Slot machines online

Ever since the classic fruit machines disappeared from the country's shopping malls and kiosks, Americans have flocked digital online casinos to enjoy Slot machines online.. Slot machines are the most popular form of online game and this is often this category online casinos focus on. There are a lot of slot machines to choose from and usually each slot has a unique theme and special features.

We should now take a deep dive in Slot machines online And look more at the different features, winning chances, producers and themes. Slot machines have been around for decades, but the digital variants we have today are far more innovative and catchy than the classic fruit machines you may remember in the past. Online slot machines are very easy to understand, and here you do not have to decide on requirements and rules. Although the options are many, most slot machines will operate on the same basic principle.

What is a slot machine?

The earliest versions of slot machines were developed as early as the 19th century in the United States. These are often called the predecessors to the modern vending machines We have today. Over the years, the slot machines have been improved to fit with today's playing style. The first automatic slot machines came to the world in 1964, and these are the physical vending machines located at land -based casinos, kiosks and shops. These are still a very important part of the gaming market in Monaco and Las Vegas.

Slot machines online Today has between 3 and 5 wheels, which spin in parallel with each other. Each wheel has different symbols and numbers, often based on the theme of the vending machine. You choose how much you want to bet and then the wheels start to spin automatically. When you stop the wheels, the symbols and numbers you land will be the basis for any gain. Some vending machines also have symbols with extra features, such as free spins.

As I said, the symbols will often be related to the story or theme of the slot machine. In the past it was they classic fruit machines With gills, numbers and cherries that throne the category. Over the years there have been several manufacturers on the market and when you can choose between a sea of different themes and stories. The basic spin and symbol The principle is still preserved, as is the entertainment value.

Manufacturers of slot machines

Developers and manufacturers are constantly working away to do their Slot machines online Unique and more entertaining. We often see that each manufacturer has a special way of making their games, and most people often have a niche they stick to. This can also be a game shape or unique features that have been characterized, or the manufacturer's brand.

The vast majority of Playpal will today developed Slot machines online, although they may also have other game types in their portfolio. Some of the most famous names in game producers are NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Microgaming. Yggdrasil is a good example of a manufacturer that includes elements to separate their games on the market. They usually include progression in their slot machines.

Red Tiger Gaming is another manufacturer known for designing games based on Chinese themes. Some manufacturers have also patented their functions.

It is often about creating something that separates the manufacturer's slot machines from the others on the market.


NetEnt, formerly known as Net Entertainment, is a Swedish gaming company that has been on the field since 1996. This is an industry -leading producer with several years of experience behind it. No matter what online casino you visit, you can almost be completely confident that NetEnt's games will be represented in the game menu.

NetEnt is the head behind famous titles that Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and especially Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest.. The manufacturer also works closely with other brands from the film industry, which means that you can often find exciting slot machines based on your favorite series here.

NetEnt produces a number of Casino games, but it is slot machines that are their major main focus. Excellent graphics and ease of use are keywords that represent the gaming giant's huge selection of exciting Slot machines online.


Microgaming is probably an established and recognized game manufacturer for the iGaming industry. The company saw the light of day in 1994, and since then they have developed famous and beloved slot machines online. One of their main focus is progressive jackpot vending machines, which is known for releasing huge winnings to lucky players.

Among Microgaming's most famous titles, we find names that Mega Moungah, King Cashalot, Joker 800, Thunderstruck and Immortal Romance. Do you play a lot on Online casino it is impossible not to get over these titles.

This is also a producer that works closely with the TV and media industry, which has resulted in exciting game editions based on Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones. Microgaming continues to impress with several bonus features in its modern and classic games.

Words and expressions in slot machines

Online slot machines often have a number of words and expressions associated with them, which are not always as easy for beginner to understand. We are going to go through some of the expressions that go back in several of the most famous vending machines On the market today.


Volatility says something about what the risk and winning chances of the slot machine are. If you play with low volatility you will be able to win often, but little. High volatility, on the other hand, means that you win less often, but often bigger gains.

