Paysafecard as a payment method at online casino

Paysafecard has become a popular payment method for players who want to deposit money on Popular online casinos.. Today, Paysafecard is offered as a payment solution at a variety of casinos, and the method allows you to deposit money in a simple and safe way.

In this guide we will take a closer look at Paysafecard at online casinos. Can you use Paysafecard for withdrawals? Is the payment method available to American players? And are there fees involved?

All this you get answers to in our Paysafecard guide!

About Paysafecard | Facts and history

Paysafecard is a payment method that came on the market in the year 2000, and is designed to make deposits on websites easy and safe. The main base of the payment company is in Austria, and the owner is the Paysafe Group.

Simply explained is Paysafecard a prepaid card. In Norway you can, among other things, buy paysafecard at grocery stores such as Joker, Spar and Coop. It is also possible to buy it online.

You will receive a PIN consisting of 16 characters when you buy your Paysafecard. This code can then be used for online purchases. The card can only be used once.

Paysafecard | Safety

Paysafecard is referred to as a secure payment method. Among other things, it is not possible to hack a paysafecard. Should you be exposed to a scam, you may at any time block the PIN code belonging to your Paysafecard. Then you will no longer be able to use the card.

The payment service states that a Paysafecard is in many ways as regular cash. As long as you follow these advance rules, use should be safe:

  • Enter the PIN only in authorized online stores allowing Paysafecard
  • Not share the PIN code over phone or e-mail
  • Block the card by suspicious activity
  • Do not trust the calls to pay cleaning fees or the like with the card - this may be fraudulent attempts

How does Paysafecard work?

Paysafecard is a very user -friendly payment method. You must first buy a Paysafecard. You can easily find your nearest outlet by using the map on the website of the payment method.

As soon as the card is purchased (with a desired value), you can use the code received for payment in thousands of online stores.

Since Paysafecard is not an account, you cannot transfer money to the card (eg withdrawal from online casino).

The payment method is only used for deposits.

How to create Paysafecard account?

You do not need to create any user account to buy Paysafecard (as you have to do, for example, Neteller, Skrill or other payment methods). This makes use of Paysafecard very user -friendly and easy.

All you have to do is find a outlets that sell Paysafecard. You get the card at both gas stations, shops and kiosks.

How to fill money on Paysafecard?

It is easy to get a paysafecard with the desired value. You can buy cards with a value of 1,000, 500, 450, 250 or 100 kroner. You will then receive a 16-digit PIN, and then use this code for payment online.

If you are going to buy Paysafecard online (via Paysafecard's website), you must use Epin. This is an online store where you can buy PIN code for Paysafecard around the clock. It is free to register. You can pay with the payment method Rapid Transfer.

You can also buy paysafecard over the counter in the store. Then you buy the card in the same way that you would buy regular groceries. Easily.

Treatment time on Paysafecard transactions

The Paysafecard transaction itself is quick and easy. The processing time is largely determined by the online casino the user plays on. Most casinos provide a good overview of the processing time on different payment methods.

Deposits with Paysafecard are mostly treated immediately at online casinos, but this may of course vary somewhat. As a rule, you can start playing as soon as the payment is registered.

Most Payment methods Which can be used at an online casino provides immediate deposits, which is worth keeping in mind. It is usually withdrawals that have longer processing time, but Paysafecard cannot be used for the extraction of winnings.

Amount limits with paysafecard

Payments with Paysafecard are limited by the upper amount limit the card has, ie NOK 1,000. This is the highest value a paysafecard can have, and it is therefore not possible to make larger deposits.

In other words, if you want to put a larger amount on a website, you should use another payment method.

Why use the payment method?

There are many good reasons to use Paysafecard for online payments. First and foremost, you are 100 % anonymous, since you only need to enter your code on 16 digits. You do not need to provide either date of birth, name or other sensitive information.

It is also very easy to use the payment solution. You only need to choose "Paysafecard" from the payment methods for deposits, and then follow further steps. You enter the code of 16 digits on the website.

Most players are keen to find a payment method that gives them the best possible privacy, and in this particular area Paysafecard is invaluable. Since you do not need to share sensitive information, you do not have to worry as much as when using VISA or similar.

Find a Paysafecard casino

Until December 9, 2020, Paysafecard has been a popular payment method among American players at online casinos. After this date, however, the prepaid card has no longer been available as a payment method for online gambling.

However, you will find many alternative payment methods that are equally safe. Do you use, for example. bitcoin Or cryptocurrency you do not need to share sensitive information either. Otherwise, we can recommend e-wallets.

There are a number of American casinos with safe payment methods. We can mention, LeoVegas, Casumo, Rizk, Maria Casino, Bitstarz, DuxCasino and mobile phone!. Also check out pages like American vending machines, Younder and Folkeriket.

The aforementioned casinos have safe payment methods for American players. This includes among other things Ecopayz, VISA and similar payment services.

Check with the individual casino which payment methods are available, as this may vary from casino to casino.


Are there fees for using Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is basically free to use for online transactions. However, there are some online casinos that require fees for deposits with the payment method. This fees may be 2.5 % of the amount deposited.

Also remember that a fee of NOK 30 will be charged monthly if you do not spend all the money on your Paysafecard within one year.

You may also find that the store you buy paysafecard at requires a small fee (of around 5 kr). This also varies, so check with your dealer before you possibly make a purchase. If you buy the card via the website of Paysafecard, there are no fees involved.

Yes! Paysafecard is safe to use for online purchases. This is because you only need to enter a 16 -digit code, and no sensitive information about yourself. However, you can experience attempts at fraud from time to time, so be aware of which websites you share the code with.

All in all, Paysafecard is just as safe to use as other payment methods. However, it is important to have good web. For example, you should not send the code to anyone over email, nor should you divide it over the phone. The code is yours - and only yours.

As of December 9, 2020, it was no longer possible for American players to use Paysafecard as a payment method on online casinos. This applies to both online casinos, poker sites and pages of Sports betting.

However, there are alternatives to Paysafecard, so American players can make deposits in a safe and easy way. For example, we can recommend Ecopayz and Much Better.