Mega Moungah

Mega Moungah is a progressive slot machine developed by the game developer Microgaming. In addition to being a progressive slot machine, this slot machine also belongs in the category containing video slots. The reason for that is the slot machine's theme, but we will come back to a little further down in this review.

This slot machine also has a very good reputation. In fact, it is said that this progressive microgaming slot machine is the slot machine of this type that has done it best on the market among casino games. It is almost meant that this slot machine is one of the best progressive slot machines you can find.

It's not that strange either, as Mega Moolah has actually been on the market for a few years already. Microgaming developed this slot machine in 2006, and it was launched in the fall that year. Slot Machine Mega Moolah was launched in late November 2006, to be a little more accurate.

That that this is a progressive slot machine means that Mega Moolah is a jackpot game. One term that is particularly relevant according to slot machines like this is RTP. It stands for Return to Play, or theoretical repayment percentage, as we call it in American. How much can you expect to get back here? Here it is relatively low (88.12 %), but it can increase to 94 %.

What is a progressive slot machine?

A slot machine is considered progressive when part of the effort added to a jackpot it goes against to increase the maximum jackpot gains. When it is initialized, for example when it is started or after the progressive jackpot is won, a progressive slot machine gets a starting sum - which can be anything from a few hundred thousand kroner. Different progressive jackpots have different start sums.

What is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases when people play on a particular slot machine. Each spin on a progressive jackpot game adds a small amount to a larger "jackpot pool". Jackpot pools can grow to many millions of dollars, and they continue to increase until someone is lucky enough to win. As the jackpots grow, people tend to play the games even more, and the potential prize grows exponentially. As an example was Joker MillionsThe jackpot won with a record amount of almost NOK 80 million at LeoVegas.

Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods are other examples of progressive jackpot machines associated with a larger network of online casinos. Online casinos often offer the same slot machines from the same The game developers. It is good for an online casino if they are so lucky to have customers who win these big jackpot games often, as they get a lot of free mention with such a big win.

Divine Fortune is an example of a progressive slot machine that has a local jackpot. A local jackpot means that each online casino pays out the winnings alone, and they are usually not as big as a "pooled jackpot".

Mega moolah setup

Mega Moolah is a slot machine consisting of five wheels with three rows each. The slot machine has a total of 25 paylines, and these paylines are fixed. However, you can choose how many of the paylines you want to play with. You decide if you want to play with 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 paylines. You can even play with just one.

This slot machine works so that the bet is adjusted based on the number of paylines that are active in the game. Both the bet level and the coin value are thus varying factors here. The former will vary between 1 and 5, while the latter will move between values with 1 and 50 cents as extremes.

Of course, how much you bet will affect how much you win. The more you bet, the more you can win. So your winning chances are bigger if you choose to play with a higher number of paylines than if you choose to play with a lower number of paylines.

Mega moolah theme and symbols

Mega Moolah is a video slot. It is a gaming category that is characterized by a very completed theme, and it is reflected in all the design elements of the relevant slot machine. It does not only mean that the slot machine's theme is specific. It also involves good graphics, cool animations and an impressive number of bonus features.


As a video slot, Mega Moolah is certainly not an exception to these characteristics. The overall theme in Mega Moolah Slot Machine is Safari. That is, this is the game for those who have always wanted to travel to Africa. Now you have the chance - at least in a virtual world!

When you play Mega Moolah you are in an African savanna. It is reflected by the slot machine's design elements, which consists of large trees, tired grass and a blue sky in the distance. At first glance it may look a bit like a beach, but after taking a closer look, there is no doubt that this will definitely imagine the desert.

Mega Moolah's mascot is the lion. It is a majestic animal and it causes the expectations of this slot machine to be soaring. The gaming experience cannot be under the lion's dignity, can it? Of course it is not either!

Mega Moolah's overall theme also reflects in the slot machine's symbols. Here, the classic casino symbols have been replaced with pictures (or symbols) by other animals. Nor would we expect anything else from the animal slot machine from Microgaming, and we will also take a closer look at these.


The classic casino symbols are, as I said, replaced with symbols to represent other animals you can find in the African savannah. The different animals will have different functions. Of course, it is just to expect from a typical video slot, but it is incredibly cool with something that has been done to even the smallest details, which the symbols of the wheels actually are.

But some traditional casino symbols are of course, but you also know these well before. If not from the casino, then from a game type - card game. Here is an overview of the various symbols you will meet at Mega Moolah:

  • J - jack (card symbol)
  • Q - Queen (Card Symbol)
  • K - king (card symbol)
  • A – ess (kortsymbol)
  • Elephant (Animals)
  • Buffalo (animal)
  • Giraff (animals)
  • Zebra (animals)
  • Gaselle (animals)
  • Lion (animal, wild symbol)
  • Monkey (animals, scatter symbol)

The lion can thus appear as a symbol similar to the other animals, but the lion is a slightly different symbol. It is a wild symbol that can sneak in and replace almost all symbols, and if it happens, the value of your winnings will double. A monkey can also appear as a scatter symbol. With it you can win real money, not just coin values.


