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American casinos are better and safer than ever!

American casinos Has long been hugely popular. With the very strict requirements that follow the licenses from Malta And Curacao, all casino online must now have a valid gaming license in order to target players in Norway. This means that playing casino games on the Internet has never been easier and safer.

The new development has made gambling safer and the protection for players is increasing as all American casinos must follow strict rules from the licenses. The development of the technology and the new rules means that we who like to play for real money can do so without any concerns, or the risk of legal retaliation, as long as we play at a American online casino that has a valid play license.

And with large companies that ComeOn!, Betsson and Casino Friday on the operator side and NetEnt, Quickspin and Yggdrasil among the world leading game manufacturers, Norway is a driving force in the development of new casinos.

Casinos in Norway

The rules for casinos in Norway are quite different from other countries. There was a time there were land -based slot machines on every street corner. They were also very popular but it was adopted a Slot Machine ban in 2003.. Then a ban on land -based slot machines was set up, partly because of the danger of gambling.

However, the land -based slot machines reappeared after a few years, but then there was a lot that had changed. Norsk Tipping, which is a state limited company, had received National monopoly In many of the money games Americans had been so fond of. The idea was probably that gambling would happen under slightly more controlled forms than before.

But things probably didn't go according to plan, because while the land -based slot machine was gone, something else had gotten the ground. What we are aiming for is American online casino. American online casinos, of course, existed before the land -based slot machines disappeared. But it was when they were removed that the popularity of all American casinos abroad really shot in the weather.

When this article is written, it has been almost 20 years since the start of American online casinos. Now we are in 2022 where American gambling Still, monopoly has most money games here in the country. Therefore, casino operation in Norway is not allowed.

What is a American casino online?

et norwegian casino Is not an online casino that is run on American soil. There is no ban on Americans being able to play at American online casinos operated from abroad. Today, it is the most common way to play money games for most Americans. Alternatively, you can go abroad and go to a land -based casino.

Most popular American casinos online

But still the term exists American casinos, and we understand that it can be a little confusing in light of what we have just told. You may have heard about the gaming category that has been named ''American slot machines''. There is a collection of specific slot machines that have captured the interest of many Americans, and so it is for American casinos online.

A American online casino is thus a collection of specific online casinos that are very popular with American players. In addition there is online casinos developed specifically for American players, and these online casinos are of course also represented in this category.

You can also recognize the American casinos based on how they are marketed. Casino operation is not allowed on American soil, but it is allowed to market and advertise various online casinos. Very often, it is also American celebrities who act as their online casino outward when it comes to the American market.

What should a good American casino have?

Before we go into specific American casinos online, we can take a little look at what an online casino needs to be certified. However, it is not the case that these criteria only apply to American online casinos. The criteria, of course, apply to all other online casinos as well, regardless of whether they are popular with Americans or not.

License from Malta

Do you know what all the most reliable online casinos have in common? Each of them is licensed and regulated by a legitimate gambling commission or authority.

The first thing to find out is where the online casino is licensed. It is true that all online casinos must have a valid game license. The fact that the online casino has the gaming license means that the gaming authorities observe them, and that the casino in question has laws and regulations that they must follow. If not, they lose the gambling license.

There are game authorities in most countries, but there are licensors who are more recognized than others. For a American online casino, however The playing license from the Malta Gaming Authority (often shortened to MGA) which is the most common gaming license. Therefore, it may be very wise for American casino players to note this particular name.

Are American casinos reliable?

It is important to be safe when playing online for real money. Whether you play at odds, play casino games or like another form of gambling, your security online is crucial.

Here's what you need to know about how these online casinos keep you safe when playing online for real money.

The casino page's footer tells a story

The footer or footer is an important area of all casinos. Here are the most important things you should look for.

The safest casino online usually includes this in the footer on the website;

  • License and regulation
  • Certification for game testing
  • Payment methods
  • Owners
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Information about responsible game
  • Large selection of games
  • Live casino
  • Deposit with Visa
  • live chat

Safe and fair casino play through licensed software and consistent testing a minimum requirement. If you want to play at serious online casinos, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and look for important logos.

The most recognized and secure gaming companies link these logos to their official licenses.

Game selection at Norway's best online casino

The next thing that is important for a good online casino is to have a large and varied game selection. After all, that's the main reason why both Americans and other players around the world play online casinos. A new online casino that wants to reach a larger target group must offer games for both beginners and for those with many years of playing experience. As a result, that online casino is more likely to become popular.

