Mobilcasino Guide

Do you like to play casino games, but at the same time you feel that it is not always easy to find time to do it? Then can Mobile casino be the thing for you. Mobile casino is very convenient for people who have many balls in the air.

It is a bit naive to think that it is true that absolutely everyone has time to sit in front of a computer screen several hours every single day, because it is not. There are even people who do not have to sit down in front of the computer screen at peace and quiet at all.

Learn mobile casino with our guide

It can be a little difficult to know how mobile casinos really work, if you have neither read anything special about the topic or have a lot of experience with it or casino in general. However, there is something we really want to help you, so you are more than welcome to use our guide to find out how Mobile casino works.

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The mobile casinos' history

Based on when you were born, you may think that mobile casino is one of the most natural things in the world. They have always been there, but it has not always been the case. If you were born in the 90s or earlier, then you probably grew up with this grown. Whether you are aware of it or not.

It's no secret that Casino generally has a long history behind it. However, we will try to keep it as short as possible. Americans have a very special relationship with the casino. This has always been the case. It was the land -based slot machines that were almost everywhere a visible proof of.

Prohibition and start shot

In 2003, however, a ban on these land -based slot machines was reduced and they were removed from all the country's stores and shopping malls. It was the starting shot for online casinos here in the country, because Americans were obviously no less fond of casino games when they disappeared.

The online casinos gained a proper foothold that was so steady that it played little role that the ban was eventually removed. After a few years, however, further expanding was relevant, and the result was mobile casino. It was the game developer Playtech who was the first to try this, and it happened in 2005.

Gradually, several large game developers followed suit, and since then a number of online casinos also came to the competition. Because that's actually what it is - a competition to be the best and offer most to potential players. Then mobile casino was a natural step in the expanding of operations, so the history of this concept is not really advanced.

Today, the optimization (or HTML5 technology) is something that most online casinos have. That is, a technology that makes the relevant online casinos adaptable, so they can be used on almost all electronic devices without you as a player having to worry about having a negative effect on your gaming experience.

How to get started at mobile casino

Getting started with mobile casinos is very easy. The only thing you have to do is actually create a gaming account at an online casino that gives you the opportunity to play on your smartphone. If you have not created a gaming account at an online casino before, it can be compared to almost any registration process (eg Facebook).

The registration process involves entering the information the relevant online casino needs to create a gaming account in your name. In this case, relevant information may be your full name (first name, possibly middle name and last name), where you live (your address) and the date (day, month and year) you were born, to give yourself some specific examples.

After completing the registration process, you will in most cases be asked to make a deposit. This means that you have to put a small sum of money into your gaming account using one of the available payment methods. This will of course vary based on whether you accept the offer of a possible welcome bonus and the content of it.

It is true that some welcome bonuses contain deposit -free bonuses, and they can give you the opportunity to try some casino games more or less for free for a shorter period. However, this will vary based on which online casino you choose.

How to Play Mobile Casino

However, there are several ways you can play casino on your mobile. If you have many years of experience with casino in general, you probably know this. But if you are a beginner, then this can be a happy news for you:

  • Download a casino app
  • Play directly in your browser

Download a casino app

There are casinos that have developed a very own casino app that you can download where you download apps on your mobile. However, there is a disadvantage with this particular option, and it is that these apps are currently only available to the mobile with the Android operating system.

This means that if you own an iPhone, you will not be able to take advantage of this opportunity. At least it applies to the online casinos that are often considered as they most popular online casinos in Norway.. That is, iPhone users who want to play at these casinos at the same time as they are on the mustache have to play the casino games through their mobile phone.

Play directly in your browser

In the technological world we live in, it may sound a bit cumbersome to play directly in the browser. Will it be able to provide the same quality as a possible casino app at all? The answer to that question is yes!

However, it is the only option iPhone users have, if they want to play on casino games on their mobile. At least it is at the time of writing. It is very tight for iPhone users, but it is not the downfall of the world since any smartphone has a browser that can also be used for casino play.

Playing directly in the browser is not advanced at all. In fact, there are several benefits to playing directly in the browser versus playing on a casino app. The reason is that casino games in your mobile browser are actually exactly the same as playing on your big computer screen. The only difference is that the screen is smaller.

When it comes to, for example. casino bonuses, then you will have access to exactly the same casino bonuses that you would have had if you played on your computer. However, this is not the case with a casino app. A casino app can of course tempt with its own exclusive mobile bonuses, but these will obviously vary based on these bonuses' criteria.

Mobile casino game selection

As the casino operation is generally expanded, there are many platforms that you can choose from. You can go abroad to experience a washed -out casino, so it's an option. Since casino operation is illegal in Norway, it is the only way to get a physical experience for us Americans. Or you have online casino or mobile casino then.

No matter what option you prefer, there is a common denominator that is incredibly important for all these platforms. We can even dare to say that it is one of the most important elements of any casino platform. It is the selection of games, because that is the main reason why casino playing is a thing at all.

Providing a comprehensive and varied game selection is essential for any casino, regardless of the platform in question. Now, however, it is rare for the selection to vary from online casino to mobile casino, considering the HTML5 technology. But of course there can be exceptions here, as it does with a lot of other things in this world.

A comprehensive and good game selection should include game categories such as slot machines, live casino, odds games and a number of other casino games such as table games. However, it is the first three who usually act as their own sections on the relevant The online casinos.. We will take a little closer to them below.

Slot machines

Slot machines are the starting point for Americans' penchant for casino games. It was the land -based slot machines that started it all, so American slot machines Obviously have a natural place in a comprehensive and good selection of gaming. At least if the online casino in question is to be among American players.

