Live Casino is almost like being in Monte Carlo

Many who play at an online casino have also visited a real land -based casino in connection with a trip or a holiday. Be it in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, in Malta or in Macau. Such casinos are available everywhere, but you do not have to travel in order to feel the real casino mood. You can actually do that at home when you sit on your own sofa, or when you are sitting on the bus on a trip to training.

Approximately all online casinos have their own department with live games. This is called Live Casino, and there you will find lots of games that you will also find in physical casinos somewhere in the world. Live games are real games with donors, and when you play these it is easy to feel set to a real casino. The difference is that it is easier and faster to get there than if you have to embark on an actual journey.

Everything is available on PC, mobile or tablet. Thus, it is just as easy to experience real casino mood wherever you are, as when you try your luck at Slot machines online, scratch cards or video poker.

How to find the best live casino

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How does Live Casino work?

It is in the name live game that everything takes place in real time. Therefore, you can never test the games in a live casino in the demo version. All games are located in a live casino studio or at a physical casino. If it is the last you are suddenly at the casino anyway without being. For all the games there are real donors or presenters. The donors receive efforts, hand out cards and spins wheels, just as they do at a real casino.

Live Casino is thus playing as if you were in a real casino. Almost.

The difference is that the donor, the player and any other players are in different places at the same time as they are at the same game or table.

Live Casino takes place via video stream

You see the donors via live streaming, but only exceptionally the donor sees the one playing. The croupier communicates with you and the other players via microphone. In many cases, you can also talk directly to the dealer. Players can also chat with each other. It all makes it even more social and real -life.

Live casino in three different ways

Those who develop live games deliver to many online casinos. It makes you find the same the casino game In many online casinos, it is thus available to players who log in to the various casinos. As a result, you can thus become acquainted with players who are logged in elsewhere than you are.

Some live games are developed exclusively for single casinos. You will not find these games at any other online casinos. That means the players you hit around the table are in the same online casino as you.

The third variant is that it can be played at tables that are physically in a casino studio at a real casino. Thus, you can suddenly be purely in terms of play, in Las Vegas without having to go there.

How to Play Live Casino

Maybe you have been to a live casino in the past, maybe you are completely fresh when it comes to live games. Either way, it's easy to test what this is. You just register and open account with a online casino Who is good with live games, or logs into the gaming account you already have. Then select Live Casino in the menu and flip then you are in Vegas (almost). There you get an overview of the different types of live games that exist. Some players also have a casino lobby where you really get the feeling of going into a real casino.

In the Live Casino, select the table or game you want to try the winning luck on. Depending on what game it is, you place your bet and then you are in the running. On most games you play against the house/donor, but you can also play against the others at the table. As in, for example, poker. After deciding how much you want to bet per round and in what way you bet, the donor hands out cards or spinning wheels. Then the game goes depending on the type of game, over one or more rounds.

More and more games are being developed for live casino

Given that Live casino Is popular with many players, there are several game developers specializing in this type of game. The most famous suppliers are:

  • NetEnt
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Ezugi
  • Extreme

Evolution is the largest of these, but NetEnt has also become a significant player in recent years. In most online casinos, it is from these two players that the live games come. Others again choose to have games from several suppliers, while others rather focus on only having live games from either Extreme or Ezugi.

Classic and modern live games

The games you find in a live casino can be grossly simplified into two categories. This is;

  • Classic card and table games
  • Modern live play

The first live games offered in the live casinos were variants of well-known and dear table and card games. That is, baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette. Even today, most of these live games. Play with both low and high limit, which is suitable for all types of players. Whether you are a big player or a little more content with your wallet.

As Live Casino has grown in popularity, several modern variants of live games have also come. This means, among other things, happiness wheels like Dream Catcher and Crazy Time, and a live version of board games like Monopoly Live. Games shows like Deal or No Deal have come on the market, and so are dice games such as Super Sic Bo and Lightning Dice. Lotto in the form of Mega Ball is another live game. The football enthusiasts have received Football Studio. There is talk and design about football, while the game itself is actually baccarat.

Frequently asked questions about live casino

Is it safe to play at online casinos?

A live casino is a separate game section at the online casinos. It's the closest you get to real land -based casinos. Everything is going on in real time, and the games are controlled by donors and presenters that you see on live video steam. You can communicate with both other players and the dealer, and everything can be done with the comfort of sitting at home or where you prefer to be when playing.

New games are constantly being developed for the live casino, but what it is mostly available is a wide and varied selection of classic table and card games such as poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack. In addition, more and more modern variants of live games such as happiness wheels, games shows and dice games are also launched.

No, not all online casinos have this in their portfolio. At the same time, it should also be added that there will be any longer between each casino that does not offer this. Technological developments have made it easier and cheaper to offer this type of game, so today most of the casinos online have their own live casino.

Yes, it can. At the same time, exactly the game you are interested in can be played just when you wish. Since this is a real -time game of live dealers, all the games you find in the live casino may not be in an online casino are not operational at all times. Still, there will always be plenty of live games to choose from whatever time.

Both and. Not all online casinos have their own welcome bonuses for use in live casino games, but at the same time there is nothing in the way of using the general welcome offer on live games. The best live casinos have a great welcome bonus. At the same time, you will also find more campaigns and continuous bonuses that are aimed at Live Casino, with these.