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Slot machines

Nothing is so popular with the casino players as Slot machines.. Also among American players. There are many vending machines that are like American slot machines to calculate how popular they are, but such slots can at the same time be equally popular with players in other countries.

Slots or slots can be defined in several ways

Some choose to say that everything you find at the online casinos with the exception of the live games are slot machines. It is in many ways correct as this is two -dimensional computer games. Still, most people look at this, holding video poker, table games and the other games outside when talking about slots. This means that in the term you will find pure machines with wheels and rows or landslide technology. In this category, jackpot machines will also be included.

This way to divide the gaming portfolio you will quickly recognize at the online casinos as well. There, they usually divide into slots/slot machines and the other slot games in other categories. Some secrete the jackpots in a separate category so that they are easier to find, while others collect slot machines and jackpots in the same category.

At some casinos, they also choose to share slot machines into classic vending machines and video slots, but this is becoming increasingly rare today. An example is the iconic slot machine Jackpot 6000. The reason is that most of the new games are video slots, and that these are the dominating. At the online casinos there are also in the slots category you find the majority of the games. In many, slot machines can make up as much as 80-90 % of the entire gaming portfolio.

You can spin for free on slot machines

When you are not familiar with an automatic, you do not have to spend your own money on it to find out how it works. At the casinos you will find full of free slot machines. Almost all ordinary slot machines have a demo, and that allows you to access lots of free slot machines online. It's a great way to find out how a slot machine works before trying your luck with your own money. The demo version simply gives you American slot machines online for free!

Whether you play with your own money or the demo version, you can advantageously get into the automatic setup. That is, how you choose how much you play for on each round. On some vending machines, choose from different values of the machine's coin value. On others you can adjust a level of effort. On others, you can do both, and this affects your potential gain. You can find how much you can win with the various betting combinations in the automatic payout table.

Some people like to press the game button before each spin, but on most slot machines you can also choose auto spin for a given number of rounds.

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The build -up of a slot machine

Although slot machines may look different at first glance, there is a lot that is also common to them. Before recommended goes into differences and similarities between ordinary slots and vending machines with jackpots, We will take a closer look at some common factors for the different slot machines. That is, things like:

  • Theme
  • Symbols
  • Wheels or avalanche technology
  • Features in the games
  • Paylines or megaways
  • RNG
  • RTP
  • Volatility and hits-frequency

Slot machines are designed with different themes

Many people like to play on vending machines that have a topic that seems appealing or exciting. This allows you to find vending machines with many different themes. Some popular gangsters are animals and adventure figures. The same goes for nature, Vikings, gods and explorers. Antique theme is popular, as is space and gangsters.

Many vending machines are also so -called brand machines. I.e Game developers Includes collaboration with those who own the marks for movies, TV series and other, and are allowed to create slot machines with this theme. Examples of this are games such as Jurassic Park, Vikings, Guns N 'Roses, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?, Scarface, Rocky and King.

The symbols in a slot machine

On slot machines you will find many symbols. Some have more than others, and how many different ones you find depends on the automatic setup and what extra functions it has.

All vending machines have some standard symbols that are the least paying symbols. On many vending machines, these typical card symbols are to be 10 to ace in a deck. In addition to these, there are also symbols that pay better. What all the symbols look like depends on the machine's theme. Often, in any case, the highest paying symbols are linked to the theme.

Beyond this, many slot machines also have scatter (scattered) and wild symbols (Joker). These often have some extra effects in that they can give free spins, or change all other symbols so that you get a higher gain, or help you get a payline.

More about scatters and jokers

Not all slot machines have scatter symbols, but very many have it. These symbols are generally not bound by paylines, but can give you gains directly if you get enough of them regardless of the board. In other cases, they can trigger a bonus game. In games with free spin symbols, they have a feature feature and give you a Free spinn round with a given number of spins based on how many assignment symbols you had.

You will find the joker under many names in the different slot machines. A symbol that can behave like most symbols except the scatter. The usual Joker symbol helps you get a winning line since it can replace for other symbols. Expanding wilds expand when they land in the game and can cover the entire board and give you further chances of winning. Stacked or stacked wilds come after another on the wheel, and when the wheel is spinning, chances are to get even more jokers on the board.

You will also find sticky wilds and wandering jokers on some slot machines. Stack jokers stick to the same position when the symbols spin. The wandering jokers land in a place on the board and move on for each spin. Either a notch to the right, or down at cascade falls, until they are out of the gaming field.

Vending machines with wheels or falling symbols

The traditional vending machines consisted of three wheels with three rows. Gradually, both more wheels and rows have often come on the vending machines, but most slot machines consist of 3 x 3, 4 x 3, 4 x 4 and 5 x 3. These wheels spin when you press the game button and when the wheels stop spinning , it is the symbols that determine whether you win or not.

