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Over the years there are few games that have been able to compete with the card game blackjack.. The pursuit of 21 has made some rich, while many more have had to lose on the road to wealth. With the great offer of Blackjack online As you find at the online casinos, it has never been easier to try your luck in this classic game. Also free with demo version and casino bonuses, so you can learn it without spending your own money for it.

Blackjack guide teaches you how to master the game

You may never have played blackjack online before. Maybe you have played it many times, but still feel that you have a lot to learn. No matter how much experience you have is Announcing its guide on blackjack What makes you an even better blackjack player. We have collected what you need to know about the game in this guide.

Blackjack is after Slot machines The most popular game at online casinos among American casino players. The probability game with basically simple rules is such that you can do quite a bit to secure the benefits of counting and staying the focus on just one number. It is the sum 21. If you succeed in this, your blackjack game can be both fun and lucrative. If you read the guide you will learn more about this.

The story of blackjack

The original names were adequate for the game, but eventually it was named Blackjack. It happened when French immigrants brought the game to America. Initially, it was not so well received on the other side of the Atlantic, so it had to be lured with extra large payments. Such a payment was to give the players 10 to 1 if they were able to get a concrete 21 or blackjack. The combination of sparess and either jack in spares or clover gave this formidable payout.

Jack is broken in English, so it is easy to understand where the game got the new name from. Blackjack thus took over as the main name, but the large payout bonus disappeared.

Blackjack comes from Spain and France

Before the 17th century there were similar games in both France and Spain. The first mention of the game can actually be found in a classic book by the author behind Don Quijote, Miguel de Cervantes. In it, the people of Sevilla are scammed by two men cheating in the game Ventuna. It is the Spanish word for 21. In France, the game went by the name Vingt-ET-U, which means 21 in French. There it became especially popular in the 19th century.
Based on the French and Spanish names, the importance of the figure 21 is realized, and these original names were well covered for what Blackjack is all about. Today you can also find blackjack games under the names Pontoon and van John at the casinos.

The values of the cards in blackjack

When playing blackjack, a deck of 52 cards is used. Jokers are thus not part of the game. All cards have a value. Ace in Blackjack has two, as it can be worth 11 and 1. Picture cards as king, jack and lady have the same value. They are worth 10. The remaining cards in the deck are worth sounding. That is, a two worth 2, while a tier is worth 10.

Based on these numbers, you realize that you get a real blackjack if you have an ace and a card worth 10 on the first two cards you are given. If you manage to get the sum 21 using three or more cards, it is also considered a blackjack.

RTP (repayment percentage) for blackjack slot machines is 99.59 %

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How to win in Blackjack online

In Blackjack, there are three ways you can win. These are these three ways:

  • By getting 21/blackjack without the donor getting the same
  • By getting a higher hand than the donor without it being greater than 21
  • Your hand is worth less than 21 while the donor's hand exceeds 21

Blackjack is played at a table

At a physical blackjack table, the donor is on one side, facing all players. In front of them, everyone has an area where effort and cards can be placed. So does the donor. The donor also has a shoe where all the decks are located. In blackjack it can be used from 1 to 8 decks. It is from this shoe the donor distributes the cards.

When you play blackjack you can either be alone at the table, but there can also be up to six pieces there. As long as you do not count cards at physical tables, it does not matter to you how many there are. You only relate to the donor since all the games are against this one, and it is the croupier as representative of the house, you should beat.

The time in the blackjack game

As mentioned, everything is about the number 21. Or to get as close to this as possible while beating the donor. At the same time, you have to watch out so that you do not get 22 or a higher sum. If you happen out of the game.

You start playing by placing your bet on the table. Then the donor distributes a card to you and any other players. Finally, the dealer gives a card to himself. All these cards have the picture side up. Then all players get a short number two, before the croupier gives card number two to himself. Short number two for the players is also with the photo side up. The exception is the donor who is laid with the picture side down.

Thus, the show starts where you need to perform analyzes, choose tactics, possibly count cards and focus on other players' choices. If you only play against the donor and there are no others around the table, this process becomes easier. At a online casino Are you alone against the house when you play on the two -dimensional vending machines but on live blackjack in Live casino This will be different.

Most people choose stand or hit after the first two cards

If you think you have a better hand than the donor, choose what is called a stand. This means that you do not want a card. If you think your hand is not good enough to beat the donor, go for here. This means that you take another card.

This can be done over several rounds, but it is still important that the sum of the first two cards and possibly more new cards do not exceed 21. If the sum is 22 or higher you are busted, which means that you have lost and out. Bust you have to avoid by all means that you lose everything you have bet.