Current casino bonuses

It is also important that the current casino can offer players a large selection of live casino games, deposits with Visa, Attractive bonuses, free spins, bonus up to 100%. Offers of the welcome bonus are the most common concept in this context, and of course it is something you want to see at most online casinos. The size of the wagering requirement should also be taken into account. All of these are factors that vary from American casino to other online casinos.

Payment methods and customer service

In addition to a varied game selection and attractive bonus schemes, it is also important that the casino offers payment methods that work for customers. It is rare that we see that this is a problem, but it may still be worth noting. Traditional and modern payment methods are equally common. Deposits with Visa are a must! American online casinos should also have an auxiliary center and customer service.

American casino design

Last, but certainly not least, it is important that the website of the online casino is as good as possible. It involves a website that is both informative and neat. The website should also be clear on the selection of games, as well that it should have design elements that cause the casino itself to stand out in such a way that makes potential players remember the online casino's name.

Play casino online

When we talk about American online casino, we assume that certain criteria must be met. It is not only that the page has been translated into the American language or that the casino bonus has been converted to American kroner. Of course, we require that the American casino pages we represent offer you who play support in American, that terms and rules for the games are translated, and that the conditions are fair.

These casinos can be called American for good reason;

1. NordicBet

Nordicbet sounds almost a bit American, right? Perhaps that is a reason why this particular online casino has hit quite well in Norway. Although Nordicbet is not a new casino, it is almost as American as it is possible to come without being. This online casino is a Nordic online casino, and Norway is one of 5 countries that make up the Nordic countries.

Nordicbet saw the light of day as a new casino for the first time as early as 2002, so that means this online casino is almost 20 years old. So this online casino existed before the ban on the land -based slot machines came, and then the likelihood is quite high that this was one of the online casinos that suddenly became very popular when the ban became a reality.

Nordicbet is operated by a company called Betsson Group. There is a company that runs a number of other well -known online casinos as well, which is very common in the casino industry. In a way, it can be a soothing factor, as gambling is generally a risky sport. NordicBet has been part of the Betsson Group since 2013.

NordicBet License and Game Selection

Betsson Group (and therefore NordicBet) has its headquarters in Malta, which means that they are regulated by the Maltese authorities. In other words, this online casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, and as we already know it is one of the most common and best gaming licenses a new casino can have.

At NordicBet you can have a lot of fun, especially if you love to play free spins, odds, live casino or traditional casino games. The odds games are based on local sports in the Nordic countries, which is generally very cool. It is something that will definitely draw the typical (Nordic) sports idiot to this particular online casino.

Otherwise you can care about table games like poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat in the live casino section. It is a section that tries to recreate the feeling of being in a washed -up land -based live casino, so this may be for you if it is your type of game. In addition, you can play both slot machines and video slots or try the winning luck in the jackpot game.

However, there is something you find in the casino section. In its entirety, the gaming selection of Nordicbet consists of casino games developed by some of the most popular game developers on the market, including Big Time Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'n Go and Yggdrasil.

NordicBet Casino Bonuses

NordicBet offers players' many attractive bonuses, but it is the first deposit and available free spins that are most conspicuous. This is always the case with online casinos, and here you can choose between welcome bonuses for the casino section and the odds games. In addition, they are associated with a turnover requirement, and it is very important to keep in mind. Bonus up to 100% is a common bonus to obtain from NordicBet.

Men Nordicbet Its good elements don't stop there. They accept many different payment methods with Visa MasterCard, have live chat available and the website is very neat and clear. However, the latter is so simple that it is on the border of boring, but it is a good American online casino anyway.

2. NorgesSpill

As we understand the name of this online casino, NorgesSpill is a new casino that has chosen American players as its specified target group. NorgesSpill was established in 2007, and has since then worked hard every single day to become one of the most popular online casinos among American players.

This online casino is owned by A company named Playcherry Ltd.. It is a Swedish company that was established as early as 1963, so the company itself has many years of experience from the industry behind it. However, the team behind NorgesSpill consists of, among other things, Americans, and that can explain the conscious corporate strategy behind this American online casino.

NorgesSpill License, Game selection and Bonuses

The company that owns NorgesSpill has its headquarters in Malta, which means that this online casino is also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. So you can feel completely safe while letting go (in a controlled and responsible way!) Among the games within the Casino and Live Casino sections or by betting on odds.