Within this gaming category there is a lot of fun, but also a lot of wonder. You have the classic slot machines that Jackpot 6000, Gonzo’s Quest and Mega Joker, but you also find a number of other modern slot machines that Starburst, Reactoonz, Mega Fortune, Book of Dead and Twin Spin.. The list of such game titles should be almost endless.

It is also very common for this gaming category to consist of, among other things, video machines. The most important thing is that players recognize a number of game titles developed by some of the casino industry's most popular game developers.

Live casino

Online casinos also tend to have a live casino section, which means that a good mobile casino also has it. That means you can play there and then. If you are in live casinoet, then nothing is recorded in advance. It is a real person who sits there in truth and does their best to give you a good gaming experience as possible.

In other words, the point is to give you a digital experience of what it is like to be in a real casino. Maybe even your curiosity about going abroad to experience just that? Then at least your dealer has done a very good job!

In this section it is very common to find games that roulette, blackjack and Baccarat.. In addition to that you can also find a number of others popular table games Or other just as fun games, such as dealing or no deal.


But maybe you are among those who couldn't care about classic casino games and the live casino section. Maybe you have sports as your great passion, and then online and mobile casinos can be very fun for you too. Many casinos offer an odds section with different odds games.

Instead of spending money playing on colorful machines that sprout virtual coins out of, you can bet money on real sports. Of course, the sports available will vary from casino to casino, but we can guarantee you that the popular sports football is almost always represented in this section.

Imagine a combination of odds And mobile casino. You may not agree with this reasoning if you are a happy person, but how wonderful is it not not to sit in front of the TV for hours to wait for the result?

Of course, there are many who just love that kind of activity, and of course it's perfectly fine, but think how wonderful it will be to go on a family trip while having the opportunity to keep up to date on the match results through the mobile casino that you have access to through your smartphone. It's wonderful for so many reasons!

Casinos offering mobile casino

Once you have seen the overview of what is hiding in the treasure chest of any casino, it may be tingling your fingers after starting the registration process. In that case, we understand that very well, and then you might be wondering which casinos offer mobile casinos. It's something we can help you with too! Here are some examples:

  • Betsson Was established in 2002, but it would be quite a few years before they made sure to optimize their service to be used for mobile casino. It happened as late as 2013. But the service is now impeccable.
  • Mr Green Is developed so that it can be used to play casino on your mobile directly in the browser, but they also offer their own app that is possible to download.
  • Maria Casino Is another example of online casinos that allow you to freely choose which platform you want to use to use their services.

Whether you are looking for either a casino app or just playing in the browser, so we are happy to tell you that both options are available with all these casinos. Whether you want to play at Betsson, Mr Green or Maria Casino, you can do it regardless of what way you want to do it. It is your operating system that determines.

In fact, the vast majority of casinos offer both, but as you know, there are restrictions on which device allows what. But even if you should have a Mobile with Android Operating System And your preferred casino suddenly turns out not to offer an app, so you can comfort yourself that the opportunity to play in your mobile browser.

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RTP at mobile casino

If you are wondering if RTP (return-to-player or repayment percentage) will vary based on which device (computer or mobile) you use, then it will not. The rate for the repayment rate is not based on the choice of the unit. It is only based on what type of casino games you play and where you play it.

The likelihood that Betsson, Mr Green and Maria Casino, all of which were mentioned above, therefore operate with different RTPs are therefore very high. RTP, as I said, takes the starting point of what and where you play, so if the casino in question has three different game sections, then they will most likely operate with three different refund percentages as well.

So if your motive for playing is to win as much as possible, it may be very advisable to investigate which casino it is that gives you the best refund percentage. But that being said, it's not a good idea that this is the reason for your gambling. It will surely lead more negatively than positive with it in that way.

Strategies at mobile casino

Nor is it that you need to think differently strategically when playing at mobile casino versus when playing on a computer. The games are exactly the same, and it works in the same way regardless of which device you use to play.

Whether it will help to think strategically varies based on which game category and game type you use. Very many Casino games are chance games, and then it is as good as useless to try to think out a strategy. But there are also games where strategic thinking is very wise and actually crucial, and an example of such games is poker.

The best strategy you can have anyway is to have fun and not stress too much with winning. It is also important that you decide on a budget and stick to it. This means that gambling takes place in a responsible and safe way, and you avoid ending up in unpleasant situations that can belong to greater damage in the long term.


Mobile casino is a very practical alternative for people with a lot going on every single day. It makes it possible to play casino games while on the go.

Often asked about mobile casino

What is mobile casino?

Mobilcasino is a mobile version of an online casino. When we (or someone else) talk about mobile casinos, we mean the opportunity to play casino games on your mobile.

In fact, there is no difference between mobile casino and online casino. By that we mean that there is no difference between how these are developed. Any online casino is developed with HTML5 technology that makes the online casino customization view so that you can also play on your mobile phone, and the result of this technology is that the concept of mobile casino exists.

Basically, the only difference between mobile casino and online casino is the size of the screen. It simply means that an online casino is played on a computer, while a mobile casino is played on your mobile, and of course your screen is much less than your computer screen is.

Getting started at mobile casino is very easy. All you have to do is create a gaming account at the current casino. If you have been doing online casinos before, you just need to log in with your login details from there, and then just start playing.

The vast majority of modern online casinos are developed with HTML5 technology that theoretically makes it possible to play at absolutely all online casinos such as mobile casinos. But in this guide we have given you a few examples of online casinos that offer mobile casinos, and it is the online casinos Betsson, Mr Green and Maria Casino. But the list is of course much longer!

Yes, it is perfectly safe to play at mobile casinos. The reason is that there is only a smaller version of the online casino. So if you play at, eg Maria Casino, then of course the mobile version of Maria Casino is licensed by the same gaming authorities as the online version of Maria Casino.