MasterCard as a payment method at Norske Casino

Mastercard Is one of the most common payment methods among Americans - not only for trading in physical stores and online stores, but also at online casinos. This may seem a bit strange, since the American authorities have banned the banks to transfer money to casinos.

All transactions carried out on the Internet or in stores are marked with a so-called MCC code. This code allows your bank to identify what kind of purchase in question. Transactions to online casinos marked with the code 7995.

Transactions with this code are blocked by American banks, since they are required to do so by the authorities. However, online casinos have found a solution to this, and allow you to pay with Mastercard via a third party.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at the use of MasterCard among American players at online casinos. This is one of the safest and most user -friendly payment solutions you can use.

About MasterCard | Facts and history

Mastercard is a company that operates on a multinational basis, and they offer their payment services in a number of countries around the world. The company was founded in 1966, and is behind debit cards and credit cards.

Credit cards are probably what we primarily associate with MasterCard, and the brand name has almost become synonymous with credit cards. If you have a MasterCard credit card, this can be used for purchases with a certain credit limit.

Many American players prefer to use credit cards like MasterCard when playing online casinos. It may not be so strange, since the payment solution is both simple and safe.

MasterCard | Safety

Conducting purchases with MasterCard online is considered very secure. The payment method provides you, among other things, protection against scams online, thus allowing you to shop safely online.

Casinos that allow you to use MasterCard provide further security and have SSL encryption on their website. With SSL, payment information will be encrypted, so that you are protected from identity theft and scams.

If you use MasterCard, this is at least as safe payment method as such as VISA, MuchBetter, Ecopayz and other renowned payment methods. Also keep in mind that you should never share codes and the like with others.

How does MasterCard payments work on online casinos?

Since American banks cannot approve transactions to and from online casinos, the transaction has to go through an intermediary. This intermediary is a third party, and this is where you make your online purchase.

You buy some kind of coupon from the third part, and this one serves as a payment at the online casino. This allows you to pay with MasterCard at online casinos, without the transaction being connected to an online casino of your bank at home in Norway.

How to open account at MasterCard?

If you want to pay with MasterCard at an online casino, it's probably because you already have a MasterCard card. This is one of the most common payment cards in Norway, next to Visa. You can get credit cards like this from your bank.

As soon as you have a MasterCard you can use this to buy a coupon from a third party, and then use it as a payment at the casino.

How to fill money on MasterCard?

A MasterCard is a credit card, and the money you spend on the card is therefore considered borrowed money. Your credit card company has made a credit check of you, and based on this you get a credit limit. This limit determines how much money you can spend on the card.

As you spend money from your MasterCard - either on online shopping or casino games - you will work up debt. This is then repaid, typically on a monthly basis. Remember to play responsibly, and only for money you can afford to lose!

Treatment time on MasterCard transactions

If you find a casino med MasterCard, you will usually be able to see an overview of the treatment time on the website. Different payment solutions often have different processing time.

As a rule, MasterCard has the same treatment time as VISA card. Most casinos give you direct deposits, while withdrawals can take a few days to process. If you are looking for quick outlets, there are other more effective payment solutions - such as Muchbetter.

Amount limits with MasterCard

Just as different casinos have different processing time on MasterCard transactions, they will often also operate with different amount limits. The vast majority of casinos require you to deposit minimally 100 or 200 kroner for deposits.

When you take out money, you can usually also expect the limit to be on a few hundred patches. The highest deposit and withdrawal amount can vary quite a bit from casino to casino, but is often around NOK 10,000-100,000.

Why use the payment method?

If you are looking for a safe and well -known payment solution to use at online casino, Mastercard is a good choice. With MasterCard you get a secure and popular payment method that you are likely to know before.

When you use MasterCard you are protected from scams, which many see as a great advantage. The payment method may not be the fastest, but reliable it is absolute.

Finn et MasterCard-casino

There are many great online casinos that offer American players to pay with Mastercard or Visa, as well as other payment cards. If you want to find such a casino, we recommend you check out our recommended casinos.

We only recommend the best casinos on our site. By "best" we mean the casinos that score highest when it comes to Safe payment methods, secure licenses, good selection and exciting bonuses.

We can recommend many good MasterCard-casinoer.. Feel free to check out players such as Betsson, LeoVegas, Betsson, Maria Casino, Casinoin and American slots. All of these casinos deliver in terms of safety, game selection, customer service and bonuses!

If MasterCard is not for you, we can also recommend a number of other safe payment methods. For example, try solutions such as Muchbetter, Visa, Ecopayz and the like. There is a payment method for every taste, whether you like e-wallets or cards.


This can vary from casino to casino. The majority of today's casinos are free of charge and treat both deposits and withdrawals for free. However, there are some casinos that require a small fee for the work. These fees are typical of around 1–2 %.

You may also find that your bank requires fees for transactions from abroad. This can also vary from bank to bank.

Yes! MasterCard is a very safe payment method that also protects you from scams when shopping online.

The third party you buy coupon at and the online casino should also have SSL encryption on its website, so your payment information is encrypted.

Can American players use MasterCard?

Yes, American players can use MasterCard as a payment method on online casinos that offer this. However, it is not possible to pay directly with your own MasterCard to the casino, as transactions to gambling sites are blocked.

Your payment to the casino is via an intermediary, a third party. Therefore, the American bank will not stop the transaction, since it is not connected directly with a casino online.

It is not forbidden to use MasterCard on online casinos, and you cannot risk punishing to do so. It is the American banks that prohibit approving payments to online casinos - not you.

The next time you play at an online casino, you can therefore choose Mastercard, Visa or other payment cards with good conscience. Remember that you can also use other forms of payment solutions if you prefer.

The most popular payment methods among American players online are Visa, MasterCard, Muchbetter, Ecopayz and cryptocurrency. You cannot use Neteller and Skrill or Paysafecard anymore, as these payment methods are no longer offered to American players.