With the vending machine Gonzo’s Quest You got something new on the slot machine. It was the first slot machine with avalanche function or falling symbols. Instead of wheels that spinner, the symbols come down the grid. And with this technology, there were no gains in line, but gains with enough symbols in clusters. In addition, winning symbols disappear so that new symbols fall into the voids. This is going on until you do not get a win. On this visited you can win several times at the same spin with cascade falls.

Read our reviews of popular slots and games for free; Mega Fortune and Mega Joker.

Features in the games

In slot machines you will find many different features. One of the most common is the Respinn function. It's simply that you get a new spin without it costing you anything. If there is a slot machine with attached symbols you can win a bigger gain during Respinn. Falling symbols in slopes with landslide function work as mentioned in the same way.

Many vending machines have bonus rounds or free spins. These bonus games are triggered by scatter or bonus symbols, and in these you get to play with a certain number of free spins. In the past, there were also some vending machines that had extra games, but this has become a little away on newer games since people play to a greater and greater extent play on mobile. Therefore, the developers choose to focus on other functions.

In more and more vending machines you will also find a gambling feature. That means the player can play rid or double with the winnings won. This feature is voluntary, but gives you the chance to double the winnings if you choose the right color on the next card in the deck. If you choose the mistake, you lose the winnings and return to the main game again. With some gambling features you can gamble several times, while others are only once.

One thing that you see more and more of today and is incredibly popular with players are multipliers. No wonder maybe when they can multiply your winnings. Multiplators can be from 2x to 100x depending on what automatic it is. On some vending machines you get even larger multipliers as well.

Vending machines with paylines or winning roads

The traditional slot machines or old slot machines are simple with three wheels and three rows. There you win with three equal symbols on a line from left to right. On such a vending machine there are not so many paylines.

As video slots were made with multiple wheels and rows, this increased the number. Computer technology does not have the same limitations as the physical vending machines. These vending machines were the basis for the first slot machines at the online casinos, But the development has meant that you can win on today's vending machines and both from the right and the left. Thus, there have been many more paylines on many of the vending machines.

Slots with a gain in clusters do not have paylines in the same way. There the winnings get bigger the larger the cluster is on the board, which is often 7 x 7.

The casino industry is innovative, and the trend did not stop with hundreds of gains or vending machines with falling symbols and gain in clusters. A few years ago came The game developer Big Time Gaming with its megaways technology. It has become popular and is used on many slot machines today.

Slot machines online that have This technology Has no fixed paylines. You are awarded a gain if you have three or more profit symbols on a row on adjacent wheels from left to right. Thus, the symbols can land anywhere, and the more wheels and rows there are on the slot machine, the more winning ways there are. On some of the vending machines, an extra row may appear over all the rows, and using it, there may be over 117,000 winning roads on a slot machine with this technology.

Random number generator

For it to be fair when playing on a slot machine, these have something called Random Number Generator (RNG). This ensures that it is just as random which numbers or symbols come after each spin. This cannot be manipulated and slots are checked periodically to find nonconformities.

With RNG, you are just as likely that you will win on five subsequent spins as if you don't. And if you have won five spins in a row, chances are you are winning on the sixth, as you don't. Since the chance of winnings does not get less if you have won, it will be all fair.

Refund to player

One thing to check on slots before you start playing on one is what RTP (Return to Player) it has. The higher it is the better. Today, most vending machines are in the range of 95 to 97 %. Some may be both lower and higher. For you it is the better the higher RTP, since it tells something about what you can expect to get back when playing.

However, you are not guaranteed to get back stated RTP percentage of your bet. RTP tells how much of all bets such as Played on an automatic, which is paid to the players in the form of winnings over a large number of game rounds.

Volatility and hits-frequency on slot machines

Volatility or variance is a measure of how much gains you can expect at a slot machine. Slots can have low, medium and high volatility. Another concept that is closely related to the variance is the hit frequency or the profit frequency of a slot machine. This frequency tells you something about how often you can expect to win on a specific vending machine. If this is 25 % you will on average win every fourth spin. The lower the profit frequency, the greater the winnings when you first win. If the hit sequence is high you win many small winnings.

High volatility slot machines will thus give you high, but less frequent gains, while low volatility machines give you gains more often, but they are small. Most of the slot machine is usually somewhere between these two extremes.

This separates a jackpot machine from regular slots

At first glance, there is little and nothing that sets a regular slot machine apart from a jackpot slot machine. Apart from the fact that some may have the word jackpot in the name. And in many ways, there is also nothing that separates them, because you play and win the same way on a jackpot machine as in the standard slots. The only difference is what you do not see. It's the jackpot.

Some vending machines have their own game for the progressive jackpot As you only come in by playing with maximum bet per spin. On other vending machines, you get the jackpot in regular play by landing enough jackpot symbols to trigger it. There may also be three of them at some jackpot machines. Two smaller jackpots with fixed amounts, and a progressive jackpot.

