Kindred has responded to an order from the Lottery Authority to stop providing services in Norway. They argue that Unibet does not violate American law. Thus, they will not withdraw from the American market.

The order is aimed at Kindred's subsidiary Trannel, which runs Kindred-owned Casino operators in a variety of countries, including Unibet in Norway.

Atle Hamar poses with the Lottery Authority. Photo: Scanpix

The Lottery Authority threatens Kindred with giant forced fines

Earlier this week, the audit threatened Kindred with a daily compulsory fine of NOK 1.2 million NOK if the company did not stop operating in Norway.

In response to this published Kindred an interview on his website With Rolf Sims who is Public Affair's manager for Norway.

SIMS explains that the American state -owned companies American gambling And Norsk Rikstoto are the only operators offering gambling services in the country, in accordance with the Gambling Act.

Because trannel's casinos Unibet, Maria Casino, Big player and Available to Americans, the audit has concluded that they operate illegally.

Kindred's brands. Not everyone is available in Norway.

However, Sims claim that it is not illegal for Americans to play at Kindred's gaming companies,

Just as it is not illegal for Americans to trade with eBay or Amazon.

He also mentioned the "obvious incompatibility" between American law and EEA legislation.

"By failing to organize a transparent licensing regime and pursue a consistent gambling policy, we feel that the basic freedoms of EEA legislation are systematically violated by Norway, to the American government's advantage," Sims said.

Illegally in Norway

The audit first gave order in 2019.. This was got appeal, but not taken into account by the Ministry of Culture and the Lottery Authority.

The Lottery Authority pointed out that American currency and customer support were available on Kindred's website. Kindred also sent TV advertising in Norway.

Under the appeal, Trannel has asked the Oslo District Court to decide whether the decision to block Unibet is valid. The case will be dealt with in Oslo District Court in May 2022.

"Ensuring compliance with national and international laws contributes to a sustainable society," Sims said. - This also applies to Norway.

A comprehensive legal assessment of the legality of the order given in 2019 and the gambling monopoly is for the benefit of American society, consumers and vulnerable players.

Sources: Unibet owner receives daily fines of NOK 1.2 million-E24

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