Maestro as a payment solution at online casino

maestro is a debit card offered at a variety of online casinos. The card allows you to make deposits or withdrawals at the casino, and is considered a safe and good payment method. This debit card is very similar to Visa and MasterCard, and is owned by the latter.

If you are looking for a safe and at the same time simple payment method, Maestro may be for you. In this guide we will take a closer look at how Maestro can be used by American players at online casinos.

About Maestro | Facts and history

maestro has since 1991 been released by Mastercard, and can be regarded as MasterCard's variant of the Visa company Visa Electron. Maestro is an online card, and it is not possible to cover the amount on the card.

Today you will find Maestro on the list of payment methods at a number of online casinos. Not all casinos offer the solution, but many do. Therefore, if you have Maestro, you may consider deposits with this payment method at the casino.

Maestro | Safety

Maestro is a secure payment solution and has the same security level as MasterCard. Among other things, you are protected from online scams when using this card, which is a big in many eyes.

It is also important to use only Maestro on Recognized and licensed casinos online.. Among other things, keep in mind that the casino should have SESL (Secure Sockets Layer) on its website, as this means that payment information is encrypted.

How do payments work with Maestro at casinos?

It may seem a little strange that it is possible to use debit cards from American banks on online casinos, since the authorities block such transactions. American banks are not allowed to approve transactions to foreign online casinos due to the regulations.

However, casinos on the Internet have found a solution to this, and allow you to pay with Maestro by first going via an intermediary. You therefore buy some kind of coupon from a third party with your Maestro card, and use the coupon as a payment at the casino.

In this way, American banks cannot stop your transaction, since it cannot be linked directly to an online casino. The same procedure applies to VISA, MasterCard and the like Debit card.

How to open account at Maestro?

You can apply for Maestro cards from many American banks. Maybe you already have a card like this lying in your wallet? It is easy to apply for the card online.

Remember that you can also use Visa or MasterCard at many American online casinos. Chances are that you have one of these cards from before, since Maestro is not as well known as the other two cards.

How to fill money on Maestro?

Maestro acts as a debit card, which means you can deposit money into the account associated with the card. You can compare the process of depositing money on a Visa or Visa Electron card.

Remember that it is not possible to transfer the amount in a Maestro account. Never play for more money than you can afford to lose. You can read more about Responsible game In our guide.

Treatment time on Maestro transactions

It is largely the casinos themselves that determine how long the processing time there are on transactions with Maestro. In most cases, deposits will happen with immediate effect, so you can start playing right away. Discover everything from Slot machines to live casino games!

Upon withdrawal, the treatment of your Maestro transaction may take a few days. This, too, depends entirely on the casino's routines regarding the treatment of withdrawals.

Amount limits with maestro

Like processing time, amount limits can vary from casino to casino. The lower amount limit for deposits usually varies between 100 and 300 kroner at most casinos. The upper deposit limit can often vary slightly more.

When withdrawals with Maestro you can often withdraw anything from a few hundred kroner to several thousand kroner. It may be okay to check out amount limits for Maestro withdrawals at the individual casino.

If you are a big player, it may be okay to choose a casino online with high withdrawal and deposit limits. Then you do not have to deposit or withdraw money over multiple deposits or withdrawals. Many casinos have high withdrawal limits, such as Bitstarz.

Why use the payment method?

There may be several reasons why someone chooses to use Maestro for deposits or withdrawals at an online casino. In many cases, the payment method is used because the player already has experience with Maestro. Then it is convenient and easy to use it on casino games as well.

Maestro is also a very safe payment solution, which means that many players want to use the method. The card is as safe as other debit cards, such as Visa Electron and MasterCard.

It is also easy to use Maestro, despite the fact that the payments must be made through a third party. You just need to choose the payment method at the casino, and then you will explain step by step how to proceed.

Finn and Maestro-Casino

There are many good Maestro casinos to choose from. If you are unsure if the casino is accepting Maestro, it may be worthwhile to check this with customer service. Many of our recommended casinos allow deposits and withdrawals with the payment solution.

If you are unsure which casino online is best for you, we can tip you about a number of good and safe choices. For example, test Unibet, Maria Casino, Playamo, Casino Friday, American Automats, DuxCasino and Rizk. All are safe for American players.

All casinos we recommend have a license from authorities such as Malta Gaming Authority, Curaçao or the UK Gambling Commission. The casinos also front responsible games and take gambling addiction seriously.

Our Recommended casinos Also has a rich and varied game selection. You can choose from anything from betting and odds, to video slots and table games or live casino. The casinos we recommend also have good customer service, and often this is open 24/7 for American players.


Are there fees for using Maestro?

Some casinos require fees when processing your payments via Maestro. As a rule, there are no large fees (0.5–2 % of the amount). However, most casinos do not require fees, so you do not have to worry about this at all.

It is always advisable to check the casino's terms of use before completing transactions. Then you do not have to come as a surprise to any fees. Remember that your bank may also require fees to process transactions coming from abroad.

Yes! Maestro is a very safe and proven payment method, and is used by many Americans. The card is used for shopping online, but also to play at online casinos.

Maestro provides you, among other things, protection against scams when online trading, similar to MasterCard. This is reassuring when you play online. In addition, you should choose a casino with SSL encryption on the website, as this encrypts your payments.

Yes, you can use Maestro on online casinos even if you are American. As you may know, the American authorities are quite strict when it comes to transferring money to foreign casinos. Your American bank is therefore not allowed to accept transactions to online casinos.

Therefore, the payment must go via a third party. Then the bank will not stop your transaction, since it is not directly associated with a casino with the MCC code 7995 (the code showing that the transaction goes to a casino).

American players have several good payment methods to choose from. Recently, payment solutions such as Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard became inaccessible to American players. However, you can still use both Muchbetter, Ecopayz, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro - to name a few.

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