Many online casinos focus extra on jackpot vending machines And have promotions on them with guaranteed jackpots. It may be in the way that a jackpot should go every hour, daily or weekly. These jackpots do not get as large as the progressive ones that can grow into huge sums, but you have the chance to take more jackpots within a specific time window.

Therefore, progressive jackpots become so large

Many of the smaller jackpots are local. That is, you only find them at the online casino where you play on the slot machine. Other vending machines are in networks that include all the online casinos that have the specific jackpot machine. Every time someone plays on the slot machine, a small proportion is added to the progressive jackpot that is common to everyone. This allows it to grow to astronomical levels if there is any time between each time a lucky player takes the jackpot.

Glossary for slot machines

If you have just started slot machines, there are many new concepts to learn. We have compiled the most commonly used terms in the dictionary below that will help you understand slot machines even better:

Autospinn: A feature you can activate for the slot machine to spin automatically. This is to avoid pressing the spin button every single time. You decide for yourself how long Auto spin should be enabled

Deo Play: Most online slot machines are available in demo version and are completely free. Some casinos require login, others have a restriction on how long you can play for free. Demospill is an excellent way to try free slot machines and get to know the games at

Free spins: Free spins or free rounds are simply free games on vending machines, but where you get the opportunity to win real money. Free spins can be both bonuses and a feature in a game

Paylines: All slot machines have paylines. These are the ones you can win. On classic vending machines you have a few lines, while more advanced vending machines can have hundreds. Most new machines keep all paylines active, while you often have to choose and pay for more paylines on the classic. The principle is simple; The more paylines the greater your winning chances

Effort: Each slot machine makes it possible to regulate the effort. In many vending machines, the term "coin value" is used and indicates how much each spin should cost. The effort is crucial to how much you can win. As a general rule, higher efforts provide higher profit opportunities

jackpot: Many slot machines have a jackpot or extra bonus pot that can be won. The largest are found on the progressive jackpot vending machines. The fact that the jackpot is progressive means that it will grow until someone wins it. To win the jackpot, you must meet the requirements specified in the payout table (read more about the payout table further down)

• Multiplier: A multiplier is a feature of the game that is activated according to specific rules and which provides increased gain. Multipliers are usually between 1x-10x. For example, if you win NOK 100 and have a multiplier of 5x, the winnings will be 500 kr. It is very common with multiplier during free rounds

American slot machines: American slot machines are a separate phenomenon. Until the early 2000s, Norway was filled with slot machines at shopping malls and shops. These were later digitized and today are found in a large number

Scatter: A special symbol on slot machines that assign players free rounds in the game. The number of free rounds varies greatly

Symbols: Each slot machine is made up of symbols. It can be anything from short values to pictures and where certain combinations of these determine what one can win

Payment table: The payout table intends to tell you which symbols are required to win and how much you can win. It also tells how any additional features in the game work and what it takes to win on these

Wilds: The most common special feature in online slot machines. Wilds are available in many variants, but where the common denominator is that they can take shape like all symbols to form longer profits

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Most commonly asked questions about slot machines

There are many who develop games for online casinos, and there are only more and more of them. Everyone has their specialties, and the players like variation in the games, which means that new players are constantly on the market. Some famous gamblers are NetEnt, Microgaming, Play'n Go, Playson, NYX, Red Tiger and Relax Gaming. There are many more, so it is up to you to find those who have the slot machines that you like best.

It varies a lot. The vending machines have many themes, but animals, adventures and nature are popular. So are Vikings, wild vests, pirates, explorers, gods and ancient times. Trademark games are also popular. These games offer well-known films, TV shows and more.

You should play at online casinos that have everything in place. That is, good and clear websites, good selection of slot machines you are looking for, welcome offers and promotions that give you bonuses and free spins on American vending machines, and which generally have everything in place for payment methods and customer service. Not least you should only play at online casinos that have gambling from one or more Recognized regulatory authorities.. It gives you security.

Which slot machines do you win most?

If you are looking for the big sums, it is on machines with progressive jackpots that you can win the big winnings, if you take the jackpot at the right time. If you are more concerned with winning often, choose low volatility slot machines. Then you often win, but mostly minor winnings every time. On high volatility machines, you win less often, but larger amounts when you first win.

There are no vending machines that have Norway in the name, but there are many slot machines that appeal extra to American players. They can do this because they have a theme that tempts such as Vikings or Scandinavian nature. By the way, Americans like fruit machines and joker machines, and it is probably because many remember the physical vending machines and get a nostalgic sense of vending machines reminiscent of these. At the same time, the American folk favorite is Starburst, and it is about something as unoriginal as crystal hunting in space.

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