Free spin

Most industries come up with a set of professional words that are essential to their industry, and the casino industry is no exception.

But these cases are also the case that there are often and used different concepts that really mean the same, and a perfect example of it is the term '' free spin ''.

This term is referred to as both Free spin, free spins, free spins, free spins and free spins. It may even be that you have heard or use a completely different term for this concept, and then it is very good that the American language contains an incredible number of good sayings.

In this article, however, we will use the two terms ''Free spin'' And '' free spins '' when we now have a closer look at the different aspects of this concept. We should simply look at what lies in the concept in its entirety.

And in this case it is fits to say: Dear children have many names!

What is free spin?

So what exactly is a free spin? For the sake of the word, it is very rarely just a free spin that applies. It is usually the case that you are offered a certain number of free spins. It may be anywhere from 10 onwards, but this is something that varies greatly based on which online casino you are playing.

But free spin is that The online casino As you play at, give you the opportunity to spin the wheels on a specific slot machine without spending your own money. However, there are several variants of free spins, and we will go into them below.

Free spins variants

There are, as I said, several variants of free spins. It is true that free spins can appear at different times in the game. For example, it is very common for free spins to be part of a possible welcome offer when you register at a casino, but it can also vary how these work as well. So it can be quite complicated.

free spins without deposit

Free spins without deposit are one of the categories you find within the concept of free spins. That means you are offered free spins without having to do anything in return (such as making a deposit). You simply get a certain number of free spins that you can use on their online casino, usually on a slot machine pre -determined by them.

The number Free spins without deposit Vary from online casino to online casino, but it is very common for between 20 and 50 free spins. However, it is not true that you need to take a saltomort with joy because of it, because the chance of winning big with these free spins is not very great.

Also, you often can't decide for yourself where you want to use your free spins. It is usually predetermined by the online casino, but fortunately we can reassure you that these free spins usually apply to some of the most popular slot machines in question the online casino has to offer, such as 20 free games at Starburst.

Free spin after deposit

When it comes to free spins after deposits, we are still at their online casinos welcome offers. For it can also be that the welcome offer means that you have to make a deposit to activate the offer. Making a deposit means depositing a sum of money into your gaming account that you will spend in the game.

When it comes to welcome offers with deposit requirements, it is very important to read it in small print. It is true that very often there is a requirement for how much your first deposit should be. Other requirements may also be set, but the deposit requirement - it must be fulfilled on the first try, or you will not be assigned the free spins.

However, it is not the case that the deposit requirement tends to be so high. The most common deposit requirements tend to be NOK 100 and 200, although there may be higher in some cases. But it can be solved very easily, and it is just to do proper research and choose an online casino that has a deposit requirement that you can live with. Win-win for both parties!

The number of free spins after deposits is also something that can vary greatly, but it usually tends to be higher than the number of free spins you get without making a deposit first. At least it's something! The number of free spins after deposits is usually at 100 free spins or more, but it has also happened that the number is smaller than that.

Free spin like casino bonus

In some cases, you can also get free spins as a general casino bonus. It often works in the same way as the free spins after deposits related to a welcome bonus. From time to time, the various online casinos tend to offer different casino bonuses and other promotions, which often contain free spins.

In many ways, you can actually call free spins a reward for choosing to make a deposit to your gaming account. In a way, it is the relevant online casino's own way of saying '' Thank you '' Thank you '' to you, since they obviously can't do it face to face. It is not the case that they can send you an individual email every single time either.

It is therefore often the case that the number of free spins you get as a casino bonus is related to the size of the deposit you make. The more money you deposit in your gaming account, the more free spins offer the relevant online casino you. However, it is important not to be torn with these offers - and rather play in a safe and responsible way.

When you get free spins that casino bonus It works in the same way as with the variants we have mentioned above. It is very rare for you to choose where you want to use the various free spins yourself, but we will return to this a little later in this article.

Free spin in the game itself

However, it is not only that only the online casinos are free to give you free spins. You can even get free spins while playing - by the slot machine yourself! How cool doesn't it sound? At least it would have resulted in a very cool story, if nothing else.

It works so you can be lucky enough to get free spins in the game itself if three or more bonus symbols appear on your playing wheels. Then it can actually happen that a good random with free spins - more or less.

In fact, this bonus feature is found on many of the most popular slot machines in the casino world. If you are an experienced player and Popular slot machines If you are just your cup of tea, the likelihood that you know this is already very high. But we still say it, in case some people do not know.

Some examples of slot machines that you can actually get activated free spins in the game itself are slot machines that Mega Fortune, Dead or Alive og Book of Dead.. Is just one of these slot machines your favorite? Then there is a lot of cooler right away!

Free spin terms

However, you are very rarely free to get free spins for free. In fact, it is usually included with some bonus rules and terms. These are very important that you as a player are fully aware of before you accept any kind of free spin offer. Let's arrange them in a small spot list, and then go a little closer to each term:

  • Associated with a wagering requirement
  • Short deadline on said wagering requirements
  • Time limit on the free spins
  • Predetermined where you can use them
  • The restriction on how much you can win


The most important condition, which is perhaps the largest cut in the sea, is that free spins in the form of welcome offers (and other campaigns in general) are often associated with a wagering requirement. A wagering requirement is a requirement that must be met before you can claim your prize.

A wagering requirement means that you have to turn (or play for) the size of the winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw the money you have won. Do yourself a favor and read that phrase again. Read it thoroughly - until you really understand the message in that phrase. The size of the wagering requirement is not the 1-time or 2-time.

As with much else, of course, the size of the wagering requirement will vary - and it usually varies from online casino to online casino. In some cases, there may even be no wagering requirements at all, but it is still important to be aware of it. It is not common with a wagering requirement of 20x or more.

