Casino bonus without wagering requirements

Many people like to play at online casinos without spending their own money for this. As a casino player you can also get either by playing demo version, or by using a casino bonus without wagering requirements.

Bonuses without revenue requirements are very valuable and as some online casinos offer new players.

Read on to get an online casino without wagering requirements!

Casino bonus without wagering requirements

Although casino games should be entertaining and exciting, it is not to be hidden that it is also fun to be able to win a little when you play. The greater the excess gambling gives you, the better it is for most of us. At the same time, the games are designed so that the repayment of the player (RTP) is on the casino side, but for some lucky players the spin ends in .

One way to win is to use bonuses and free spins that you are offered at the casino when you register, or in connection with ongoing campaigns. Such offers are a good way for the casinos to stay active, while it is a good way for you to be able to play and potentially win without spending your own money for it.

At the same time, it is also true that games at the casino's expense come with limitations. These are conditions and conditions such as wagering requirements, time windows and maximum gains. Before we look more closely at a Casino bonus without wagering requirements, are we going here at Look at what lies in these terms and conditions.

Wagering requirements are how many times winnings must be played for

Experienced casino players are well aware of the dynamics with wagering requirements. It is the small font for bonuses and free spins that the online casinos have to disclose. How large such requirements are varies in the industry, but between 15 and 50 times is common. A casino bonus without wagering requirements is simply said how many times you turn on your bonus before you can take out winnings that you have won with it.

If you receive a bonus of NOK 2000 with a wagering requirement of 25 times, it means that money you win with this bonus must be sold for a total of (2000 x 25) NOK 50,000 before you can withdraw the winnings in real money.

Free spins casino bonus wagering requirements

For free spins, the wagering requirement is a given number of times of what you win with a spin, since these do not have a bonus value in dollars as an ordinary casino bonus.. This means that if you are awarded 20 free spins from the casino with a wagering requirement of 15 times, then all the winnings you win with these free spins must be sold 15 times. In other words, if you win three winnings of NOK 100, 200 and 500 with these 20 free spins, these must be traded for (15 x 100) 1500, (15 x 200) 3000 and (15 x 500) NOK 7500 before you can take them out.

If you make a withdrawal before the wagering requirements are met, you lose both bonus and any winnings won with them.

Therefore, a casino bonus has wagering requirements

The reason for wagering requirements on casino bonuses is that they are necessary for the online casinos bottom line. They do not distribute these goods of pure charity, but to make you an active player. Had it been the case that you could only register and withdrawn the bonus in real money, in the long term it would not have been sustainable financially for the online casinos. Then they would have gone bankrupt if people just signed up, got a casino bonus without wagering requirements and took out the money. Therefore, they often have conditions associated with them.

Terms as wagering requirements are common in the casino industry

How online casinos Solves this with terms and conditions varies, and it is always changing. The industry as a whole are these variants you find at online casinos:

  • Free spins and bonuses with wagering requirements
  • Bonuses and free spins without wagering requirements, but with other restrictions
  • Bonuses and free spins completely without wagering requirements

The first point is described well, while the other two are the way it is done at several casinos that choose to distribute Free Spins, free money and a casino bonus without wagering requirements.

Bonus without wagering requirements but other conditions

Some online casinos practice an intermediate solution where they do not have wagering requirements, but where they also link other conditions to these goods. Thus, they can boast that they are a casino without wagering requirements, but without any requirements they are not.

The way this type of online casinos does it is to have maximum gains and how much you can bet per round when using free spins, bonuses and free money. If a maximum limit is set for how much you can win, it means that you only retain this maximum amount no matter how much the gain will be. Thus, the casino minimizes its own risk and transfers most of the risk of gaining players.

For example, if you get 100 kroner in free money, but the maximum gain from these is NOK 1000, you will never retain more than the thousand no matter how much you win. The same applies if a bonus of NOK 500 can give you NOK 10,000 in winnings, or if the maximum you can win with free spins is set at 2000 kroner.

Many online casinos may not have set a maximum gain from such goods, but instead there is a limitation on how much you can bet per spin or round. Thus, it is limited how much your gain can be, since this due to the multipliers, is proportionate to the bet amount.

Casino bonus at online casinos without wagering requirements

Although so far there have been very common with wagering requirements among casinos online, more and more people are operating without this. The reasons for this may be more, but the main reason is that the license authorities in more and more countries are imposing this on the casinos, or at least suggesting that they reduce the use of wagering requirements.

In practice, all players can play as much sales -free as they want at all online casinos without spending their own money for this, by spinning on the demo version of the games, but such a game also has a chin. It is that you do not keep any of the winnings you get. If you are not just looking for time and entertainment, this will not be satisfactory in the long run.

Therefore, you will also play to win, and you would like to keep what you win without thinking about how. For that reason, it is okay to play at the online casinos that give you bonuses without wagering requirements.

This is how Casino works without wagering requirements

How a casino without wagering requirements does this in practice varies. In general, such goods can be received within a certain period of time. The same is true after they are received. Otherwise, you lose them.

At some casinos, they have welcome offers such as both free spins and bonuses. Then the free spins can be distributed in connection with the first deposit and be without any requirements for sales. In practice, they must be traded 1x since it is difficult to win with them otherwise, but you keep the winnings. You get the welcome bonus after you put in your own money and played for these a certain number of times. When this wagering requirement is met, you get a bonus without wagering requirements that you can take out right away if you want.

Others practice you get a bonus after you have sales of your deposit. In that way, the online casino secures against losing the entire bonus amount if you choose to withdraw it from your account right away.

Still other online casinos without associated terms practice a casino bonus without wagering requirements by withdrawing the money after trying to win with them once. In practice, this means a wagering requirement of 1x, but for you as a player it is regardless of turnover -free gaming considering that it is not your money. Although in such cases you cannot withdraw the money directly.

Commonly asked questions

It is a bonus you get when you leave personal information in connection with registering with an online casino. This is a bonus you get without having to deposit money. This must not be confused with a welcome bonus which is a deposit bonus and which requires a money deposit to get it.

A casino bonus without wagering requirements is a bonus without conditions. You receive a casino bonus or money bonus often as real money. Free spins without wagering requirements are also common, but you have to play and win to withdraw the money.

Yes and no. It depends on the bonus type. All bonus bonuses are free. There is also a deposit bonus beyond the deposit itself, but in practice you pay for this by depositing money. However, it costs nothing extra to use bonuses that you have received. Spining to win with them is free, when you've got them added to your account.

It is a free bonus that does not require a money deposit for you to get it. It can be either a money amount or some free spins. Most commonly used in registration at a new online casino, but can also come in the form of general or personal offers at online casinos you are already registered with. You can also get such bonuses through loyalty programs and as a gift on your birthday.

Simply because it gives you a chance to hunt and win winnings without having to spend your own money for it. All games happen at the casino's expense, and if you win, the casino also has to pay you the winnings. Free and risk -free can be nothing but good.

No! Basically, there is never any reason to refuse a deposit -free bonus. After all, it's a free chance to win money without taking any financial risk by having to spend your own money for it. The only reason you can have to refuse such a bonus is that the terms and conditions for it are so bad that you do not want to spend your time spinning with it. So bad conditions in terms of wagering requirements and maximum gains will hardly offer an online casino.

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