Win or bust

The game at a blackjack table continues until everyone has chosen or is bust because they have gone over 21. At this time of the game, and only then, the donor reveals his second card by turning it around. At the same time, the donor must choose here or stand. Those who are left in the game and who have a better hand than the donor wins. There are special rules for the donor in Blackjack, which we will enter later, but largely this must choose the condition when the sum of the donor's card is 17.

In Blackjack it can also end a draw, which is called push. If the player and donor get the same amount, it is usually considered that the game has not taken place, and the player gets back the bet. At the same time, there are many rules at the casinos, so it is important to keep an eye on the rules of exactly the table you play. Special rules occur, and then you can, for example, push risk losing the money because the house wins at so-called no-action games.

Other options in blackjack

As mentioned, the most commonly used choices are here, but you can also make a number of other choices along the way. An important rule of thumb is that you must familiarize yourself well with the rules that apply to each table or play, and at different Online casino.. Not all choices are available on all games, but overall you can choose these things in addition to stand and hit:

  • Split
  • Double Down
  • Insurance
  • Surrender


You can choose this about the first two cards you get are the same. A couple can be split so you continue with two hands, but you have to place an effort corresponding to the first. Then choose here or stand for each hand. At Split you can also draw new cards to each hand as many times as you want. The exception is if you split a couple in Ace. Then you can only draw a card for each hand.

Also note that if you get the sum 21 on one hand, it will not count as a blackjack. In such cases, just cross your fingers and hope the donor does not get a blackjack. However, it is recommended to choose split if you get two aces. There are a lot of rules for splitting around, so get into these before you do.

Double Down

Double is a choice you can make after you have been handed two cards. If you believe that you win by a card, you double the bet. It varies from games to games which cards you can double with.


This is offered if the donor's first card is an ace. The option allows you to make sure that the donor has a blackjack. In cases where the donor has an ace and you choose to buy the insurance, you have to pay 50 % of your original effort.

If the donor's second card is worth 10, which means blackjack, you get back the double of your insurance sum and overall have not lost to the game. Does not have the giver Blackjack on the first two cards, you lose the money you spent on buying the insurance, but still have the chance to win with the hand you have.


This choice means you throw yourself or give up. If you choose this, you keep half of your bet. This choice can only be made before you pull the third card. There are special rules for this as well, and Surender is a choice you do not find as an alternative at many online casinos.

In blackjack there are special rules for the donor

The house always has an advantage, also in blackjack. Mostly the donor plays with the casino's strict rules for donors. These are rules designed to protect the benefit of the house. These blackjack rules ensure that the donor plays easily and flawlessly every single time.

These rules will make the house more money in the long term no matter how many players there are trying to win over the house. The reason for this is that most players do not play with the same strict strategy. A donor follows this strategy every time the donor's second card is reversed. This card that had the photo side down is called Hole card.

If the sum of the donor's two cards 16 or lower, the donor draws a card. This makes the giver the value of the hand is at least 17 or the sum goes over 21. If the value of the donor's hand 17 is 17 without an ace, the donor should choose condition regardless of whether the player has higher value. This is called a hard 17 in blackjack. If the hand consists of an ace it is called a soft 17. If that is the case, it is briefly drawn until it becomes a hard 17 or higher, or until the value goes over 21.

How to find the rules for each blackjack game

Since the rules of Blackjack can vary from table to table and from casino to casino, you must always be careful to familiarize yourself with the rules that apply before playing. If you have become familiar with the rules, you do not have to reduce negative surprises and reduce the chance of loss. If you adjust your game to the rules, the chances are that you win more often.

At physical casinos you will find the bet limit on a sign located on the table. The rules can also stand there, or you can get them off the donor. Sometimes it is stated about how many decks are used, but the casino is not obliged to do so. In such cases, you must see in the shoe or ask about it.

Actually it is easier when you Players Blackjack Whether it is on vending machines or live blackjack. There are the rules that apply to the table. There you are informed if the donor stands at Soft 17, whether Surender is an alternative, whether insurance provides 2 to 1 and what the online casino pays up for gain. Beyond this, you can also refresh the rules by pressing the rule button on the game.

Payments in blackjack

In the blackjack's childhood, a payout of 10 to 1 was tempted, but you will not receive such payments today. Normally, a winning hand gives you a payout of 1 to 1. That means you get back twice the bet.

