Bank transfer as a payment method at online casino

Bank transfer Perhaps the most traditional and well -known payment method among today's Americans. Most people have transferred money through the online bank at one time or another, whether in connection with the payment of invoices or e -commerce.

Over the years, American players have also been able to use bank transfer for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. However, after the authorities tighten the rules on online gambling, this has become more difficult than before.

Especially bank transfer to American casinos has proven to be challenging, since American banks are required not to approve transactions to foreign casinos. It is still possible to make withdrawals from online casinos to American accounts.

Today you will therefore find many online casinos that offer bank transfer withdrawals, but not deposits. This may be just as good, because bank transfer is by far the slowest payment method you can choose. Read more in our guide!

About bank transfer | Facts and history

Bank transfer has existed as a payment method ever since the first online banks occurred. In Norway, we have a long tradition of using bank transfer to both e -commerce and private transfers.

As the years have passed, however, more efficient and easy transmission methods have emerged. For example, we can mention electronic wallets (e-wallets), cryptocurrency and prepaid cards.

More of Norway's best online casinos However, still offers bank transfer on withdrawal, as many players think the method is safe and good. You therefore have many good casinos to choose from if you want to play online. For example, we can recommend Unibet, LeoVegas and Casumo.

Online Banking | Safety

Bank transfer or "online banking" as it is also called is a very secure payment method. All American banks are safe and regulated, so transfers there will take place in a safe and controlled manner.

It is also important to think about the security of the casino you are playing. You can get over rogue casinos that never pay out the winnings you win or that close your account when you win a big win. Therefore, choose one of our safe, recommended casinos!

How does payments work with bank transfer at casino?

In this guide, we will not talk about deposits for a casino with bank transfer, as this is not possible to perform anyway due to the bank's restrictions. Instead, we will take a closer look at how withdrawals from online casinos with bank transfer are performed.

When withdrawing money via bank transfer from an online casino, it is necessary to disclose your bank accounts Bic and Iban numbers. This information cannot be used for anything other than transferring money to the user and is therefore safe to share.

You withdraw money using bank transfer by selecting this payment method when making withdrawals. Then share the necessary information with the casino (BIC and Iban). The casino will then spend a few days processing your treatment.

How to open bank transfer account?

Most Americans already have a bank account in a American bank, so there is hardly any reason to create more of this. If you do not have a bank account, this is something you can arrange in your bank. Then you have to present your passport and verify your identity.

As long as you have a bank account (of the type of use account), it can be used for bank transfers.

Processing time on bank transfer transactions

Bank transfer and online banking are both safe and well -proven, but the payment method is not very quick. In the past, when you could use bank transfer for deposits at casinos, it could take several days for the money to reach the casino.

By comparison will Deposit with e-wallets And the like make sure the money shows up in your player account immediately. When withdrawal with bank transfer, the process is the same, and you must quickly expect it to take a week before the money is in your private account.

However, if you are going to have the money on your private account, bank transfer is not so needed. For example, if you make a withdrawal with an e-wallet, the money will appear quickly in the e-wallet. However, you may have to wait many days if the money is transferred to your bank account.

If you are looking for faster payment solutions than bank transfer, we can still recommend that you consider an e-wallet or Cryptocurrency.. These are generally much faster than bank transfer.

Amount limits with online banking

One of the biggest benefits of making a bank transfer withdrawal is that you can withdraw relatively large amounts compared to many other payment solutions. For example, players who win million gains will often choose bank transfer.

Note, however, that the different casinos often have completely different amount limits for bank transfer withdrawals. Some allow you to take over NOK 1,000,000 with bank transfer, while others have far lower limits.

Why use the payment method?

One of the most common reasons why American players use bank transfer as an withdrawal method is that they have used a deposit method that does not work for withdrawals. For example, if you deposited money with a prepaid card, it is not practically possible to withdraw money for the card.

Bank transfer is also excellent for players with a good dose of patience, who at the same time wants a safe, well -known and reliable transmission method. There are probably few payment methods you feel just as comfortable using as online banking.

It is also not uncommon to choose a bank transfer as an withdrawal method if you have won a large amount of money.

It can be cumbersome to withdraw a little and some money with payment methods with low amount limits. With bank transfer you may get the full amount in one transfer!

Find a casino with bank transfer

There are many good online casinos for American players offering bank transfer. It is wise to review the individual casino's accepted payment methods before registering. This way you can choose a casino that is best for you.

We recommend a number of high -quality award -winning casinos, and you can use bank transfer on several of them. Among our favorite casinos we can mention ComeOn!, Wheelz, Casino Days, Casino Friday, Casigo, Loser Green and Betsafe. Also check out Betsson and NorgesAutomaten!


Are there fees for using online banking?

There are usually no fees involved in bank transfer from the bank. If there are any fees on your outlet, it is usually the casino that requires this. Although most casinos provide fee -free withdrawals, some require a small fee.

There may also be exchange fees at your bank if the casino transfers the money in a currency other than American kroner. For example, if the money is transferred in the euro, your bank must convert this to American kroner.

Bank transfer is one of the safest payment solutions an online casino offers. This is because you only need to provide Iban and BIC, and this information can only be used to transfer money to you.

All online casinos we recommend also have a license and are regulated by the authorities of either the UK, Curaçao or in Malta. This ensures safe outlets. The casinos also have Secure Sockets Layer), which is an encryption protocol that safeguards sensitive data.

Both yes and no. When it comes to deposits to the casino, you cannot use bank transfer from American banks. This is because American banks are required to refuse transactions to foreign online casinos.

The reason for this is that in Norway we have quite strict rules around gambling. Most preferably, the American authorities see that you only play on gambling at Norsk Tipping. Many players are annoyed by this, since foreign casinos have RTP and more games and bonuses.

However, you can use bank transfer for withdrawals, as this is still accepted by the bank. It is worth noting that playing at foreign online casinos is fully legal for Americans. The restrictions from the authorities only affect the banks.

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