Malta Gaming Authority

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a company in Malta with a long history in the online casino industry. If you have previously played at online casino, you have most likely heard the name or seen the logo.

Mga is the choice many casino developers Lands on during the development of their online casinos, offering licenses and regulation in favor of both online casinos and their players.

This company has almost on its own made Malta on the map as one of the leaders in innovative casino operations online.

MGA has a few simple goals when it comes to operating online casino, where security is in focus. First, the company sees it as a duty to keep minors and vulnerable people away from online casinos through promotion of Money games in safe surroundings.. This creates integrity and safety around the casino environment, which is often criticized. Furthermore, the players' interests are also ensured by keeping games up to a high standard, and keeping them free from other criminal activity.

Background and history

Malta Gaming Authority started under the name Lotteries and Other Games Act (LGA) in 2001, as one of the first players to promote casino license and secure online gaming. Under Maltese laws, a number of laws and regulations were set up to regulate the large growth of online gambling, after the Internet opened the possibility of online casinos. When the casino industry contributes 12 % of Malta's total GDP, MGA has become an important player in Malta's borders.

Ensuring safe playing online is no easy matter, with many industries using online casinos for criminal activity and money laundering. To keep casinos free from such activity, MGA works through its vision with specific points to promote safe gaming experiences for players around the world. Next time you are considering playing at a casino you should therefore Check if the casino is licensed from MGA, or another licensing company that can secure you and your interests.

Malta Gaming Authority's vision

MGA's vision can be boiled down to simple points that can be continuously followed up and evaluated by the company itself, and their licensed casinos. Before the first, this includes increasing the standard of the global gaming industry to make games safer and more fair, while protecting players. Furthermore, international cooperation is included in this plan. This is carried out by developing Malta's own framework for regulation of games, to adapt to an ever -changing online gaming market.

MGA wants to keep Malta as a leading country within casino experiences online.. But at the same time, they also stretch to sponsor and improve the casino industry outside their own boundaries. The company also wants to extend longer and cover all the necessary regulatory features associated with gaming activities and gambling. In this way, they can become a complete and integrated company that can support the industry and further technological innovations, while offering players security and available support and information.

Sign up for your license at Malta Gaming Authority

With a website that offers casino experiences to players, you can apply for a license from MGA. This is carried out through the Licensee Relationship Management System (LRMS). The process will be completed automatically. In combination with the lenses also follows a fee defined during Gaming Licence Fee Regulations. This will vary depending on the license your company is on. With changes to your side's structure and content, no further licenses will be required. However, an application for permission from your license distributor is necessary.

The application for a license and regulation from MGA may sound like a slow, complicated and time -consuming process. All the details and variations are too much to go through in this text, but the application process is not really that long. In addition, sufficient help will be offered from MGA's employees. With its price as the most attractive employer in 2020, you can expect good help. Contact information is available through MGA's website, through mail tin either [email protected] or [email protected].

Organizational structure in the Malta Gaming Authority

MGA is built up as any other company. With different departments, MGA can cover a variety of features that can help their clients, and their players, in the best possible way. In their structure, you will be able to find, among other things, the department for the development of new technology and software to improve performance and user functions online. Own department for support for players, and close relationships with laws also exist. MGA also offers many career opportunities in Malta.

Land -based licenses

It is not just services in the online casino that require licenses. Land -based casinos also have to undergo strict processes in order to offer secure gambling. Both lance -based casinos, bingo halls, and other physical places that offer casino and games. These service are not legal in Norway, and you will not find such services here. When you travel abroad, however, you can meet at one or more casinos with a license from MGA. Therefore, always check for a license.

Casino with mga license

Several of the large, well -known and respected casinos are on a license MGA. You have most likely heard of one or of several of these casinos, or tried to play on them. This also applies online casinos that are popular in Norway.. Including on the pages of Unibet, Leovec, and Mr. Green, you can find the logo for MGA. If you find the logo at lesser known online casinos, always check if the license number is easily accessible. This is how you can check if the license is real.

It is important to know about your rights when playing online casinos. If you were to encounter an unpleasant situation, you should know that the license distributor to the casino is on your side. If the casino license is delivered from MGA, you can them directly through their websites. A simple form is available on their pages for complaints about online casinos with MGA license. The same applies to licenses at land -based casinos or elsewhere with equal licenses.

Malta Gaming Authority i Norge

MGA is one of several gaming licenses that appear at American casinos. Although casino is not legally physical in Norway, online casinos are still available. With online casino based in another country you can freely play your favorite games from Norway. The only thing you need to be observant is that they are safely licensed. As a American player, look for a license from MGA the next time you play at a casino. The most important thing is to be safe.