gambling addiction Norway, and Blue cross.. Do not hesitate to us if you think you have a gambling problem!