Wheels and columns

The wheels are the series of symbols or numbers spun in the vending machine. Columns are almost the same as wheels, but here do not spin the symbols, they fall on the screen. If you play on a column slot, you may experience features that make the symbols disappear or collapse - depending on how the slot machine is designed. If you play with wheels, the symbols will not change space.


The payline is the line you see over the columns and wheels of the game. It is this line the symbols fall on when the wheels stop spinning. You can meet on vending machines with multiple paylines, or vending machines that give winning chances where as completely on the payline.

Coin value

When you bet real money on a slot machine, you can adjust the value of your bet. For example, if an online slot machine has a coin value of 0.1, you will bet in NOK 10 % of what the coin shows. If you have a coin value of 0.1 and bet 10 kroner, this will be 1 kroner.

Bonus features on slot machines

Many slot machines come with advanced and good bonus features. These usually come in the form of bonus symbols that allow you to play longer and with better benefits. Some of the most famous symbols and features are the scatter, wild and free spins symbols. You can expect such symbols to find almost all online slot machines.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols work in many ways like a joker. This symbol can unlock new features, often free spins.. If you manage to land a scatter symbol on your payline, you will get new benefits that allow you to play longer. Sometimes this can be interactive bonus games with higher winning chances.

Wild symboler

A wild symbol will replace other symbols you land on the payline and help you reach a winning combination. In other words, it is possible to win without a winning combination, as long as you have managed to land a wild symbol on your payline.

Under the online slot machines you will find a table that explains what symbols you get included in game rounds. In our reviews, we always go through features and symbols of slot machines. If you have any favorite symbols, you may want to take a look at our reviews. Then you find a slot machine that is right for you.

free spins

Free spins can either come in the form of a scatter symbol, or be a separate symbol of the slot machine. Free spins are simply a completely free spin.. It gives you the same winning chances and values as a regular spin, but you don't have to pay for it. Many people search specifically for online slot machines with free spins features, as this helps give you extra chances of winning during the round.

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How much can I win at slot machines?

Beginners are often skeptical of slot machines, but if you have the luck with you you can win big. All serious and professional online casinos will operate with what is called a player license - this is required. A license ensures your rights as a player, but it also ensures that all online slot machines have a random number generator, also called RNG. A random number generator ensures that it is neither the game manufacturer nor The online casino that determines the winner.

Exactly how much you can win at a slot machine will depend on several factors. This depends on how the vending machine is developed and what the top prize is. You quickly notice that some online slot machines have a larger top gain than others. Although the potential for winning the largest lies on the vending machines with the greatest gain, it is often the slots with low volatility that most often distribute gains.

progressive jackpot vending machines is known for distributing the largest sums. Here the top prize is great, but the chances of winning are usually less than on regular slot machines. If you are interested in knowing how often a slot machine distributes winning, you can look at the slot machine RTP.

This stands for Return to Player and tells you something about the theoretical repayment on the slot machine. Although all slot machines distribute winnings based on a random number generator, there are some vending machines that give out winnings more often than others.

Our recommended slot machines

You have many choices regarding Slot machines online, but a good tip is to test out the game before you bet real money. Most slot machines will offer what is called a demo version. Here you get the chance to try out the game without betting real money. You don't want to win anything either, but this is a great way to try out features and get an understanding at a time in the game.

Experienced players often have some producers they like better than others. Once you have tested different online slot machines, you will probably also quickly find that you prefer certain features of others. Are you looking for new slots online? Then can review our reviews of different vending machines and manufacturers. The reviews are written by real game enthusiasts who know what makes a slot machine good or bad.

Ultimately, it's all about taste and pleasure. The advantage of slot machines is that there is something for everyone. Whether you like calm Play with low risk, or action -filled vending machines with high volatility And big winning chances - there is an automaton that meets every need. Feel free to take a look at our reviews Where we go through the game carefully as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

Remember that web playing should be entertaining first and foremost. Never play over your own ability and know your boundaries, so you get a good and safe gaming experience. Slot machines online Has become more and more popular in recent years. We are constantly seeing new manufacturers coming on the field, with innovative features and new ways of playing. One of the great benefits of slot machines is that you never have to deal with rules - here are only high entertainment value and good chances of winning.