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Arabian Nights is a progressive slot machine and it was developed by the game developer NetEnt. But this is not just a progressive slot machine. It also has elements that indicate that this slot machine also belongs in the category of video slots. It is because of the slot machine's theme, but we will come back to a little further down here.

This slot machine was developed in 2006 and it was also one of the first progressive slot machines that NetEnt Developed. At the time of writing, we are in 2021, and this slot machine is definitely starting to bear the impression that it is almost 15 years since it came on the market. But it does not stand in the way of the slot machine's popularity, that is!

Being a progressive slot machine is synonymous for being a jackpot game. That is, this is a game where you can play quite ordinary, and suddenly the situation is turned upside down. Then you probably landed a special combination, which immediately makes the gaming experience even more exciting.

When we have a progressive slot machine (or a jackpot game), there are some concepts that are very relevant to say something about. One of these is the slot machine RTP. An abbreviation for Return to Player or as we say on the American, theoretical repayment rate. In this case, it is 95.62 %.

Arabian Nights Setup

The slot machine Arabian Nights consists of five wheels with three rows each. This slot machine also has 10 paylines, and it is not the most impressive number of paylines we have seen. But to be one of the first progressive slot machines of the respective game developer, it might not be too bad anyway. It was another time then!

But of course you don't have to play with as much as 10 paylines you don't want to. It's something you decide for yourself, so in Arabian Nights you can choose how many paylines between 1 and 10 you want to use in the game. It's actually quite practical!

The number of paylines is not the only thing you can decide in this game. You also get the opportunity to adjust how much you want to bet or the coin value of each coin. The coin values you can choose from are at a value between 0.5 and 5. But of course, the more you bet, the greater your chances of winning.

Arabian Nights Theme and Symbols

Arabian Nights is a slot machine, but it's also a video slot. This is clear from the slot machine's design elements. A video slot is characterized by the result of a very thoughtful and done work, and there is no doubt that this slot machine is. Arabian Nights has this, and even more!


It is quite obvious what the overall theme in Arabian Nights is. Of course, we don't know if it happened to you, but it appeared in our heads immediately when we saw Arabian Nights slot machine. Of course, it is Aladdin and the Arab night that is the theme here. Have you always wanted to experience Persian culture? Now you have the chance!

The overall theme of this slot machine is definitely completed, and that in a good way. Of course, the vending machine itself is the focus, but you can glimpse elements that are associated with Aladdin and the Arab night in the background. It includes dark colors and crowded streets. In addition, it is, after all, moon and stars in the sky.

When it comes to the wheels the slot machine consists of, it is absolutely characterized by the fact that this is a slot machine that starts to pull on the years. It is clear from Arabian Nights's graphics, but who does not say yes thanks to a classic look slot machine in the new and ne? At least we do!

In Arabian Nights you will meet at classic casino symbols as short symbols, as well as you want to become new acquaintances with symbols that are exclusive to this particular slot machine. There are some of the elements we should of course take a closer look at.


In Arabian Nights, as I said, you will both get a happy reunion and become new acquaintances when it comes to symbols spent on the reels of this slot machine. Of course, we are talking about card symbols and a number of other symbols that are relevant to what is the overall theme in this case. Some of these symbols are as follows:

  • 9 – tall (kortsymbol)
  • 10 – tall (kortsymbol)
  • J - jack (card symbol)
  • Q - Queen (Card Symbol)
  • K - king (card symbol)
  • A – ess (kortsymbol)
  • Camel (animal)
  • Turban (headgear)
  • Tents (hiking equipment)
  • SABLE (weapons)
  • Magic lamp (object, scatter symbol)
  • Sultan (person, symbol with many features)

In addition to slightly more traditional symbols, Arabian Nights also have some symbols with special features. It is the magic lamp and sultan itself, which respects as a scatter symbol and a symbol with quite a few features. It looks a bit like a bonus symbol, but it's probably not the right terminology here.


In Arabian Nights, it does not work that every symbol has its own individual value. The different coin values apply to all the different symbols. It simply means that when you change the coin value, it is changed for everyone. You can choose from 6 different coin values, and here are the extremes 0.01 and 2.

You can also choose between different bet levels (between 1 and 10). Of course, this too is something that will make the different values change. The higher the bet level you choose, the higher the value of each coin is in the game. If you want to win big, then you should definitely consider betting coins with a good coin value.

