Card payment at American online casinos

American players playing at online casinos find more Payment methods to choose between. Among these are a number of cards that allow you to perform card payments. Both Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Paysafecard are well -known players for many casino players.

With the help of card payment you can deposit money into casinos in a safe and easy way. In some cases it is also possible to make withdrawals to the card-such as with Visa cards.

In this guide we will take a closer look at card payment for American players at online casinos. As soon as you put money into the casino, a world of games and opportunities opens up. Fit money on everything from online poker to classic slot machines!

What is card payment?

Card payment Is exactly what it sounds like - namely payment by card. The most common cards used for payment are enough VISA and Mastercard, which are the most famous debit and credit cards on the market.

Other cards are prepaid cards like Paysafecard, but this card is no longer available for use with American players online. maestro Available as debit card or prepaid card and offered at a variety of casinos.

Card payment | Safety

When it comes to security, card payment is a good choice. When you pay with cards online, all serious online casinos have a so-called SSL protocol that ensures that your payment information is 100 % encrypted and invisible to others.

It is perhaps also reassuring that Visa, MasterCard and other cards have built -in security, which makes deposits and withdrawals even safer.

In fact, it is believed that Visa is the most popular payment method among American players online, and it indicates that the payment solution is well -proven and secure. Had it not been, people would have stopped using debit cards for the longest time.

How does card payment at Casino work?

Card payment on online casinos is easy! When you deposit money into the online casino, you must first log in to your user account. Then select "Deposit", "Deposit" or similar on the payment pages, and then choose payment method.

You can then choose Visa, MasterCard or other payment methods as you wish. If you choose a debit card, you must enter your card number and other information the casino requests. Remember that all information is encrypted and stored safely.

But how is it possible to pay with cards as a visa from American banks, when the American authorities block all transactions to foreign websites with casino games? When you buy something online, there is a code in the transaction that describes what the trade applies.

Therefore, online casinos have begun to let you pay with prepaid Visa cards. You buy this with your regular Visa card so the purchase cannot be connected directly to Casino games. Not all casinos allow you to use this payment method, but many do. Check our updated top list of Visa casino in Norway.

How to open account at Visa, MasterCard and Maestro?

Most of us already have both Visa and Mastercard. Most debit cards you use in stores are of the Visa or MasterCard type, or maybe Maestro. If you do not already have a debit card, this is something you can apply for from your bank.

Many people choose to have a Visa card associated with their use account, which can be very convenient if you are going to play online. It may also be okay to use a MasterCard, ie a credit card. Then you can pay money on the credit card as you spend your credit.

Remember that your bank will perform a credit check of you if you are going to apply for a credit card. This is to make sure you are creditworthy, which you may not be if you have many payment notes.

How to fill money on the card?

This may vary from debit card to debit card. If you play with a Visa card associated with your use account, you can transfer money to this account yourself. Remember that the money is not deducted directly from your Visa account, but a prepaid VISA card.

If you play by credit card you will "borrow" money on the card, and then pay them in gradually. Remember that there may be high interest rates on credit cards like MasterCard, so be sure to repay within the interest -free period expires!

Processing time on transactions with cards

Card transactions are both simple and practical, and also safe. What might pull down a bit is that payment card transactions often take a little longer than other payment methods. E-wallets that Ecopayz and MuchBetter Provides faster transfers.

Different casinos usually have their own routines when it comes to treatment time. Some casinos allow you to deposit money during the day, while withdrawals often take up to five business days with cards. If you want quick outlets, e.g. Within 48 hours, you should go for an e-wallet.

Amount limits on payments by card

An advantage of deposits and withdrawals with debit cards is that online casinos often have higher amount limits for these payment methods than others. However, different casinos often operate with different amount limits.

It is advisable to check if the casino has an overview that shows amount limits and processing time for different payment cards. Then it will be easier for you to find a casino that has amount limits and other routines tailored to you.

Why use card payment?

Perhaps the biggest reason why people make use of card payment at the casino is that the payment method is well known. Most people have payment cards before, and know how this is used. For example, many have experience with e -commerce.

Playing at an online casino is quite similar to shopping goods online, in terms of payment. When a payment method feels well known, it also feels safe. If you want a simple and straightforward payment method, maybe card payment is the most natural choice.

Card payment is a safe form of payment, and with SSL technology at all serious online casinos, sensitive information will also not end up.

Find a casino that allows card payment!

There are several casinos that allow American players to pay with prepaid Visa cards and other forms of card payment. Check out the casinos we recommend and use card payment at a casino that lives up to your expectations.

Among Recommended casino Your favorites can be found Unibet, Leovec, Betsson, Maria casino, Casino Friday, Folkeriket and


Is it safe to choose a card payment?

Yes! There are many different forms of card payment, and variants such as Visa, Mastercard and Maestro are very safe. However, make sure you only use debit cards on serious casinos with license, so you have a good gaming experience.

It is just as safe to use card payment as, for example, payment with Muchbetter or Ecopayz. The website of the casino has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), ie a protocol that encrypts all payment information.

It is largely up to you to decide what is best of credit cards or prepaid cards when playing online. Choose what is best for you!

The most important thing is that you go for a payment method that makes it easy to control your own use of money. If you use credit cards, you should also make sure to repay the money before the interest rates start running. But of course it's up to yourself.

Yes! When you make a purchase with card online, the transaction is marked with a code. This code tells your bank what the purchase applies. Since online casinos have a code that American banks do not make payments, card payment must be resolved in a different way.

Many casinos allow you to pay by card by buying a prepaid VISA card. Thus, American banks cannot block the payment, since the prepaid card is not directly connected to gambling.

You will then be able to use the prepaid card to deposit money into foreign online casinos, by providing a code. In other words, this works in a similar way as Paysafecard, which is no longer offered to American players.