NorgesSpill offers a comprehensive selection of games in all these three sections. Let's take the casino games as an example - they are developed by some of the most recognized and popular game developers in the industry. Some of the game developers represented here are Red Tiger Gaming And Net Entertainment.

Selection of games is also organized very nicely, and you will no doubt find something that is right for you here. This American casino gives you the opportunity to play as many rounds as you want or can with play money. This way you can learn the game and test out your game strategies in peace before you actually bet any of your own (real) money.

In addition to a varied game selection, they also offer nice welcome offers with bonuses up to 100%, and other free spins campaigns from time to time. However, this is associated with a wagering requirement, so it is important to be aware of. Otherwise, this online casino of course offers Direct deposit with Visa Mastercard.

NorgesSpill Design and Customer Service

It is not just the name NorgesPill that has a clear American character. This also applies to the website of the online casino itself, where the primary colors of the design are what is considered to be the typical American colors - red, white and blue. Otherwise, the website is both informative, neat and modern, and that is something we have a lot of sense for!

In addition, the website has a touch of the classic casino symbols on the rolling cover image at the top of the website. It is a fun detail in the middle of all the American, although it does not mean to all the design elements are equally obvious.

Otherwise, it is very nice that the help is easily accessible here. Just press the '' Help 'button in the upper right corner, and then a window comes down where you can search for exactly what you are wondering. Fortunately, it is just as easy to ask for help from live chat at the presumption center, if it is not as easy to ask for help from live chat NorgesPill.

3. The vending machine

Norgesautomaten is a new casino that saw the light of day for the first time in 2006, and like the other online casinos mentioned in this article, it is very popular with Americans. We also see that this is the specific goal, since Norway and American players are so clearly represented in the casino name.

NorgesAutomaten Spillisens and Slot Machines

This is a American online casino operated by the company BML Group. This is a company that is also behind many other American online casinos. This company has its headquarters in Malta, which means that they are regulated by Maltese laws and regulations. The gaming license is thus issued by the Malta Gaming Authority.

At NorgesAutomaten you can indulge in a number of selections of games. Their game selection is huge, and they are divided into different gaming categories, so you can easily see which games this online casino offers. NorgesAutomaten offers Slots with high RTP, jackpot games, table games and live casino. You can decide for yourself how to organize the website, and it is easily done with a click.

Do you love games like Starburst Or Mega Fortune, or do you prefer the classic slot machines like Jackpot 6000? It is possible to find these three game titles and many more in the game selection of this American casino.

NorgesAutomaten Casino Bonuses and Payment Methods

In addition to the huge game selection, NorgesAutomaten also offers a bonus up to 500% As both beginners and experienced players are guaranteed to feel attracted to. This is perhaps the best American casino online. Check it out and see if you like the online casino as well as we do.

When it comes to traditional and modern payment methods, NorgesAutomaten offers what you need for deposits and withdrawals. However, it will vary which payment methods you can use but the online casino offers of course Visa MasterCard Deposit. Design and Customer Service

The website of is of the colorful, informative and clear type. However, there is little to indicate that this is a American casino with Americans as a target group. That being said, there are of course Americans who are very fond of colors other than the classic American colors as well, so it is far from a crisis. Selection of games is huge and you will find all the most popular American slot machines here.

Despite NorgesAutomaten appears as a simple and uncomplicated online casino, then you may sometimes need help. There is no problem, as there is a customer service team ready to help you 24 hours a day on live chat. However, it is only during the day that it is possible to get help in American on live chat.

At night, there are only Swedish or English workers available on live chat, but of course we should not put the words in your mouth here. If you are comfortable with both American, Swedish and/or English, then it is not necessarily the case that it pulls down the overall impression. Of course, it's up to you to judge.

Frequently asked questions about American casinos

A American casino is an online casino developed with American players as a specific target group. All American casinos should have a website with American language and American customer support. American deposits with Visa MasterCard are also important for striking Americans as a American casino.

There are a number of online casinos that can be regarded as American, including Nordicbet, NorgesSpill, NorgesAutomaten and Casinofriday. What characterizes these American casinos is the strong focus on solutions that are optimal for Americans who play for real money.

There are no American online casinos operated from Norway, as Norsk Tipping has a monopoly on gambling that is what online casinos are based on. They received this after a ban on the land -based slot machines in 2003.

Yes, it is absolutely safe to play at the casino in Norway. You can be absolutely confident, because all the aforementioned online casinos in this article are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. It is one of the best gaming licenses an online casino can have, as well as it is the most common gaming license among American casinos.