Norway's best casino bonus

Among hundreds of online casinos, it is not easy to find the best casino bonuses in Norway. Bonuses go under many names, and there are many terms and conditions related to them. It is thus a great task to get everything that happens on the bonus front and keep track of what is available from good casino offers.

Casinos offering cashback bonus

With everything together on one page, there is never a problem for you to find a American casino with a cashback bonus. We at Recommend have done the work for you and gathered the best so you can choose bonuses that are best for you. There is a difference between casino bonuses whether you are a new player or well established at an online casino. The same goes for what types of bonuses are best for you, and of course what kind of conditions apply when you win with them. A new casino often offers a live casino bonus with real money that needs to be traded over 3 days.

A American favorite is to play casino with different bonuses over several deposits on different types of free spins. Among other things, the most popular casinos that offer a cashback bonus are primarily willing to give back real money those with the best live casino. 21 com is a live casino game from which you often receive reload bonuses from which you have to convert a certain number of times. A very free Reload bonus is a great way to attract new customers. A good bonus is most popular as you can achieve VIP status over a long period of time. Like other types of bonuses, new customers must make deposits and cashback bonuses must be traded at a casino to receive different bonuses.

Best casino bonuses depends on several factors

For you as a casino player, a casino bonus is not just a bonus. And a bonus is not necessarily the best for you. What is the best American casino bonus depends on where you are at your casinoise. What economy you have. How to play. And why you play. Therefore, good casino offers can be divided into several moments when finding a good casino bonus that suits you best:

  • Best welcome bonus
  • Best casino bonus for established players
  • Best casino bonus with deposit
  • Best casino bonus without deposit
  • Best casino bonus anyway

Casino bonuses to new players

The best welcome bonuses for new players are the one that gives you the opportunity to win without spending your own money. A welcome offer without deposit in the form of free money or Free spins without deposit, is therefore a good casino bonus. If a welcome offer is not NO-Deposit, it is the one that gives you the most bonus money in the % of the deposit required for you to get the welcome bonus.

Finally, the best welcome bonus is the one that gives you the best opportunity to keep what you win. This means the lowest possible wagering requirements and the highest possible maximum bet per spin, as well as the highest possible gain if the bonus is given without the wagering requirement. The more such conditions and terms are on your side, the better the The casino bonus.

Best casino bonus to experienced casino players

As an experienced player, you know that there are many bonus offers that you are tempted with. At the same time, you also know that not all of these are as good as others. There are not so many of the deposits to established players, but it is possible to get them. Either in the form of personal offers through customer programs, when you turn years, or as prizes in competitions and tournaments. All casino bonuses you can get as an established player without having to deposit money to get them are without a doubt in the best casino bonus category.

If you deposit money to be allocated to the casino bonus, it is the size of the % of the deposit that sets the best apart from the slightly less good casino bonuses. This means, for example, that a bonus of 500% up to NOK 500. Is much better than a bonus of 25 % up to NOK 10,000, because you get a lot more bonus per krone you deposit.

Insert 100 and play with 600

Many American online casinos have identical casino bonuses. Right now there are many such offers for new players. Insert 100 and play for 600 is such a popular offer.

Look for a low wagering requirement for the casino bonus

The best casino bonuses you can get when you deposit money are the ones that have as low wagering requirements as possible. A bonus with a wagering requirement of 15 times, makes it much easier to retain parts or all of the gain from the bonus money, than what a bonus with a 35X wagering requirement does. This with the lowest possible wagering requirements also applies to deposit -free bonuses.

Brights the wagering requirement with its absence, the bonus is better the greater the maximum effort per round. As well as the size of the maximum winnings you can win.

Best casino bonus with deposit

Regardless of whether the bonus is a welcome offer or applies to already registered players, the best bonus is the one that gives you the most to play for in relation to the size of the deposit. A 100 % match bonus gives you as much as you deposit. This means that the casino contributes 800 kr. If you deposit 800 kr. If the percentage is higher, you get more in bonus money from the casino than what you have to deposit by your own money in order to collect this bonus. If you find bonuses of 150 to 400 %, it gives you a lot of bonus for the money. Therefore, bonuses come with deposits In the best casino bonuses category.

500% casino bonus

A good example of a good casino bonus is neon vegas casino its Welcome bonus of 500% Up to 5000 kr. The conditions are very good with only 20 rounds to translate the requirement.

Similarly, bonuses with a percentage of under 100 give less in bonus than what you deposit, no matter how big this bonus can be. If such bonuses are to be competitive against the others, they must have better conditions with regard to the wagering requirement. If they have lower wagering requirements, they may be worth considering. If they are equally, the best deposit bonuses are the ones that give you the most money in the bonus of your deposit.

Best casino bonuses are without deposit

Good bonuses for new or established casino players are always best if you do not have to deposit your own money to get them. This is they best casino bonuses Either way, since you don't want to lose a single penny of your own money by using them. For that reason, there is never any reason not to receive a casino bonus with no deposit.. For your balance is a bonus without deposit without risk.

If you want to distinguish between these bonuses, it is when it comes to the conditions. Those with the lowest wagering requirements are better than those with higher wagering requirements.

No deposit bonuses

Whether such no-deeposit bonuses are revenue, it is the other terms and conditions that determine what are the best casino bonuses and which ones come further down the list. You will never lose a penny of your own money by receiving and using this type of bonuses. The only risk you take is if you win.

If there are no wagering requirements, there is often a limit to how much you can win with the bonus. Thus, you can risk being left with much less of what you win, than if you had won with your own money. Still, there is money won without spending a penny on it, and thus a bonus that can be defined among the best casino bonuses.

The best casino bonus anyway

No matter what type of bonus you choose, the best bonus will be the one that gives you the greatest chances of gain, and the opportunity to keep as much of the winnings as possible. This means the highest possible percentage for bonuses that require deposits and the lowest possible wagering requirements.

If there is a free bonus without deposit, there are terms and conditions that set the best deals from the less good ones. Always look for the lowest possible wagering requirement. If there are no wagering requirements related to it, it is important to have as high a maximum benefit as possible.

Of two free bonuses of NOK 200, which both give you NOK 45,000 in winnings, the bonus with a maximum gain of NOK 10,000 is. The best casino bonus compared to the bonus which has NOK 4000 in maximum gain.

Most commonly asked questions

This is a bonus that gives you a money amount of the amount you deposit. In Norway, the term for matching bonuses is used at 100 %, ie bonuses that are as large as your deposit. In other countries, the match concept is used regardless of percentage.

It's easy. The bonus amount is put into your account, and then you can only play with it as if it were your own money. For some deposit bonuses, it is often a requirement that you have to use the triggering deposit before you can play with the bonus money.

You can find that on this site. has done extra work for you and looked at what is found on bonuses at the online casinos. The recommendations for new Sticky Welcome Bonuses can be found on this page. Easy for you so you can choose the best deposit bonus that is right for you. You don't have to spend time reading them around the web.

Yes, you usually find them on the website here. The trend also seems to be moving towards more common with low or no sales requirements. At the same time as these requirements are gone, the maximum gains are used for how much amount you can win with them. It limits the upside for you, but also ensures that you are left with everything below this amount.

Before choosing a casino bonus, you must familiarize yourself with terms and conditions. It is these who tell how good the bonus is, not the specific size of kroner on the bonus. Therefore, you should choose the bonuses that give you the most value for money. That is, how likely it is that you are able to be left with some of the gains according to the requirement for sales. Or how much the maximum gain is in cases where the bonus has this instead of wagering requirements.

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