Video Poker Guide

Like slot machines also have Video poker Got a very special place in Americans' hearts. But wasn't it ordinary poker that Americans were so fond of? It may be some of what is going through your head right now.

Yes, Americans are very fond of '' regular poker '', but video poker is actually common poker too. The only difference is that regular poker takes place in a physical room, while video poker is the web -based version of poker. In other words, it is a casino game that you can play at some online casino.

Learn video poker with our guide

Video poker is a complex game that can be played in several different ways. However, it seems that Americans are tempted by a challenge, as video poker has become very popular in Norway. In's Video Poker Guide You can read about some of the most common and popular variants, as well as other elements that are important to think about.

Video poker's origin

You have to travel far back in time to find out more about how video poker occurred. Video poker has actually been '' a thing '' about as long as the very first computers have existed, and they came on the field in the mid-70s. But this was something unknown, so video poker was not something that took off right away.

It was not until 1979 when the company SIRCOMA Launched the video poker Draw Poker that people caught their eye on the new concept. After that, video poker only became more and more popular with most people during the 80s. Suddenly it didn't seem scary anymore!

That play poker Is probably not an unknown for activity for any of us. Probably you have heard the adults talk about playing poker when you were younger, and when you got older you even may have played poker even with your own group of friends. It's a bit fascinating there, how this specific card game never goes out completely.

Get started playing video poker

When it comes to video poker, it's just a place you can play it, and it's on the internet. The reason is that, after all, video poker is the online version of regular poker, which can be played anywhere. In that case, you just need the deck, and maybe a flat surface that can act as a table.

Video poker can also be played everywhere, but in a slightly different way. Then you depend on an electronic device and internet connection to the highest degree. Since it is the Internet that applies and the opportunities are almost unlimited there, so there are of course several ways to play video poker, even though it is on the Internet:

  • Through free games
  • With money from your own wallet
  • On your smartphone


After all, there are online casinos that let their players play with play money, and since video poker is also part of the online casinos, it works so with the video poker games as well. Playing a demo version of the game gives you all the time you need to learn the game. Then you have the opportunity to be really good before you bet real money.

However, when you play with play money, you also win play money. That is, the money you win does not become your own and own, but you get something that is even more valuable. Exercise! As most of us know, exercise master does, just as the American saying says. That is precisely what is the point of the demo version - that you should learn.

Through free games

Like other casino games, it is also possible to play video poker for free. Now are not welcome bonuses according to video poker what we see most of, but there are online casinos that allow you to collect casino points. In those cases, these casino money can be dissolved in free games that you can use on the video poker games.

With money from your own wallet

Besides using the demo version, playing for money derived from your very own wallet is the simplest. But of course it is also the most expensive way, especially if you are unlucky to lose everything you bet. Being conscious and playing in a responsible way is important whether you play video poker or something completely different.

If you suddenly find yourself at a land -based casino abroad, it is also this way you would have to use. In general, however, this way has something that at least the demo version does not have. When you play for your own money, you also become what you win your own money, whether it is a big or a slightly smaller sum.

On your smartphone

You can also play video poker on your smartphone, but you probably knew. You can easily do that in your browser on your device, for most of Today's online casinos Is optimized specifically for this to be possible.

However, when it comes to financing, what we have already mentioned under the other points also apply to this point. Take advantage of the demo version until you feel you can play, play for free and again if you can and be conscious when playing with money from your own wallet.

Several variants of video poker

There are several different variants of video poker, and we are not sure if it is possible to give you an exact number of how many variants it actually exists. But at least that means video poker can offer a lot of fun. Below you can see some examples:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • 5 Card Draw
  • 7 Card Stud
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Multihand
  • Joker Poker

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is one of the most common variants in video poker. The game is based on an ordinary deck that consists of 52 cards, and the different cards are ranked differently. The payout is based on what cards you have on hand and value of these.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is the first poker variant to include the joker in the game. A joker is a card that you can use as whatever you want. However, this poker variant contains four jokers, and it obviously gives even greater chances of winning than the games that only contain a joker.

5 Card Draw

5 Card Draw is one of the most famous variants of poker. It is no wonder at all, because it is precisely this variant that has opened the eyes of many poker players out there. The point is to create the best five-card hand after only one move, but it is not necessarily an easy task.