Let's illustrate it with an example. If you suddenly won NOK 10,000 and the online casino where you play operate with a wagering requirement of 20x then you would have to turn over 200,000 to withdraw the 10,000 kroner. Of course, we do not need to say that it is a very bad deal - in your favor. For the casino in question, this will of course be the opposite.


Nor is it that you get unlimited time to fulfill the aforementioned wagering requirement. Very often you get a very short deadline, and if you have not fulfilled the criteria within the deadline, then you lose everything. The cash prize included, and it is very nice.

It is not just the wagering requirement that must be fulfilled within a timed deadline. This also applies to free spins in general. You often get 1 week to use these. However, it is not the case that it appears as serious, since you do not lose anything to forget to use the free spins. But of course it can be boring anyway.

Pre -determined slot machine

Among the terms, there is also often a clause that says you do not decide which slot machines you want to use your free spins on. That is, the clause does not say it, but it is stated in the description of the offer or promotion which slot machines free spins apply to. It is also not the case that you get, for example, 200 free spins to use on an automatic.

If you were to be offered 80 free spins without Wagering However, it will be the case that the online casino has often pre -determined which slot machines you can use them on. In addition, they have probably also decided exactly how many free spins you can use on each of the slot machines. In general, it's nice, since you then have the chance to discover something new.

Gain limit

In addition, it can also often be that the online casino has decided how much you can win with the different free spins. So they have set a maximum limit. This means that it is unlikely that you will win, for example, 1 million after making a deposit of NOK 100. But it also works so that the more you bet, the more you win.

Read everything carefully!

It is also very important to read absolutely all rules and terms that apply to each offer that you are offered when playing. It is not just the case that the more you bet, the more you win.

It works like that the other way as well. The more you bet, the more you lose if you don't win. In addition, when you have invested money, it is not easy to do what the well -known saying says - win and loss with the same mind. Losing money in a Gaming, after all, is a very serious and clever case. There is money you do not get back when they are first lost.

Free spin versus play money

However, it can be very easy to mix the two concepts of free spins and play money, but there are actually two different things. You already know what free spins are and how you get it, but play money is thus exercise rounds that some online casinos offer their players.

Like free spins, you don't play with your own money when playing with play money. But it's not as cool as free spins. When you spin the wheels using free spins, you can still win real money. You don't do that when you play with play money. Then you play with play money and you win play money. So you don't win.

However, the purpose of playing play money is very good. The relevant online casinos give you the opportunity to play, practice and get really good before going to that step to bet real money from your very real wallet. That way you have the opportunity to learn the game properly before you bet anything, and then you might win faster without losing anything.

So there is an important difference between free spins and play money, but both concepts are just as cool. In addition, the purpose of both concepts is only positive. With one concept you get to give your wallet a little breath on the ground, and with the other concept you get to learn the game at your own pace without throwing money out the window.

Why free spin?

Now you know what free spins are, the various variants found and the list of rules and terms that must be met according to these free spins. You also know what is the difference between the concepts of free spins and play money, which can appear very similar. But then you might be wondering what's the point of free spins?

Based on when you were playing enthusiast (eg before or after the ban on the land -based slot machines came), it is not even certain that you have been lucky enough to experience the pleasure of getting the free spins. This part of the article is then for those who do not have a personal relationship with free spins.

So free spins are something that allows you to play more or less free on selected slot machines, and the reason it is a thing at all is simply for the different online casinos to lure you. They will tempt you to register at their online casino, and maybe you like your platform so well that you become a loyal player there.

It is simply not to be that the various online casinos give you free things. Like many others, the online casinos also have a baking idea with their actions. But it is not the case that we can blame them whatsoever. If you or we had been the brain behind one of Norway's most popular online casinos, then we had definitely done exactly the same!

Online casinos that give you free spins

Throughout this article we have written '' 'relevant online casinos'', and now on the tamp it's time to give these relevant online casinos a (or more) names. So here we will take a closer look at the various online casinos that give you free spins - both with and with and without deposit requirements.

We really wish we could say that there are free spins without deposit requirements that occur most, but unfortunately we cannot say that. The two free spin variants are equally common, both.

Let's start with the online casinos that offer free spins without deposit. That is, you get free spins either before or after registration. Among this list we find online casinos such as Casilando.. With them you get a welcome offer that contains 10 free spins on two selected slot machines without having to do anything other than register.

Among the online casinos that, however, give you free spins against making a deposit first, we have eg Casino Friday.. Here, free spins are part of a combination offer. Optional size of the deposit, and then you get 200 free spins after the deposit is made. This is a classic example, as you get 20 free spins distributed over 10 days on selected vending machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a way, free spins are free game rounds that you get with some online casinos, either by registration, after making your first deposit or as a random bonus in the game itself. There are several different variants of free spins.

You and other players get free spins with some online casinos, because there is a fierce competition going on in the casino world. The goal is to be the best and get as many players at their online casino as they can, and then the offer of free spin is one of their relevant online casinos' 'ace in the sleeve'. It is a sales trick, simply!

You can get free spins at casinos like Casilando and Casino Friday, but which variant of free spins it is will vary from online casino to online casino. You can get free spins either before or after registration, by making a deposit or just random while playing.

How you get free spins will vary based on which variant of free spins applies in the current situation.

Both yes and no. Sometimes you can, and sometimes you can't. This will vary from online casino to online casino, and from offers to offers. The most common, however, is that the relevant online casinos have predetermined which slot machines you can use free spins on, as well as how many free spins you can use on each slot machine.

Is free spins worth it?

The answer to this question is very simple, and it is generally yes. Free spins are worth it, because after all it is something you get for free. But even though we say so, it is important to be aware of bonus rules and terms that come with each offer and campaign. Read the Terms and make up your own opinion as far as you think it's worth it or not.