If you manage a perfect score with blackjack on the first two cards, you can get payments of 3 to 2 or 2 to 1 if you are lucky. Payments of 2 to 1 and 3 to 2 have traditions dating back to the origin of blackjack.

Many have become good at playing blackjack by learning strategies based on statistics or probability. The casinos have therefore chosen to protect themselves to secure their profits, and the result has been less payments in Blackjack. Today, therefore, it is not uncommon if you see payments of 6 to 5 or 7 to 5. Let it not fool the first tall, because when it comes to these payments, large numbers are not an advantage when you win in Blackjack. A good advice is to play where the ratio is most favorable for you.

Probabilities in blackjack

Blackjack is a probability, and it's okay to keep in mind when playing blackjack. This means that there are given percentage chances that you can win from what card the donor and any other players have had. The advantage of which cards other players have is an extra advantage you have if you play in real casinos.

If you play online blackjack, this has nothing to say. IN blackjack online If the purpose of card counting is gone, so you can only forget that as part of the strategy. However, the same probabilities apply wherever you play. If you are to succeed in Blackjack, it is therefore crucial that you know the probability of certain outcomes.

Chance of Dealer Buster

The donor has to follow certain rules when the sum of the house's hand becomes 16 or 17. This means that the chance of the donor goes over 21 is greatest if the card shown is 5 or 6. This chance is 42 %. If the donor's visible cards are 2, 3 or 4, the percentage chance is 35 %, 37 %and 40 %respectively. With higher short values on the visible card, it drops again. For cards 7 and 8, the statistical chance of the donor exceeds 21 at 26 and 24 per cent respectively. A 9's and card worth 10 gives a chance of 23 percent. The lowest probability is whether the donor's visible cards are an ace. It is 17 %.

Selection of strategy in blackjack

A great advantage for you who play blackjack online is that there are their own player cards that you can use. These are different depending on the player's first two cards, the rules of the donor at 16 and 17, and not least the visible card of the donor.

If you play according to these cards, you choose a good blackjack strategy, because these cards provide success over time. If you are faithful to the right card, which provides an optimal strategy in Blackjack, it gives an average repayment rate of 98 to 99.6 percent. This means that the advantage of the house is not great. That the house has no big Benefit in blackjack, is a main reason why many people choose blackjack when they are going to perceive the wagering requirements for casino bonuses.

Blackjack strategies increase the chances

There are a lot of strategies for blackjack. None of them are guaranteed you to gain over time, but the chance of this increases significantly if you follow them. Some blackjack games have liberal rules that provide a negative advantage for the house, but most often the payments are also in the style of this, so that it still evens out.

In other cases, you may have casinos where the payout ratio is beneficial for you, but at the same time the casino may have rules by push where they keep your bet. If this is the case, the house's advantage on this particular game may be as much as 25 %. Therefore, stay away from such tables and play on blackjack games that are better for you.

Four main strategies for blackjack

When playing blackjack there are four -head strategies you can make use of, these are:

  • Strategy with hard hand
  • Strategy with soft hand
  • Doublertegi
  • Plastic strategy

For the first two, an ace is considered both 1 and 11. Within each of these strategies you will of course get many alternatives without us going more thoroughly on them here. You can easily find these out by looking at the different game cards that have been created on the basis of the rules for how the donor should play.

One last good advice to save money is to steer clear of the insurance (largely). In general, it is not in your favor. The insurance sights are very far away from being in favor of you.

Often asked questions about blackjack online

What is blackjack?

Blackjack is a card game where it is about getting the sum 21 or getting as close to it as possible with two or more cards, while getting a better hand than the dealer and does not exceed 21.

You can play blackjack at physical casinos, but the easiest thing is to do it at the online casinos. There is also the selection of games biggest, and you can both play blackjack on slots and live games against real donors.

You win in three ways. 1) By getting 21/blackjack without the donor getting the same. 2) By getting a higher hand than the donor without being greater than 21. 3) Your hand is worth less than 21 while the donor's hand exceeds 21.

Yes it exists. If you play using player cards made based on probabilities, you can be able to achieve an average repayment percentage of 98 to 99.6 percent. Furthermore, to serve and save as much as possible in kroner, play on tables that have the highest ratio when it comes to payments, use as few decks as possible, stay away from the choice of insurance (mostly), and tables where the casino retains your bet by push (draw).

Yes, it is if you play online. In Norway, only one player can offer blackjack, but if you play at online casinos it is completely legal. These casinos have licenses and can legally offer this to Americans from bases abroad. For Americans, it is also not illegal to play with the foreign players.