7 Card Stud

Also in the classic poker game 7 Card Stud, the goal is to create a five-card hand. But unlike 5 Card Draw where you only get five cards to work with, you get a full seven cards in 7 stud cards. Of these seven cards, make your final five-card hand.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold'em is a poker game that you have to buy in. In every single round, you have to decide how far you want to continue playing or throwing yourself. Playing with the strongest cards wins in the end. It works so that the more you bet, the more you win. But if the outcome was to be another, it also applies the opposite way.


With the poker variant Multihand you have the opportunity to play more hands at the same time. In a land -based context, it means sitting more poker tables at the same time, so the idea itself is really cool. You choose how many hands and how big your bet should be. In this game you can both win and lose big.

Joker Poker

In addition to the regular deck, Joker Poker also contains a joker. Here, parallels can be drawn to Deuces Wild, but Joker Poker, in turn, contains only one joker. The joker card itself is a cool card, as they can act as exactly the card you want. It also causes the chance of winning significantly.

Different rules for each video poker games

Above we have mentioned seven different video poker games, and since this is a guide on how to play video poker, it would have been a real pleasure to announce that playing video poker is as easy as cycling. But it is not. However, it is not because the video poker games are complicated, but it is simply that the games have different rules.

So if you master Jacks or Better, you obviously know how 5 Card Draw and Multihand also work. No, seven video poker games mean seven different sets of rules. But you do not have to hang your head for that reason, because there is still a common denominator in this context.

You can choose from the seven different video poker games (and generally all other video poker games). The input rules that apply are POT-limit, no-glimit and fixed-limits. These bet rules mean that you as a player can bet the corresponding sum, respectively, in the pot, an optional sum or a fixed sum that the players have agreed on.

House edge on video poker

House Edge, is in the same street as RTP or repayment percentage, is something you know from playing at the casino in general. It is a term equally relevant according to this type of game. However, it is true that the payout percentage for video poker games is often mentioned about House Edge.

While RTP on slot machines is often between 90% and 95%, House Edge on video poker will be very much lower. When you play on slot machines, RTP will vary based on the repayment percentage the current casino offers, but on video poker it is based on who the gaming supplier is, as well as how many coins you play with.

House Edge on video poker is known to be low, so if you come across values between 0.06% and 9.27%, it's not unusual. As you can see, this is a factor of very varying character, and then it is particularly important to investigate what exact rates are that applies to exactly the game you want to play and where you want to play it.

Strategy in video poker

Since each video poker games have different rules, it can be generally difficult to imagine a specific strategy. The answer to the question of thinking strategically at all is profitable will probably vary based on who you ask the question to. Some will say that it is not worth the time, while others swear that there will be a lot of help in.

However, we support the latter, as we undoubtedly see the importance of the strategic way of playing. In short, a strategy is to think, because it is very important in games as video poker.

The first thing you should do is analyze the game and find out what you have to work with. If you are new to the game, you may want to stick to analyzing your own cards, but a player with a little more experience may try to analyze their opponents as well. When you have an overview of the situation and thought out a strategy, you stick to it no matter what.

Sticking to a strategy applies no matter what game you play. Imagine a strategy and adheres to it, but the strategy will of course vary slightly based on which game you play. It is rather unrealistic to think that the same strategy is going to work for every single Casino games.. The most important thing is to not let yourself be torn down.

Strategy form

If you don't have very much Experience with strategic thinking, then a strategy form can be a valuable tool. But that being said, there are no strategy forms that are 100% secure. They also do not guarantee that you win. They are still good to have, because they can always give you a helping hand if you are stuck.

Video poker conclusion

Video poker is a game type with many game variants that can offer both headaches and fun, and if you like a challenge then definitely this game is for you. Find a Good online casino with bonus To get started with video poker now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are video poker?

Video poker is the online version of regular poker.

You can play video poker at different online casinos and it can be done in several ways. You can either use the demo version, work hard to achieve free games or some slopes from your own wallet. You can also play video poker on your smartphone.

House Edge is the same as a repayment percentage (RTP), but the opposite. While RTP is known to be quite fun, House Edge is often very low.

Thinking strategically can be wise, yes. But at the same time, there are no guarantees that they work. They are more a helping hand than a recipe.