Cashback Casino Is a concept we see more and more of in iGaming world. This is a casino offer that gives players some of the bets back. The principle itself is not new, but the popularity of these online casinos has increased significantly.

Cashback simply means "money back" and is a form of refund based on how much money a player has played for and lost on the online casino. The rules and conditions related to cashback will vary from actor to actor.

In general, cashback means the player gets a proportion of their own losses back - either once a day, a month or once a week. The proportion is usually between 5 and 10 % of the loss sum, but this can vary with the cashback's time period.

The sum you receive a refund is a proportion of lost funds for the set time period. Some online casinos only provide cashback associated with some games, such as slot machines for example.. Although some players are more flexible, it is usually chance games that are included in the calculation.

How to get cashback at the casino?

If an online casino offers cashback, you usually do not sign up or register to get the offer. This is something that is automatically calculated, based on the stated time period. All you have to do is find an online casino that offers the scheme.

Although this is the standard, you want to take an extra look at terms and conditions. Most cashback online casinos provide this as an automatic good. But there may still be some players who require you to activate cashback or take further steps to qualify.

The amount is then automatically credited to the player account at regular intervals. But you must have lost something to get an amount back. If you haven't bet with real money and not lost, you get nothing back.

If your Preferred online casino Do not offer cashback, you may want to take a look at the loyalty scheme or the VIP program. Some online casinos are pure cashback casinos, while others offer this as a perks in loyalty program.

Cashback amount varies

As long as you play with real money, anyone can get cashback.

It is important to note that free spins and bonus money are usually not included in the scheme. This is a casino offer that deals with the amount you deposit into the online casino.

As mentioned earlier, the amount will vary between 5 and 10 % of your losses. This does not constitute the largest sum, but is still a lucrative scheme for those who play a lot. We see that many online casinos provide a fixed percentage proportion, but some players allow you to work up to a higher percentage.

It is also advisable to notice any conditions and conditions. There are online casinos that offer the scheme completely without terms, which is preferable. Some players have a wagering requirement related to cashback, so read through the conditions carefully.

Also note how the amount must be used and any deadlines. Some allow you to use the funds freely, and some require the sum to be used within a certain time frame.

Online casinos with cashback.

Several online casinos offer different forms of cashback, and we have taken a look at some of the most popular options. Many new online casinos are investing heavily in this scheme.

You should always check the online casino own rules and terms related to cashback, as these may change over time. Cashback is a nice "deal", but keep in mind that this is ultimately money you have bet and lost on the game.


Moicasino is a fresh online casino. The game site was launched in 2020, by real casino players who had a dream of offering user -friendly, rewarding and safe gaming experiences. Here we find a daily cashback of 10 %.

Cashback is released daily, no matter how much or how little you have lost over the last day. Here, all players are considered VIP, and you must therefore not register to qualify for the offer.

As a player you will see that your account is credited every morning, if you have played for real money and lost the day before. The calculation is done automatically, but there are some terms you should read carefully in advance.

Moicasine Its cashback is only awarded slot machines, and you cannot have a balance over 50 kroner. The sum is run to the nearest crown and will only be available for seven days. You can use the funds on exactly what you want, but remember to use them before the week is over.

MoiCasino cashback fordeler

There are no wagering requirements related to the cashback, so you can withdraw the money or use them as soon as they are credited to your player account. This is an obvious advantage, especially considering that the sum must be used within seven days.

The cashback is distributed daily, which fits big players well. You will only get cashback on bets and losses done on slot machines, but the funds can be used completely freely. If you want to try a table game or live casino, you can do this with the funds paid.

The rules for Moicasino's cashback are straight forward and simple, but it pays to take an extra look at the terms before you start playing. This is a casino offer does not need to register, other than that you need an active player account.


Yaacasino may not be the most famous player, but is an online casino made of real casino enthusiasts. Launched in late 2020, Yaacasino is therefore a new and modern online casino to count.

Since its launch, the player has become a popular choice, possibly due to his good cashback scheme. Here, players receive a daily cashback payout. This is distributed to all players who play with real money, have made an effort and lost over the past 24 hours.

As already mentioned, there are some online casinos that reserve cashback to VIP players. At Yaacasino, everyone is considered a tilt from the second they register, and you therefore do not need to take further measures to qualify for the Cashback scheme.

In terms of terms and conditions, offer Younder Only cashback on slot machines. Players are paid 10 % of their daily lost, which is automatically calculated every morning at 06:00. There are no wagering requirements here.

Yaacasino cashback benefits

The main advantage of the casino offer is that the cashback is paid daily. If you play a lot and for larger amounts, this will be a clear advantage. You do not need to sign up for the Cashback scheme, this happens automatically.

Although Yaacasino only offers cashback on slot machines, you are free to use the funds you want. The sum does not come up with a wagering requirement and you can therefore use them on any game, or make an outlet.

It is also a great advantage that all players are considered VIP and therefore automatically join the cashback calculation. This is a modern, new and clear online casino created by real casino enthusiasts and players from the industry.

Maria Casino

Maria Casino is perhaps one of the most famous cashback casinos in Norway. The game site opened its digital doors in 2006, and initially focused on female players. Now the customer group is more diverse, and consists of players from all genders.

Maria Casino has a casino offer that rewards players through Cashback schemes. Once a week, every Tuesday, players get a certain amount of money credited to their player account, close to 10 % of the player's weekly deposit.

The cashback amount comes completely without wagering requirements and applies to all the available casino games on the website. The calculation is made from the period 0:00 on Mondays to 23:59 on Sundays. The amount will be credited by 18:00 on Tuesdays.

The cashback sum is unlimited. They will say that no matter how much you play for in a week, you will always get 10 % back - here there are no hidden requirements, conditions or terms. You do not need to sign up for the offer, this happens automatically as you play.

Maria casino cashback benefits

One of the great benefits of Maria Casino is that their cashback offers come completely without wagering requirements. You can spend the amount on whatever you want, and the sum is not related to specific gaming category. If you want to withdraw the money through a withdrawal, this is quite possible.

Cashback is awarded weekly, which many big players appreciate. With a percentage of 10 %, the sums will not be extremely large, but steady. In addition, there is a great advantage of the cashback is unlimited.

It is worth noting that although there are few requirements and conditions here, you will not get cashback on bets and losses in poker. This is simply because poker is not a chance game, and the funds lost in these matches go to other players.

Maria Casino Has an excellent cashback offer, and is considered a safe and secure player in the American gaming market. The website is user -friendly and clear, as is the information provided to the players.

Therefore, you should play with cashback

Cashback is a great advantage for those who play a lot and want to be rewarded for the money they themselves put into the casino. This is a percentage of your own money and acts as a patch on the wound for lost funds.

Although cashback is an advantage, it is important to remember that this is your own money. To get a lot in cashback, you must also have lost a lot. Therefore, the goal should never be to get as much cashback as possible, as this also means that you have to lose a lot.

Cashback is a nice casino offers And a perk that gives the players back. If you play a lot, it can certainly be an advantage to bet on a cashback casino. Just make sure you read carefully through rules, terms and conditions - especially if you register on a new online casino.

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