Arabian Nights features

In addition to being a progressive slot machine with a progressive jackpot, Arabian Nights also have a number of other features. All of these are features that can make this specific slot machine seem attractive to the players, and it seems that it has worked as well. We assume that NetEnt is very happy to see, even after all these years that have passed.

These features include two bonus features and a feature based on Free spin.. The two bonus features are based on the Sultan symbol that we mentioned earlier. It is both a bonus symbol and a wild symbol, and one of what this symbol does is to compliment the winnings you have already found. It is doubled thanks to the wild symbol!

It is also the Sultan symbol that is necessary for you to be relevant to win The jackpot in Arabian Nights. Here, only a jackpot is in the game, although it is very popular to offer more jackpots of varying value among other progressive slot machines. You need 5 Sultan symbols to try to win the jackpot.

In addition to these bonus features, Arabian Nights is also equipped with a feature that gives you free spins. Here is the scatter symbol that is relevant, and if you land three of this, you will get 15 free spins. It also comes with a re-spin in this case, which means that if you get more winning combinations in a row, it will continue until you no longer get it.

Not bonus games in Arabian Nights

We have also noticed that there is no bonus game in Arabian Nights. Based on when this game was developed, it may not be so strange either. But this had undoubtedly led to this slot machine getting the little extra, if the game developer NetEnt had, for example, released an updated version with this.

But lack of bonus games or not, the progressive jackpot is reason enough to try the winning luck in Arabian Nights. If you land 5 Sultan symbols and are not as lucky to land the same right afterwards, you will nevertheless win a good coins with coins. It is a nice, little patch on the wound!

Jackpot i Arabian Nights

While very many progressive slot machines Operating with multiple jackpots, then Arabian Nights does not follow the stream in this case. Here, only one huge jackpot applies. But of course that does not mean that this is worse. In a way, this can actually be a little easier to keep track of. At the time of writing, the value of the jackpot was:

  • Arabian Nights Jackpot: 503,740.21 euros (equivalent to 5201323.29 NOK)

That means, as I said, that Arabian Nights does not have a bonus game. It would probably have had if there were a larger number of jackpots. Instead, focus on the symbols and cross your fingers to land one of the combinations needed to win.

If you want to win the Jackpot in Arabian Nights, you must have happiness on your side. There is nothing you can do to influence the result, besides playing with all the 10 paylines active. If you play with a smaller number, you won't be a candidate for the big jackpot. To win it, you also need 5 Sultan symbols.

Here you can play Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights is a pretty popular game, and it's rarely a big problem to find one or more online casinos that offer popular games. With a few exceptions, slot machines are generally not very difficult to find on the most popular slot machines. After all, they are an important element in any good online casino, so it's not that strange either

Here is a brief overview of various online casinos where you can play Arabian Nights Slot Machine:

  • Betsson
  • Casino Winner
  • Invoice
  • Casilando
  • Leovec
  • Maria Casino
  • Unibet

Here is an overview of some of the online casinos that allow you to play Arabian Nights. But it is not certain that this list mentions your preferred Online casino, but of course it doesn't have to be a big thing. Because it's not just the mentioned online casinos that have this game. This is just a small selection, because the complete list would be too long to include the whole.

Arabian Nights Summary

  • Navn: Arabian Nights
  • Play supplier: NetEnt
  • Launched: 2006
  • Wheels: 5
  • Rader: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • RTP: 95,62 %
  • Theme: the Arab night
  • Destination in the game: Persia
  • Slot Machine Mascot: Sultan (or Aladdin, if you will)
  • Symbols: Short symbols and others related to the Arab night
  • Coin value: between 0.1 and 2
  • Features: Wild symbol, feature that gives x number of free spins
  • BonusSpill: After
  • Kun my jackpot
  • Offered by a variety of online casinos

Arabian Nights Conclusion

Arabian Nights is one slot machine online With an in -depth theme, which can have a troll binding effect on many. This slot machine was developed by NetEnt in 2006.

The fact that this slot machine begins to pull on the years is reflected in the slot machine's graphics and the various design elements. However, it does not appear to be in the way of the slot machine's general popularity. It has really hit and taken root!

With a theoretical repayment rate of 95.62 % and a jackpot that is constantly increasing in value, it is not the least strange that Arabian Nights from NetEnt has been and is still a very popular slot machine.