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Razor Shark | A review of the slot machine

Are you wondering which treasures hide on the bottom of the sea? Then you should try the aquatic slot machine Razor Shark from push gaming. Here you get a nerve -wracking gaming experience combined with elaborate details and entertainment from the first moment.

The game takes place under the sea surface and you will meet a flock of sharks that all give different payouts and symbols. This underwater adventure combines the aesthetics of Nemo, the excitement of Haisommer and several good chances of winning.

  • Slot Machine Name: Razor Shark
  • Play supplier: Push Gaming
  • Published:
  • RTP: 96,75 %
  • Paylines: 20
  • Wheels: 5
  • My. Insert: 0.10
  • Maximum effort: 100
  • Demospill: and
  • Volatility: High
  • Category: Video Slot

How to win winnings at Razor Shark?

To win in the Razor Shark, you have to land three to five symbols on one of their game's 20 paylines. As usual, payouts from left to right and starting with the wheel are placed farthest to the left. It is also possible to activate bonus features.

If you are lucky and get good help from the sharks, the slot machine can reward you up to 50 00 times your bet - in one and the same game round. Razor Shark A high volatility and a 96.75 %RTP, so here's the head of keeping your head underwater.

Razor Shark a high variance, which means you win less often, but bigger winnings. The mystery stack, which we will return to later, provides good profit opportunities, but is not activated as often. When the winnings first arrive, they are curant.

Symbols and themes

Of course, Razor Shark has sea and shark as his theme. Although this may sound something simple to experienced players, you should not look at the dog on the hair. Push Gaming has been diligent with details, teams and history in this slot machine.

You meet a number of symbols that all fit well into the theme. Seagrass, a mask, flippers, oxygen tank and an underwater camera give you good gains, if you land the right combinations.

  • White shark: Scatter symbol
  • Gullhai: multiplier and free spins
  • Underwater camera
  • Seagrass: Mystery stacks
  • Diving mask
  • Swimmer
  • Oxygen tank
  • Shark: pink, blue, green red

Bonus features

What sets Razor Shark apart on the market is the prominent Mystery Stacks feature. Mystery stacks contain four rows and will appear completely randomly during the game. If such a stack falls down, the Razor Reveal feature is automatically activated.

The snow grass in the game will then turn into a gold shark or other paying symbol. Gold sharks can again transform symbols into a small wheel, which will provide scatter symbols and betting multipliers.

The multipliers can be anywhere from your 1x bet or up to 2500x. These are added together when the Razor Reveal feature is finished. It is also possible to land scatter symbols during the round, and then you get free spins rounds.

Razor Shark - Details

Razor Shark has several features you should keep a good eye on if you want to find the treasures that lie on the seabed. Players will probably appreciate all the small details that adorn the screen from top to bottom, and the strong colors compliment the theme.

Around the game screen you will find a rich wildlife where small fish, coral reefs, anemones and starfish move around the crystal clear water. The fine soundtrack sets the mood and the small animations entertain you while the wheels spin.

If you manage to activate a free spins-Round, two of the wheels will be filled with mystery stacks. Here you reveal another feature, "Nudge & Reveal", which provides further multipliers for gains. So there are many taxes to get from the bottom of the sea if you are lucky.

Rtp on razor shark

The slot machine is completed from start to finish, and many players will probably appreciate the mysteries that is activated randomly. This feature gives the vending machine an extra voltage level.

All in all, this is a entertaining slot machine who are well suited for those with an eye for details. With high variance and RTP of 96.75 %, probably big players will appreciate this underwater adventure from Push Gaming.


Razor Shark May not be the most famous slot machine, but it has accumulated a solid fan base since launch. This is probably due to the elaborate theme and the beautiful details, combined with the bonus features.

The most played questions about the slot machine Razor Shark

We have a list of recommended online casinos. Browse the game menu before signing up, as Razor Shark is not available at all online casinos.

The vending machine has a high variance, so the gains will not come as often. However, once you get a winning combination or trigger the bonus feature, the winnings will be very rewarding.

Me, devastate Shark kan Played on mobile As long as you choose a mobile optimized online casino.

The slot machine is developed by Push Gaming, a smaller player who slowly but surely accumulates a larger audience.