Above we saw the different symbols you want to meet when playing Mega Moolah, but what exactly do these symbols mean? But it is not that the different symbols mean something special, it is rather the value of each symbol that is important here:

  • J - Coin value between 0.03 and 0.60
  • Q - Coin value between 0.04 and 0.75
  • K - coin value between 0.06 and 1
  • A - Coin value between 0.08 and 1.50
  • Elephant - coin value between 0.06 and 7.50
  • Buffalo - coin value between 0.04 and 6
  • Giraff - Coin value between 0.30 and 5
  • Zebra - coin value between 0.20 and 4
  • Gaselle - Coin value between 0.10 and 2.50
  • Lion (wild symbol)-coin value between 0.15 and 150
  • Monkey (scatter symbol)-coin value between 0.50 and 25

The list above is based on the lowest value Mega Moolah Slot Machine offers. But you can also choose an effort that is significantly higher, and then of course this overview will look very different. The higher your bet, the higher the coin value for each symbol and the more you can win.

Mega moolah features

Mega Moolah is, as I said, a progressive slot machine.. This is a very exciting element, even when it is alone. But of course it's not the only thing that makes Mega Moolah Slot Machine special. It also has other features, which have an exclusively positive effect on the game experience itself.

When you play at Mega Moolah Slot Machine can win free spins, among other things, if you land specific combinations that activate this. There is something the monkey (the scatter symbol) can help you with, and for that you need to land three of this symbol. It gets better actually even better, because the monkeys don't have to be on the same wheel or row.

So it doesn't matter where the three monkeys land. In any case, such a combination will activate 15 free spins, and perhaps it is just you who are lucky enough to win a win with one of these 15 free spins. In fact, the winnings will be affected by a 3 x multiplier, and that of course leads you to win even more!

Mega moolah happiness wheels

Mega Moolah also consists of a bonus game, but it is not uncommon for the word happiness wheels to be used on this concept as well. It's not something you as a player can do to make it dissolve. It is on the lucky wheel that you want the chance to win the big jackpots. So it is the lucky wheel that makes Mega Moolah a progressive slot machine.

Which jackpot you possibly get off with will vary based on which field you land on this special wheel. Here, too, there is nothing you can do to influence this. You just have to spin the wheel when it turns out to you, and then hope for the best. Of course, we hope you win as much as possible!

Jackpots in mega moolah

Mega Moolah has, as I said, also a bonus game. It is this game that makes this slot machine a progressive slot machine.. In the bonus game you have the opportunity to win not just one, but four jackpots. One more impressive than the other:

  • Mega Moolah Jackpot Mini Progressive: 10 USD (equals 85.42 NOK)
  • Mega Moolah Jackpot Minor Progressive: 100 USD (equivalent to $ 854.20)
  • Mega Moolah Jackpot Major Progressive: 10,000 USD (equivalent to $ 85459.25
  • Mega Moolah Jackpot Mega Progressive: 1,000,000 USD (corresponds to (8546925.00 NOK)

It's not quite a coincidence what jackpot you win. Of course, it depends on which symbol you land on the lucky wheel, and if you want you can learn the meaning of these as well. A red zebra will give you the smallest jackpot, an orange giraffe gives you the second smallest, a yellow elephant gives you the second largest and a white lion gives you the biggest jackpot.

Based on these sums, we realize very well that this is a slot machine that has become very popular, both among American and international players. Who didn't like to win as much money (almost) as easy as just that? At least we had it!

Here you can play mega moolah

Mega Moolah is, as I said, a very popular game. That means it will not be a very big problem to find an online casino that offers this slot machine. With a few exceptions, slot machines are not generally particularly difficult to find on the most popular slot machines. Slot machines are, after all, an important element in any good online casino.

Here is a small overview of various online casinos where you can play Mega Moolah Slot Machine:

The above is an overview of some of the online casinos that offer Mega Moolah. If your preferred online casino is not listed on this list, we can of course reassure you that it is not just these online casinos that offer this slot machine. This list is just a small selection, as the complete list would be very long.

Mega Moolah Summary

  • Name: Mega Moolah
  • Play supplier: Microgaming
  • Launched: 2006
  • Wheels: 5
  • Rader: 3
  • Paylines: 25
  • RTP u/jackpot: 88,12 %
  • RTP m/jackpot: 94 %
  • Theme: Safari
  • Destination in the game: African savanna
  • Slot Machine Mascot: Lion
  • Symbols: Short symbols and other animals
  • Coin value: Between 0.03 and 150
  • Features: Free spin w/multicator
  • Bonus Games: Lykkehul
  • Four different jackpots
  • Offered by a variety of online casinos

Mega moolah conclusion

Mega Moolah is a very popular slot machine among both American and international players, and we understand that very well. If you are lucky and the lucky wheel is released, you can win huge jackpots.

The slot machine has a completed theme, and it has left traces in absolutely all of the slot machine's design elements. Right down to the very smallest detail!

Mega Moolah generally has a very low repayment percentage (88.12 %), but thanks to the progressive element, this percentage can increase up to 94 %, so it will definitely be worth your time.

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